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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why Is Man Separate from Nature?

By Martin LeFevre
In Scoop, International News

As I see it, human consciousness is an unexplained contradiction in the infinitely dynamic order of the universe. Consciousness is not ‘evolving,’ and things are going from bad to worse. Is there an understanding of the relationship between humankind and the universe that offers genuine hope?

The attempt by many to blur the distinction between human consciousness and the natural order is just making the human mind more confused. Given that consciousness is not evolving, but rather growing more and more disordered, does that mean one must just give up, as so many have done?

Religious beliefs previously served to give meaning to the many, while enabling the few to have control. But belief systems in recent decades have become increasingly reactionary, whether in the Judeo-Christian or Islamic worlds.

On the other hand, most scientists believe the universe is a completely random interaction of energy and matter. But can one find out whether there an inseparable cosmic intelligence and sacredness beyond thought (without implying any kind of personal God)?

With the negation and quieting of thought, there is an experiencing of the living order, mystery, and sacredness that permeates the cosmos. In other words, there is something ineffable, having nothing to do with beliefs, which are merely constructions of thought.

But as it is, human consciousness is a great contradiction and conundrum. It used to be called ‘the riddle of man.’ This mystery cannot be resolved by science, or by mushy appeals to the ‘oneness of our deeper selves.’

The central question to my then mind is: How did our extraordinarily powerful human brain, defined and dominated by ’higher thought,’ evolve from the infinitely dynamic order and wholeness of the universe?

Given the right conditions and enough time, evolution, in its random way, apparently produces brains capable of symbolic thought. That doesn’t imply a hierarchy of dominion, much less ‘man being created in the image of God,’ but rather an enigma, and growing crisis for the species in which conscious thought evolves.

Though it’s an incredibly powerful adaptation, symbolic thought rests on a principle that is the antithesis of the wholeness and order of the universe. Simply put, whereas the universe operates in seamless unity, ‘higher thought’ separates ‘things.’ That is its essential nature and function. Not understanding the mechanism of thought, man has fragmented the earth to the breaking point.

So on one hand, the ability to mentally and physically remove ‘things’ from the environment has given the human species immense powers of manipulation and control over our environment, even down to the molecular level. On the other hand, using thought without insight into its nature and limitations is fragmenting the earth, cultures, and people all to hell.

That means consciousness, as we usually know it, is a growing momentum of useful knowledge and useless accretion. The net result is increasing division, conflict, and fragmentation. Therefore, the accumulation in consciousness of useless content (for example, hurts and hate, grudges and garbage) is the source of darkness and evil in the world.

Thought-based consciousness has reached a point where the fragmentation it is generating threatens the viability of the Earth’s ecosystems. But self-made fragmentation is also putting tremendous pressure on human beings to radically change.

The great paradox is that symbolic thought is both a necessary precondition for conscious, silent awareness of the intelligence that permeates and transcends the universe, and the greatest impediment to that awareness. Therefore self-knowing is not just a path for Buddhists and Socratic aficionados; it has become the indispensable foundation for the survival of our species.

So is there a cosmic intelligence that cares about the fate of humankind? Yes, but not about ’man’ as a special creation, much less about us in any separate or personal sense.

There is an intrinsic intent in the universe to evolve, through a largely random process, brains capable of awareness of the intelligence that permeates and transcends the universe. That same intent ’wants’ (to use an unavoidably anthropomorphic term) humankind, the only species on this planet with the capacity for conscious awareness of cosmic intelligence, to radically change.

When human beings passionately share that intent, we participate in ongoing creation and the unfolding mystery of life. Enlightenment means stepping out of the stream of the past, of conditioning, of consciousness as we’ve known it for tens of thousands of years.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Language of Silence

By Gwen Randall-Young
In Common Ground

Universe Within

More than ever before, people seem to be searching for the way to “be” in this world. The power of the internet allows for large shifts in human consciousness, as millions of people are exposed to the same ideas and perspectives at the same time.

While the internet has certainly sped things up, groups of people subscribing to the same philosophy is not new. Have you noticed, though, that every couple of years a new path seems to enchant the masses? It seems a true shift in consciousness will occur. Within a couple of years or even months, however, that awareness seems to fade and something new comes along, with the hope that maybe this will be the answer.

Humans have been seeking for a long time and if there was an answer out there, we would have found it by now. It is the thinking mind that tries to figure it all out. The answers, however, are not “out there” and it is not the thinking mind that would lead us to them. The thinking mind rearranges ideas, which are the products of our own minds or the minds of others. It is basically our word processing program and it has limitations – the major one being language itself.

Think of the vastness of the universe and picture a tiny blue planet somewhere in the midst of it all. Humans have developed a way to communicate with each other and even speculate about things beyond our little world. Yet we no more possess the language to talk meaningfully about things “beyond the beyond” any more than ants can talk about the country they live in, much less the cosmos. Answers will not come from words, no matter how we rearrange them.

There is, however, another way of knowing. Because everything in our universe is connected, a part of us can tune in to all that is. It is a little like the oceans of the world. They are all connected. If we had the ability to “read” the energy in the water, we could dip our feet into the Pacific Ocean and “pick up” information from the Atlantic or the Indian Ocean.

The language of the universe is silence. An ocean of energy underlies everything. When we enter the silence, as in meditation, we can “tune in” to the larger frequencies. Energetically, we can “go” anywhere in the universe.

We are like drops of water that have separated out of the oneness to experience individuality. We developed our own separate ego selves to differentiate from the other drops. The problem arose when we identified with that ego self, thinking it was the real “us.” We forgot about the true essence. Ego is on a continuous quest to feel better, understand more, reduce suffering, be evolved, or to “get it.”

