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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Night The Kahunas Came

As Featured On Ezine ArticlesAn original article by Andrew Khor.

One afternoon I accidentally called Santha. I had meant to call someone else but my fingers accidentally hit a button on my handphone and the next thing I knew Santha was on the line.

By now I am used to acts of synchronicity and I was not in the least surprised to hear his voice instead of the person I had wanted to speak to in the first place.

“Andrew, I’m glad you called. I have a strong feeling you should have a Hooponopono Initiation Night at your center, “ said Santha.

“Do you need any initiation?” I asked as that had not been mentioned at all in Joe Vitales’ book Zero Limits, a book written with the collaboration of Hew Len, the well known healing chap from Hawaii. Zero Limits is the Hawaiian book about sourcing wealth and health.

In that book, Hew Len said that we had to take 100% responsibility for anything that happened to us. And by saying “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you, “continuously, one then began to change the energy of a situation or a place and allow healing to begin.

I had not encountered any page in the book which said that an initiation was necessary. Perhaps that initiation took place in Hew Len’s workshop.

“Well, that’s the strong message I am getting,” confirmed Santha. By now I have learned to trust Santha’s intuition.

I first met Santha last year. He was introduced by a mutual friend, CM Tan and since we both shared an interest in kundalini awakening, a subject that I had been interested in for the past 12 years we got on well together.

Okay, I’ll organize one and sent out an email accordingly.

Before the 9th of May, which was Hooponopono Initiation Night I frantically tried to get some audio CDs ready. And I received an email from Sehkar, a healer asking why an initiation was necessary. Now Sehkar’s emails to me are usually one-liners. This enquiry from Sehkar was a full paragraph!

Fortunately for me Santha had in the meantime sent me an email with details of the initiation which he had sourced from a website. And so I replied to Sehkar accordingly. Phew. Sehkar is the man of a thousand questions. If he doesn’t get a satisfactory answer, the questions would flow non-stop!

Not knowing how many people would show up, I nervously waited. By 8.30 at least 30 people had shown up though eventually there were a few latecomers.

So we got cooking!

While waiting for the latecomers, we practiced the HA breath. In the Hawaiian tradition, the initiation begins with the HA breath in counts of 7. Breathe in to the count of 7. Hold the breath to the count of 7, release to 7, pause to 7 and then breathe in again.

When all were present, we began with a sea salt foot-soaking meditation to get the stress of the city out of everyone and return to calmness.

Once there was an aura of calmness, we gave intent for the initiation to begin.
I invited the soul of Mornah and the Kahunas as well as all loving beings to be present.

And then we started the initiation which is very simple. Everyone was given a copy of the initiation and we started reading the initiation together, although at first I asked for volunteers to read the initiation.

Yilan read the first part and then at Muniandy’s suggestion everyone began to read together. It was a bit choppy trying to get almost 30 people to read together but there were no prizes for harmonizing that night.

We got to the point where we were asked to invoke golden light into our body. At that point I began picking up clairaudient messages from the Kahunas that they wanted to take part.

Taking this cue, I told everyone present that the Kahunas would begin the initiation as the golden light began to engulf everyone in the room. I was told that they would go to everyone in the room and bless them.

Everyone was asked to go into a light meditation. And I could feel the energy levels rising in the room. The faces began to show more intensity. After a few minutes, one of the participants started to cry. And he kept on repeating, “Yes I will, yes I will.” We were all stunned. I went to him and received a message to put my hands on his shoulders and to allow his emotional outbursts.

So for the next few minutes, this went on. Eventually he piped down and became calm. After that we continued the last part of the initiation.

Normally at the end of any session I will ask for volunteers to share their experiences. The gentleman who was crying said that he was receiving a lot of messages and they were coming so fast that all he could do was to say yes.

Yilan, one of the participants, said she intuitively felt that the gentleman who was crying had been selected because of his open heart to clear past karmas. Put it this way, it was as if he was a lightning rod to clear all our past indiscretions.

Strangely enough, Yilan felt that she was blessed not by the Kahunas but by Mother Quan Yin. She asked and was shown a statue of Quan Yin in Hawaii.

As for me, the Kahunas said that I had been initiated as an honorary Kahuna. Hmmm. I’m not complaining.

1 comment:

Santa Kumar said...

Thank You Andrew for organising the event. It presented a very profound experience for all of us. Doing the ho'oponopono now, makes me feel so connected to all. Being at once in Oneness, so meaningful and magical.