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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Spiritual Village In The Press

Woke up to a flux of congratulatory text messages early this morning informing me that Spiritual Village is in the news. Forgetting to wash up and still half-naked, I ran out to the streets to welcome the paper boy, much to his surprise. Grabbed the Sunday Star and flipped through all the pages to see what the excitement is all about. Wow, a two-page spread (p.8 and 9) in the Sunday Metro of Malaysia's leading newspaper, The Star, on my friend Andrew Khor & Spiritual Village.

Restoring well-being

Sunday May 4, 2008
Sunday Metro, The Star
Story and photos by GRACE CHEN

While finding ways to heal himself, a former copywriter experienced a spiritual awakening and became a holistic healer himself.

THE copywriter who came up with the ‘Malaysia Boleh’ slogan is now a holistic healer who runs a centre to restore spiritual well-being.

It was inevitable for this writer to come to the presumption that she would be hypnotised when Andrew Khor, 50, a holistic healer, dangled a pretty rose quartz pendant in front of her eyes.

No such thing happened, of course.

Crystal of love: Andrew Khor showing the rose quartz pendant with the healing symbols

Instead, the affable father of one whisked out his pen and proceeded to draw a series of short wavy lines with dots and hyphens on an A4 paper.

These, he explained are healing symbols dating from 2,500 years ago and they are the very same ones used by Tibetan holy men.

“These symbols will empower the individual to feel peace, love and joy. I will ‘program’ these symbols into the rose quartz,” said Andrew.

Saying so, he placed the rose quartz pendant on the paper of symbols in front of his associate, Annie Foo, another holistic healer.

She pressed her fingers to her forehead and closed her eyes.

In her meditative state, she reported that she felt the energy of these symbols entering the crystal pendant.

In a few moments, the ‘programming’ of the crystal was complete and whosoever wears it, assured Andrew, will gradually feel the positive effects he has promised.

As for the effectiveness, Andrew said that some may attribute the feeling of well-being after these healing sessions as a psychological effect instead of crediting it to holistic methods.

But to dispel any notion of fraud, he brought out a certificate to show his association with the Malaysian Society of Complementary Therapies where patient records show what has taken place in the consultation rooms.

It has been a year now since Andrew founded Khoracle, a holistic healing centre. This unassuming Ipoh-born but Penang-bred charmer revealed that he had experienced his first spiritual awakening in 1995 at the Petaling Jaya Civic Centre when Nirmala Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga, came to Malaysia.

Spurred by this newfound development, Andrew spent the next four years studying about holistic medicine.

Looking back, Andrew has certainly played his part in inspiring positivity in his former job as a copywriter with Ogilvy and Mather where he stayed for 17 years. Having created the ‘Malaysia Boleh’ tagline for Milo in 1993, it would become the nation’s battle cry of the 90s.

But life has its funny turns.

Andrew’s powerful tagline may have inspired thousands but spiritually, he had become a walking ghost due to work stress.

An astrologer he visited in 1999 warned that if he carried on with his job, a heart attack or stroke was imminent.

To confirm this, a blood pressure reading of 160/140 caused his physician to comment, “I don’t understand why you are still walking around”.

Sign of the times: Andrew also makes permanent models of healing symbols with crystal stones and perspex sheets.

And that was when Andrew realised that he had to heal himself.

In the process, he would describe the journey as an awakening of the senses and this, he said, had made him more emotionally intuitive.

“All of us have these senses in us. We just need to develop them.

“When you go on a spiritual journey, you activate four of these inner senses. One is clairsentience, the ability to sense the feelings of others, the second is claircognizence, when one just know things, the third is clairaudience, the ability to hear and talk to entities from other dimensions and fourth, clairvoyance, the ability to read the auras and chakras,” explained Andrew.

He also affirmed that these heightened senses had enabled him to see things most of us cannot.

“I can see colours on top of an individual’s head. These are the colours of their aura. To me they are as real as the colours that you can see on your living room sofa,” he said.

As to the healing sessions, Andrew said he has seen followers with dark chakras denoting illness and masses of darkness emanating from their auras.

This is a sign of unhappy thoughts which, if left to fester, will result in chronic illnesses.

In his healing journeys he has even helped to remove ‘illegal tenants’, which he describes as beings with no concept of eternal life and is the cause ill health and unhappiness.

Andrew’s main goal is to advise these unhappy people to forgive and forget and focus on happy thoughts.

“It is important to love oneself and 90% of the people I see don’t know how to do that.

“Little do they know that this can be achieved by listening to their own bodies. It can as simple as taking a break like going for ice cream,” he smiled.

So, back to the crystal pendant.

That, Andrew informed, is part of the Khoracle healing options kit designed to heal mind, body and soul in a safe, non-invasive and natural way.

The other items include a CD featuring music from crystal bowls by Katharina Bless.

According to Andrew, Katharina is a Swiss holistic healer and a personal friend who resides in Thailand.

To date she has launched four albums on Crystal Sound Healing.

There is also a bottle of sea minerals in the package.

As for how they work, Andrews explains that the crystal bowl music CD is designed to correspond harmonically with energy centres in the human body which act as conduits of energy that are responsible for maintaining one’s well-being.

The sea minerals solution, on the other hand, contains 92 trace minerals that support 20,000 hormonal functions in the human body.

For more information on Khoracle, visit spiritualvillage.blogspot.com or http://www.khoracle.com/ or call 03-8060 6970.

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Hey Andrew! What can I say? Congratulations on your blog and on your handsome photos on the paper!