The truth is that what we yearn for is not answers or even understanding. It is connection. When we shed ego like a suit of clothing and go naked into the silent ocean, we merge back into the home from which we came. We experience our own soul – that drop of cosmic consciousness – that belongs to the whole. That is where we experience peace, contentment and even joy. When we re-enter the world, having tasted the sweetness of home, we realize nothing here need bother us. We see all the machinations of ego; how it creates dramas, polarities, unhappiness and stress and we can choose to no longer identify with that aspect of our being. When we cease to identify with it, it loses all power.

There is nothing to seek, nothing to find, no answers. It is all about where we choose to put our consciousness. Shall we let it energize ego and take us on a wild ride, or do we use it to maintain an open connection with the oneness and live our lives as our true soul selves?

[VIDEO] The Divine Matrix (Part Five of Five) by Gregg Braden

Article Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgiekKH40qA

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[VIDEO] Union Of Thought & Emotion by Gregg Braden

Video Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDgwEFcBlpE

Thought, feeling and emotion, these define a state of conscious living, so what's the take on these? Western civilizaton has lost the understanding of how these three elements of human living processes.

The Crop Circle Phenomenon

By Ray Bilger

Image Peter Sorensen Copyright 2008

Crop circles are unexplained patterns that are found primarily in wheat fields in England, although they are found in many other places around the world, and in other grain fields. But 90% of the now 9,000 sightings are from England. Their sudden appearance may go unreported unless spotted by someone in an airplane or someone familiar with them. Numerous websites can show you photos of them, such as www.cropcircleconnector.com.

The phenomenon was first reported in modern times in 1972 when Arthur Shuttlewood and Bryce Bond were sitting on the slope of Star Hill near Warminster, England trying to catch a glimpse of the strange unidentified flying craft that had made this part of England a UFO Mecca for almost a decade. But what they saw was something even more extraordinary. Only a hundred feet from them they saw an imprint take shape in a field of wheat—and a large circular area of plants collapsed within twenty seconds.

Crop circle formations are often accompanied by sightings of unusual lights and unidentified craft beaming shafts of light onto a field. Most formations are created at night between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m.

Then in the early 1990s, two elderly gentlemen, Doug and Dave, stepped forward and proclaimed that they had hoaxed all the circles and fooled the world. All they had used was a couple of planks, some string, and a baseball cap. The mystery was solved. But it soon became apparent that they would have had to be in hundreds of places at the same time. The men were interviewed by Colin Andrews of Circles Phenomenon Research International who asked them how they did this one (pointing to a complex pattern they claimed they had done). After a few moments they said, "We didn't do that one." The interview went downhill from there.

It has since been discovered that the Doug and Dave story originated from the British Ministry Of Defense, in collusion with the C.I.A. Evidence supplied by a high-ranking informant in the M.O.D. proves the government intended to discredit the phenomenon to quell the growing public interest in crop circles. (see www.strayreality.com/Lanis_Strayreality/crop_circle_mysteries.htm)

The problem with hoaxing is that it requires a physical object to flatten the crop to the ground, thereby breaking the plant stems. In genuine formations the stems are not broken, but bent, about an inch off the ground, where they re-harden into their new permanent bent position without damaging the plants in any way. Plant biologists are baffled by this phenomenon. When examined by experts, the plants show that the cells have actually been altered, hence, it is scientifically possible to separate genuine crop circles from manmade ones.

On July 7, 1996, pilot Rod Taylor was flying with a passenger in his Cessna near Stonehenge. It was 5:00 p.m., and nothing unusual was seen at 500 feet above the area. Forty-five minutes later the passenger was now driving his car back past Stonehenge and noticed that cars had stopped and people were getting out to look at something spectacular in a field. There in the field was a crop circle of complex mathematical design, 900 feet long, with 149 circles. A Royal Air Force pilot flew over the area only fifteen minutes earlier looking for crop circles, but had seen none. The elaborate formation was made in less than fifteen minutes (and probably in less than one). It took a team of 11 people over 5 hours just to survey the formation.

Suzanne Taylor, Executive Producer of Crop Circles: Quest for Truth, says, "The most unusual thing happening on Earth has not been taken seriously… The phenomenon is a function of processes we can't perform, done by intelligences with design capacities that exceed virtually all people's talents… What is the meaning of the crop circle phenomenon? Another intelligence is making contact. That's all we know for sure… We are being visited and signaled. There is no debate about this among those who are paying attention to what is going on. That there is so little recognition of the fact that this is happening is as astonishing as the very existence of these art works that are executed from another dimension."

John Michell, author and specialist in sacred geometry said, "A great power has arisen, directing our thoughts and perceptions in a certain direction, towards a more complete and satisfactory view of reality than the modern conventions of materialism have previously allowed. Gently, subtly, with no disturbance or panic, we are being guided across a watershed, from one world view to another. And this is in no way arbitrary, but a purposeful process, in accordance with the interests of Eternal Nature and the necessities of the present. We can now see something of what the ancients meant when they spoke of revelation."

The reason I have now brought this whole subject to the fore is because of something I just learned. On July 15, 2008, a new crop circle was discovered at Avebury Manor, near Stonehenge (see www.cropcircleconnector.com/2008/aveburymanor/aveburymanor2008a.html). The new formation shows our Solar System, with the Sun and planets in specific positions. But it is not their positions today, it is the positions they will be in on Dec. 21, 2012, the end date of the Mayan Calendar, discussed in my book. Very interesting. If I find more info about this, there will be a Part II.

