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Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Agape Tree: 12 Lessons In Malaysia

Lessons In Understanding Unconditional Love

AGAPE is the Greek word for “unconditional love”.

Using “The Way of the Heart” (teachings of Jeshua Ben Joseph in communion with Jayem from 1995 to 1998) as the base platform, the programme, which will be held every other Saturday, takes an holistic, step-by-step, approach to understanding our journey to unconditional love, with extensive additional materials for a better overall comprehension and personal development.

The Way Of The Heart: 12 lessons (with approx 2 sessions per lesson)

The Agape Tree takes Part 1 of The Way of Mastery, “The Way of the Heart” and expands on the teachings of Jeshua so that we can understand how to bring “Heart & Soul” back into our lives and move out of the past to live in THE NOW so we can prepare for the future.

We will also explore the WHOLE BRAIN WAY that looks at how to develop the right and left sides of the brain to be more balanced.

Additional materials will include but not be limited to:

Books on Love & Happiness
Materials on Meditation and Acoustic Healing
The Interview with God
Pathways to Peace
The importance of Colours
Frequency & Communication
Quantum Physics & Quantum Mechanics
Information on Emotional Healing
EGO and what it isn’t

Furthermore, we will also be inviting guest speakers, whenever possible, to brief the group on specific subjects and areas of expertise so allowing a more, in depth, understanding.

Introduction (at no charge) Saturday May 31, 2008 at 2pm.

For the calendar: Sessions at 2pm every other Saturday with the first session (lesson 1) on Saturday June 14, 2008

Location: Khoracle, Puchong
Cost: RM120 per 2 sessions (1 lesson) incl. all materials and snacks etc.

Contact: Letchmi +603 8060 6970 or
Brian Lindfield at brian.lindfield@gmail.com

These group sessions will be interactive and further requirements for the programme will be advised prior to the event!

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