Excepts From 'Staying In Alignment'

'Staying in Alignment" is a book by Karen Bishop from 'What's Up On Planet Earth?'. If you wish to purchase this remarkable book, please visit www.whatsuponplanetearth.com.

"With Self"

Beginning With Where We Are Now

Evolution requires small and steady steps, which involves integrating a higher vibrating step at each particular level. We cannot go anywhere else until we are integrated and complete with where we currently are. This is how energy works. So then, we must begin with where we are. How can we know our specific purpose and passion? How can we be in it as much as possible? How can we identify and recognize it in others?

- Again, follow the path that feels good and right, because what feels good to us, does so because it is in alignment with our soul's intentions.

- We can spend as much time as possible in our hobbies and creative outlets. When we lose all track of time, we are truly in our element.

- Identify your patterns of interest and activities that have persisted for the longest period of time. What do you continually come back to that fits you like the best pair of shoes in your closet?

- Evaluate your home and your appearance and decide if they are reflective of whom you believe yourself to be. Are they manifestations of your own unique expression and blueprint? Surrounding ourselves with as much of ourselves as possible, greatly assists in keeping us in alignment.

- Follow your interests as much as possible. What excites you? What do you want to know more about? What do you know the most about now? What would another person be doing that would make you want to follow them around for awhile, be in their presence, or apprentice under them? What do you talk about that gets you excited and passionate when you are describing it to others? Being excited and passionate about something brings the vibration up several notches and places us in a higher vibrating space.

- What is your focus when you enter a group setting? What do you usually contribute to the whole? What energy do you naturally and effortlessly always end up emanating?

- What do you love about another? What quality does another have that always makes you feel good? When you need help or support, what is it in each person you contact, which helps you the most? Knowing what these traits are in others, and supporting and seeing them as much as possible, while allowing others to vibrate in their own unique way as much as possible, places us all in alignment.

- When you encounter another, do you ask them about themselves? Do you ask them what they want their lives to look like and what they have always wanted to create? When we know this about another, we can then support them in getting there while being on the same page with them. We can be in their space of joy. You will find, through the overlap energy of attracting energies, that when others know our passions and purpose, and when we know theirs, suggestions will be made, networking will occur, and messages will be received and given that greatly support our passions and purpose.

- If you are feeling pressured and burdened, give yourself an official day off just for you. This lets the universe know that you come first, and the universe will then get the message and jump on the program. Take a day and putter around the house or on your property and do the things you have wanted to do for a long time. Become involved with some creative projects. Tune into a different reality that is all about you and what you love to do. If you can, just let go and forget about everything else. You can tell yourself that God officially designated this time for you, and you are simply following orders.

Staying in alignment with our purpose places us in a continual space where miracles abound. At times we may feel as if we cannot manifest a thing and nothing is opening up or going our way. But when something has to do with our own individual and unique purpose, or our next step in this arena, the doors seem to fly open and literally push us through. Knowing who we are and what lights us up, always makes us oh so comfortable in our own skin. We are then right on track and in perfect alignment with Source energy. And in this way, we contribute greatly to the whole, as we assist in continuing to raise the vibration of the planet simply through being who we naturally are."

Belief in God Drops Among Educated, But 'Universal Spirit' Prevails

By Elizabeth Tenety
In Medill Reports Washington

At first glance, a study from Gallup released Monday seems a victory for atheists: Belief in God declines as education increases. Yet something more nuanced is taking place in academia because while belief in God declines, belief in a ‘universal spirit’ increases significantly during college.

Among Americans with a high school diploma or less, 88 percent believe in God, 8 percent believe in a “universal spirit or higher power” and 5 percent say they do not believe in either. For college graduates, belief in God is at 73 percent, but another 20 percent believe in a ‘universal spirit’ and only 6 percent say they do not believe in either.

The Gallup telephone survey of 1,017 American adults between May 8 and May 11 confirms the findings of a six-year study conducted at UCLA on spirituality in higher education released earlier this year. It found that while participation in religious services declines from 44 to 25 percent between students’ freshman and junior years, students also report nearly a 10 percent increase in “integrating spirituality” into their lives between those two years.

Charlotte Jones Carroll has served since 2001 at American University in Washington as a lay chaplain for the Unitarian Universalist church, a religion that she says “encourages seeking.”

“I think that college is a period of life where you’re seeking many things in the process of maturing,” Carroll said. “I think that having a sense that there’s something larger than ourselves but not necessarily wanting to be tied up to a particular set of rites and rituals is a very logical stage in one’s general intellectual seeking.”

Carroll said she is not surprised that college students explore spirituality rather than atheism.

“Well what does atheism have to offer? It’s by definition a zero. So if you’re curious, why wouldn’t you look into anything you could look into before you settled on the most negative one?"

Patrick Reilly, president of the Cardinal Newman Society, a Catholic organization that works to strengthen the religious identity of Catholic colleges and universities in the United States, is among those not thrilled with the move away from traditional religion.

“We’re losing so much of the great thought and theology that has developed over centuries” when society emphasizes spirituality without the grounding of religion, Reilly said.

Reilly said two forces impact the religiosity of young adults. “In American society, we’ve relied much less on religious education so fewer young people and young adults are getting education in a particular faith.” Reilly added: “The education they are receiving at all levels is much more secularized than what was traditionally provided. Young people continue to have a sense of the divine but very little by way of religious formation.”

But Reilly said the survey did show that, “despite the increasing secularization of American culture,” Americans generally still recognize a higher power, which shows a tendency toward recognizing there is a God.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Go past Heaven and Hell: Live with Awareness

By CJ: Desert Prince
In Merinews: Power To People

Some religions foster fear and greed through regulations that they impose on you. They will tell you that if you do this, you will be a sinner and would go to hell and if you stay away from evil actions, you will be redeemed and will go to heaven..

THE OTHER day I was talking about the distinction in religion and spirituality. Spirituality is about liberation, and religion, as it is understood and practiced, is about control.

At the lowest level, religions tend to control through ignorance and blind belief. They do not wish to be questioned, because they have no answers themselves. The Vedic culture of the Hindus, while being true of all mankind as a whole (and thus not technically Hindu), is very different and clear on this. What they laid out as scriptures are, but only the eternal and immutable truths called sruti. The best that I like about them, why only I, anyone for that matter would is that they are not regulations - nothing is doctrinal about them. There are no strict commandments. They are the epitome examples of leave it or take it. It’s something like saying, ’I have said; now it is up to you’. This is an admirable stance to take; just as a flower would feel utterly thankful when it has released its fragrance to the winds; it would never bother whether you partake of it or not. Accidentally, as a passer-by you may, but that is not important at all to the flower; flowers do not seek followers. Similarly, the Vedic and the Upanisadic teachings are simply the guidelines for evolution, for the flowering of your consciousness; it is up to you to accept or reject. Why should it matter? And for what?

Sruti means ‘the heard’, that’s all – that is hear the truth – to follow or not to follow, is determined by your level of understanding or the degree of your evolvement. Do we not find the same attitude of the universe, existence, god – call it by whatever name you want. This attitude needs tremendous strength of character. Other than sruti, there is another branch of truth called smriti.

Smriti means ‘memory’, that is memorise what has been said. Memorise, because it is utilitarian and essential to your living, and although the truths here are temporal in nature, they are useful to be kept or held in the mind. Even in smriti, there is no command, only a drawing of attention, regulated for a day-to-day living. Thus the regulations in smriti are changeable, as they are required to evolve with time and space – room for modernisation. There is no rigidity, there is no compulsion, and there is no pronouncement that these are god-given and therefore cannot be questioned.

’To follow truth is to be religious’; this seems to be the message. These truths, which sprang from Vedic culture stood for individual freedom; only such freedom can lead towards awareness and liberation. Religions that tend to control through ignorance graduate into control through fear and greed. These are the two steps which work as the basis of a number of religions, extant in the world today.

Spirituality is about losing fear and overcoming greed. Krishna advises us in the Bhagavad-Gita to drop aversion and attachment, because even aversion is a form of attachment, in order to reach him.

Unfortunately, some religions foster fear and greed through regulations that they impose on you. They will tell you that if you do this or that, you will be a sinner and go to hell; and if you stay away from all such evil actions, you will be redeemed and will go to heaven.

There is no heaven and hell.

They exist only in our minds. You commit sin because you are in hell; you do not go to hell because you commit sin. Redemption is liberation and heaven, when you reach that inner awareness that you are one with all. And then the bliss that engulfs you is that heaven. Heaven is not any geographical location where wine, women, and extensions of worldly pleasures lie in wait for you 24 hours a day. Such a place would, in fact be hell, as it would lead to infinite boredom.

Drop all notions of sin and merit and of hell and heaven and live with awareness. You will reach nitya ananda, eternal bliss, the pouring rain of joy!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Current Ascension Symptoms, Tools For Comfort, And What Is Yet To Come [Part Two]

By Karen Bishop
Article Source: What's Upon Planet Earth

Part II (see Part I here)

More symptoms…but lots of wonderful things are arriving now and due to soon arrive as well! We are really getting over the hump now, so some of these symptoms may have already passed for some of you, or perhaps never occurred at all.

No sense of place:

It is very common to have this feeling during or right after a substantial shift of the energies. We receive an internal shake-up, are catapulted to a new level of vibration, and the outside reality no longer fits us. We can thus feel that we no longer belong anywhere, cannot relate to anyone or anything, feel quite alone, and nothing much feels good to us anymore. I have listed some comforts for this symptom further along in this energy alert.

A need to eat often with what feels like low blood sugar attacks, or simply wanting to gorge on food:

When we are re-aligning within and greatly morphing, our bodies can really take a hit and thus require much more energy than normal. Protein is the key here. During these times I have to eat every two hours and this includes a healthy dose of protein. The gorging or wanting to fill up is a different thing. With so much loss occurring along with losing much of who we thought we were, we can at times have a desire to fill up somehow. This can manifest as wanting to eat large amounts of food and wanting to really feel full.

Craving anything “new”:

After we move ahead to a higher vibrating “level” or dimension, it can feel uncomfortable to be in anything “old.” For those who are highly sensitive, this can manifest as severe discomfort and an almost gagging or repulsion for anything which existed before. It is in our wiring….we are being encouraged to move ahead into the new, or rather can no longer tolerate the lower vibrations or things of the past. We have been reborn and are now vibrating within a very new space and reality.

Becoming easily overloaded and overwhelmed:

With the new energies now in place, much has been dislodged and relocated to a new residency. Much pushing then, is occurring. This can cause feelings of hyperventilation, squeezing, headaches, and an overall feeling of stress. With so much going on within and without, we can easily become overloaded. Rest is vitally important now, as well as saying “no” to much and being willing to stay simple. When I experienced this scenario to an extreme many years ago, I could not even have a conversation, as it used up too much of my energy reserves. Resting and making things simple was my only salvation. This greatly assisted with the panic and anxiety as well.

Forgetting where you are and losing your place:

Many times when I am driving in vast expanses of country here in the Southwest, I can forget where I am, who I am, or what reality I am in. This can occur at other times as well when we begin to vibrate higher. It is as if we are not connected to anything at times, and are thus hanging out there in a space which gives us the opportunity to create whatever we choose. As we vibrate higher, we hold onto much less. Energy is in and out, very quickly and moves very fast without clinging or holding on. Anything not being held in our consciousness will simply cease to exist. Getting used to this can be scary or at best confusing, but it can also allow us to create fresh and new at any given moment.

There are countless other symptoms relating to our ascension process, and many more are listed in The Ascension Primer, as well as in the form of book excerpts for your viewing at the sidebar link on this page at www.whatsuponplanetearth.com, but in order to remain brief for the purposes of an energy alert, I have listed here the most common for this particular time.

Tools for Comfort

When we go through a substantial shift into a higher dimension, it can really wreak havoc on much of everything within and without. In this regard, it can greatly help if can find ways to stay connected to the higher vibrating energies, as so much else is falling away. During these times we really need to feel good again, and connecting to higher ways of being and living can greatly soothe us. Below are some remedies which I have found to be very helpful during these times:

Stay in your creativity as much as possible. In the higher realms, creativity is what it is all about. Thus, creativity always carries a high vibration no matter what dimension we are residing in. For me, sewing, designing a new fabric project, painting, writing, gardening, cooking, and creating much of anything immediately takes me into a beautiful space and I feel wonderful and connected again. It also serves to get any negative thoughts out of the way, as well as our ego selves!

Be in the company of as many little ones as possible. Our little ones naturally carry a higher vibration and we can easily feel oh so connected once again. We see them and they see us. They match us so much more closely than much of anything else. My granddaughter Amayah has saved me countless times during an ascension shift. These little ones love us as much as we love them!

Get distracted and stay away from the news, the outside world if need be, and just keep as busy as possible in your own world. This past week while I was at my daughter’s we had no TV, no internet, and spent almost all of our time readying for the arrival home of the babies, playing, laughing, eating, and cuddling. It was pure bliss. The only reality I was aware of was the reality of a loving environment with my family and four grandchildren. We slept together, showered together, massaged each other, combed each other’s hair, and basically found ourselves continually in one big ball of golden brown and white skin (my grandchildren are African-American bi-racial)!

Spend time in nature as much as possible. This can be a tough one right now, as even when we are in nature, we can still pick up all the changing and disruptive energies. But the earth is ascending as our vehicle, and being around her energies can connect us as well. Here in the high desert of New Mexico we are experiencing the monsoons and it is awesomely beautiful. Incredible sunsets, magnificent cloud formations, the smell of wet sage, and wildflowers abounding can make one feel as if they have arrived in heaven.

Take a break and rest. If you are able to, take a day designated just for you. Read a trashy magazine, lay in bed all day, go for a walk, read a pleasurable book (not a self-help book!), tinker around the house, or just sit in the sun. Things will indeed begin to rev up for you again, if they have not yet begun to do so, so a time out now can really be what is needed.

Bond with your animal companions. They are a part of our individual community and our family and it can feel wonderful to spend as much time with them as possible as a part of our whole.

Just stay away from what is crashing and re-aligning…or stay in your sacred space. Our sacred space, or what we have created, is very much in alignment with who we are. Thus, we can feel secure, grounded, and just plain good when we are there. Staying home can feel best at times.

What Is Yet To Come

Things will be settling down as our re-connections become more and more intact, and this is already beginning now. And yes, everyone will begin to experience miracles and new beginnings. Hitting rock bottom created opportunities for change for many, so then, much will be re-structured, re-aligned, and settled into very new spaces.

Much will be different and will continue to evolve and change in a disruptive and destructive way until we reach 2012. Thus, there will continue to be upheavals for a few more years for many, but most of everything will be intact and ready for the very New World to be created fully by 2012.

Coming together in community will be paramount, and we will be forming smaller groups of supportive souls who know each other intimately in times to come. Our old ways of living and being created separation, anonymity, and the like, and this will soon be a reality of the past.

Travel will be greatly compromised, and this will serve to support the unity reality. Air and auto travel will be highly limited to those of affluence, and air travel will almost be rare. Train travel will be the norm and serve as the primary source of movement into other areas, as well as smaller inventions for very local travel yet to be introduced.

Families and loved ones will relocate in order to be together geographically and to serve as support units for their whole. The walls of judgment, separation, and ego-personality states will rapidly dissipate through these times of change. The area where I currently reside is comprised of retired Buddhist monks, a strong gay community, retired main stream individuals, healers, Mormons, and many creative artists. Everyone here gets along as we need to support each other. It becomes easy to see only the soul, beauty, and gifts and talents of another while disregarding the package they are contained in, as we are all one and we greatly need each other. And this is how it will be for most everyone soon. We will actually finally “see” each other!

“Local” will be paramount. Smaller communities will sustain themselves and support each other. And this is when our own special gifts and talents will be needed, recognized, and highly revered. This is the way of the higher realms. And yes, smaller communities can exist within a metropolitan area as well. Where I currently live, the nearest store is an hour away. But we have avid gardeners and growers here, a strong farmer’s market, we each share our experiences and supports for sustainable and natural building, and I can literally hike, write, get my mail, connect with others, take yoga, and much else without leaving my own back yard. In this way, the gas prices have very little impact as well. I rarely need to get in my car. Running errands is virtually extinct.

Barack Obama will become president of the US. His soul has predestined this path at this particular time. He carries past life energy of Abraham Lincoln and other masters and highly evolved beings. This has been planned at higher levels for some time now. He brings the energy of unity and change and will have an effect which we have not seen in eons of time. I have known this for quite some time, but Hillary followers got very angry with me! If you are one who favors John McCain, please refrain from letting me know. This was not my idea…I am just the messenger!

The supports we have longed for, for so very long, will finally arrive. And they will come in the form of each other. Financial supports will arrive through our store-fronts (kindly find more detailed information about store-fronts in the energy alert for July 9th located in the archives).

August of 2008 will bring in some beautiful energy. Much will have been resolved and settled in by then, and thus, more will be intact at last. We will experience another opening to the higher levels, and like fairy dust being sprinkled over us, the magic will appear at every turn. I tear up when I see these times as they are so very beautiful.

Why Healing Can Be Detrimental When We Reach A Higher Vibration

After we reach a higher vibration within, we are then vibrating higher than our old wounds, past experiences, and the like. In other words, we have evolved beyond lower vibrating experiences which caused whatever needed to be healed. If we receive a healing in this new state of being, it can only serve to take us back into old denser energy and re-activate something which no longer exists. A healing at this stage can really screw us up and get us out of alignment and off track, and is most certainly not necessary.

This mostly pertains to certain types of counseling, healing modalities which serve to clear out old energies by needing to connect to them first, or any modality that focuses on what is “wrong.”

In addition, the ascension process serves to prepare us for the higher realms completely on its own. It is a beautiful process that knows exactly what it is doing quite naturally. If we try to assist or interfere, to expedite it or make it happen by ourselves, we will only serve to open way too fast, create discomfort, jump ahead of where we are and thus not be aligned, and perhaps make our loving non-physical care takers wonder what in the world we are doing as they are so lovingly monitoring the whole process!

In the beginning stages of ascension healings can be very helpful. They can serve to relieve some of the pain and suffering resulting from the higher energies hitting and activating old wounds which need to be cleared and released. But even then, this assisting process needs to be monitored very carefully and it can be tricky.

So then, for those just beginning their journey, healings can greatly help. But after a certain threshold has been met, they only serve to be detrimental to the recipient. Many of you who are healers will know through your expertise who needs what and when. You are masters at connecting to the higher energies and allowing them to run through you while getting out of the way.

I have not had a healing in many years and have been fine. Most of what I am referring to here is in regard to the ascension process. I still go to the dentist, took an antibiotic when I had a kidney stone, and would seek medical attention if needed in an emergency (such as a rattlesnake bite!), although I have not been to a doctor for many years.

Hope this helps those of you who have been asking…it can be difficult to explain but I would imagine you get the drift, and if you are called to be a healer (as we all have the ability to heal), you would have this sense and expertise without me explaining.

In addition, as we evolve higher, we begin to have the desire to simply have a life. We want to create the life of our dreams and be in it. We no longer have a desire to save or fix. Healers will still be needed though, for those evolving up the ascension ladder, so healers will still be needed and highly revered in this arena.

Current Ascension Symptoms, Tools For Comfort, And What Is Yet To Come [Part One]

By Karen Bishop
Article Source: What's Upon Planet Earth

Part I

I have been away in North Carolina for the past week or so, connecting with my new twin grandbabies who were born very suddenly on June 12th and still in intensive care, so it has been a bit longer than usual in between energy alerts. The babies are doing remarkably well…Solomon went home on Wednesday, and we are hoping that Arion will soon follow. My daughter Ari is also doing extremely well after a very complicated and serious emergency c-section.

The new little ones who have been arriving now in droves have a very special mission at hand, laying the new grid and providing a very strong and solid foundation for the new world. These little ones are incredibly strong and know exactly what they are doing…and communicating with them telepathically was an exciting and fulfilling experience which brought much joy and great hope for the promise of the new world to come. We are all so blessed to have so many new souls carrying a higher vibration wanting to be here now. They are very instrumental in assisting with the stability of the new as the old is now so rapidly falling away.

I was blessed to leave with everything wonderfully on track and much love and happiness abounding. The past six weeks after their arrival and the week or two leading up to it were an emotional roller coaster ride for my loved ones, as I know that many of you are experiencing this same ride, although for many different and varied reasons of your own. But just like the situation with Ari and the babies, everything will eventually straighten itself out as new alignments and connections to the higher realms are eventually made stronger.

We are still experiencing many symptoms resulting from the solstice energies. I have not felt this way myself since the shifts began in earnest around the year 2000. There is much, much movement now. But these ascension symptoms repeat themselves again and again as our ascension process continues to progress, only more and more individuals are being affected as the whole is beginning to wake up and is now ready to come on board.

For this energy alert I have listed some common symptoms many may be experiencing, why they are occurring, what is to come in relation to them, and some comforts that may be of help. At the end of the energy alert I will also address your many inquiries about healing and why it can be detrimental as one begins to vibrate higher (this will be in Part II).

This energy alert may be a long one as I have not written since July 9th, so I have added some subtitles to give you the opportunity to skip sections if you wish. It can be burdensome at times to have to wade through a long text during these trying times!

Panic, anxiety, and depression:

The solstice energies uprooted much. It was time for the big shake-up, we had prepared all we could, and hence….here it came with a bang! Most of everything was blasted out of its groove and is still floating around without having landed. This involves real manifestations such as the economy, the old systems of the 3D reality, and the loss of jobs and income, etc. Emotionally, even if you are one who has not experienced any of these, you may simply feel the emotions of those around you…if only from simply walking out your front door in the middle of nowhere all by yourself!

Panic can occur when we feel great loss beyond our control and feelings of "the end." I had extreme panic many years ago when the shifts first began, and very few were experiencing any of this. In addition, there was nothing really manifesting in real form (or in the outside reality) in regard to "ending" at that time, so then, we can feel panic and anxiety at a subconscious and higher level when we know that we are evolving and leaving much behind….even if we literally are not. It is just that we are going into a higher dimension and not everyone else is going with us at that time. But now, the endings are manifesting in real form, so we have a double whammy for sure (this is because it is finally time for the whole to begin its journey of coming on board).

Experiencing endings before the new has arrived can cause extreme insecurity, panic, fear, and uncertainty. We are human beings still, and thus have emotions at a human level. This is one of the many challenges of ascension…dying while we are alive and still in human form. But we are continuing on, at some level know that we are here for this purpose, and thus seem to hang in there through it all. I believe we are doing a fine job and am so proud to be part of our whole! Our souls are very strong indeed…we have been around for a very long time.

In addition, we are in the process of once more losing another layer of our old ego selves. Personality traits and behaviors which vibrated lower have suddenly departed. The parts of ourselves which we developed in order to survive a harsher and lower vibrating 3D reality cannot exist here now.

Hence, another challenge of ascension and another reason for panic and anxiety. Evolving into an even more sensitive individual without defenses, barriers, or a harsh exterior of protection while still in a harsh, dangerous, and seemingly dark environment can create an immense challenge at best.

And now, with the dissolution of so much of the old world in form, as the fall is beginning to snowball, we may wonder how in the world we will survive financially, and how we will sustain ourselves at all. With much of everything leaving, including parts of ourselves we had developed to survive, no wonder many of us are panicky!

"Should I even bother trying to create anything new?" you may wonder. "What is the point right now…..or ever?" With so much in seeming chaos, it can be difficult to know which road to be on, or even if your road will still be intact in times to come. "Everything seems up in the air with no solid foundation and no direction." Again, much has not yet landed in its new groove….but it will, I promise you.

"I don't know who I am anymore. I used to know my purpose and now I am totally and completely lost." "I cannot go forward in any way…I feel boxed in." "I feel helpless, vulnerable, powerless, insecure, and at the whim of much of anything." "My self-confidence is shot. I do not feel remotely good about myself anymore."

And how about this one: "I feel completely invisible, unnoticed, not needed, and certainly not appreciated or valued." This is because we are vibrating higher and cannot be seen right now. And in addition, so many are in chaos and panic with their own situations, that they cannot see much of anything except what is going on for them. (More about being invisible further on in the energy alert.)

"I don't feel like doing a thing. I am not interested in a thing. I just want to play. I want to retire. I do not want any more responsibilities. I am exhausted. I need to rejuvenate. I need a very long rest….or maybe an endless vacation." "Don't bother me. I want to be in my own sacred space away from the outside world." Or perhaps, "Get me out of here! I want to run away to somewhere very different and never return!" "I want to go home where I fit and things feel right!"

Depression and apathy can occur right now as everything is in seeming chaos, we cannot manifest in the way we used to, many are not seeing each other, we are now vibrating higher and the outside and old reality is vibrating lower…which always causes depression as the outside reality has not yet caught up, and there is much suffering occurring (making one wonder if anything "good" will ever happen again). This will pass, I promise, and when it does, we will be grateful for the new space we are in.

(Comforts and what is to come will be listed at the end of the common symptoms list in Part II.)

Health crises, relationship breakups, job losses, financial stresses, and a general experience of having your life fall apart:

We are rapidly accelerating now into a higher dimension, and everything has to go. So then, everything needs to align, get primed, or leave this reality in order to arrive in the new one (and yes, death in the old 3D fashion is a path as well). Whatever is not vibrating at this new and higher level (or whatever level or rung of the ladder is next for you and your loved ones), will receive a corresponding experience of choice at a soul level to create a situation designed to get everyone to where they need to be.

Many scenarios are occurring now, and at many different levels. Those more embedded in the mainstream or old reality will experience the most shake-ups, as this world is rapidly leaving now. Those who have been through their own challenges and shake-ups of the ascension process for several years will experience less, but will still be having shake-ups in relation to where they are vibrating…they will just go to a higher level from where they were before, usually involving shake-ups in relation to ego selves and new ways of relating and being.

Are you behind if your life is really collapsing now? Have you missed the boat? Are you not where you should be? Is something wrong with you? Are you being punished? Are you not "ascending" fast enough? Absolutely not.

At our soul levels, we are all right where we need to be. Some of us chose to lag a little further behind as we needed to hold the space at that particular level until it was time to move our level ahead and take many with us. We are all masters here, knowing exactly what we are doing and doing it remarkably well. We know where we need to be. There are no mistakes. And sometimes different choices are made as well, and this is when suffering usually occurs to encourage us to make another choice in order to be in alignment with our original soul plan. We each have a unique and different scenario going according to what feels best to each and every one of us.

A health crisis is one of the first ways many choose to begin aligning to Source and our souls. It usually gets our egos out of the way in a crash course style, so it is a good and common choice to begin with. Loss of control is paramount then, so we become dependent on a higher power and really learn to surrender and trust. This is happening now for many who are just starting their process.

Relationship breakups are common as well. One soul begins to vibrate higher and the other soul usually sets the higher vibrating soul free by "dumping" them. If we can know why, and that the "dumping" soul is doing so because of a great love for us and as a great support for our continued growth, we can then know that all is in divine and perfect order. We will all meet up in the end anyway and laugh and cry and hug each other.

Another scenario which is occurring more frequently now is when two souls totally separate to give each soul an opportunity to find itself entirely on its own without having the support or leaning on one another. When each one learns to connect individually to who they really are, to their souls and to Source, they can then find each other again and re-unite. This is why it is becoming more common now for things to separate completely before they can re-unite one again.

Job losses have always been a common ascension experience. As we begin to vibrate higher than our job in the main stream world, we are thus separated from it. We were not meant to suffer through this process, so most of the time (the far majority of the time) we are somehow miraculously taken care of.

Much is falling apart now as the old world is taking its fall. Much is then being turned inside out or rather finally right side up. Re-aligned, re-aligned, re-aligned.

The higher dimensions serve to magnify everything. So then, for those who have been on their ascension path for quite awhile, or perhaps even purged and released much in a short period of time, what is then magnified will be much more pleasurable. This is why miracles and new beginnings can occur for some and not for others. And again, we are all right where we need to be with our own set of individual challenges at each level.

Sleeping and wanting to nap all day:

Those bearing a significant amount of light carried much in regard to the ascension process, and this role is now over for awhile. Now we get to rest. A large part of our "job" is done. We have let go and get to hibernate and take some time for ourselves. So then, all we might want to do is rest, take it easy, S-L-E-E-P, and be a slug. No more carrying the light for the entire planet…no more lifting it up….no more new projects right away…..no more supporting, holding, and saving. Just like a long rest after being in labor before birthing a new baby, a rest is needed before we experience the very new baby.

Experiencing great distress at and/or a strong need to no longer be alone:

In the higher realms, there is no separation. Unity vibrates much higher. As we begin to vibrate higher, we are now wired for unity. Thus, being alone no longer feels good or remotely right. It can feel downright uncomfortable at best and encourage us to seek out new group connections, re-unions with family or perhaps relocations where family and friends are, and the like. Innately we know it is time for community.

Only wanting to do what you want to do, or rather not wanting to do anything you "have to" or what someone else wants to do:

When I first got clobbered with major ascension symptoms, I really had this one. I thought that I must be the most selfish person in the world, and thus tried to "tap" this seeming issue away through EFT, which was how I addressed my symptoms in the beginning before I was no longer able to (EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique…a process for restoring yourself to a higher level of being through tapping the meridian points on your body. I believe their website url is www.emofree.com ). Much to my surprise, I discovered that this state of being cannot be removed, as it is one which vibrates higher, believe it or not!

When we reach the higher realms, much is purified and only the most refined states and energies remain. In this way, we are then in alignment with who we are and what we are about in our purest state. This relates to our own special purpose and contribution, and thus, we can no longer be in anyone else's reality, dream, or the like. As we begin to vibrate higher, we also share a reality or dream with our soul team along with the general reality of the whole, so we still do have overlaps in some ways. Sounds strange, but wanting to do what lights us up and what we can relate to is where we need to be.

Feeling invisible and not valued or needed:

Some of us may feel invisible because we are invisible. This latest shift in June catapulted everyone higher and many are vibrating higher than others who are in the old world, so we are no longer noticed. We may not be in the land of problems, crises, and the like, so we literally no longer live there and cannot be seen.

So right now, for the most part, we are not yet ready to be seen or needed as not enough of the whole have hit their rock bottom. We need to be "asked" for our knowledge, talents, and assistance, and will not be until souls reach this point and get desperate or completely lost. Most must surrender first. As we have been growing our angel wings for awhile now, and still have far to go yet, just like angels, we will be asked for help, guidance, love, re-assurance, and then be able to assist those in need. So just like situations which we ourselves have experienced when we surrender and then the light arrives, we will be able to be that light for others, but not until they surrender and ask. This time is coming, but it is not quite here yet, but will be very soon.

Feeling beat up, abused, worn down, and clobbered at every turn:

It will get better. Things will smooth out. We are not given more than we can handle, but just enough to fall apart so that our ego selves have to get out of the way. We can no longer be in charge like we used to, as it is our connection to our souls and to Spirit which calls the shots now. When we become beaten down, we begin to appreciate the smallest of things, and in the higher realms, it is only the simple things that really matter. As we evolve, we come to realize that the little things we thought were so important were only coming from our ego selves anyway. We begin to value and appreciate the love and friendship of another above all else, the life of community, and the kindness of our brothers and sisters. Our picky old ego selves are seemingly gone, and we realize that what we thought was so important really was not important at all.

Stay tuned for Part II

The Power Of Kindness By Pierre Ferucci

True Kindness is a strong genuine way of being. It is the result of the interplay among several qualities, such as warmth, trust, patience, loyalty, gratitude, …

Scientific research confirms that kind people are healthier and live longer, are more popular and productive, have greater success in business, and are happier than others. In other words, they are destined to live a much more interesting and fulfilling life than those who lack this quality. They are much better equipped to face life in all its savage unpredictability and frightening precariousness.

But I can already hear an objection: Suppose we are kind in order to feel better and live longer. Wouldn’t we be perverting the very nature of kindness? WE would make it calculated and self-interested, and therefore it would no longer be kindness. How true! Kindness derives its purpose from itself, not from other motives. The true benefit of kindness is being kind. Perhaps more than any other factor, kindness gives meaning and value to our life, raises us above our troubles and our battles, and makes us feel good about ourselves.

In a certain sense, all the scientific studies showing the advantages of kindness are useless – useless as incentives because the sole incentive to kindness can be none other than the desire to help, the pleasure of being generous and attentive to other people’s lives.

Heaven save us from the fakes – self-interested politeness, calculated generosity, superficial etiquette. And also from kindness against one’s will. What’s more embarrassing than someone doing us a favour out of a sense of guilt? Psychonanalysts speak of yet another type of kindness – one that hides anger, a “reaction formation”. The idea of being full of rage upsets us, so we unconsciously repress this dark side and act in a kind way. But this is false and contrived, and has nothing to do with what, in our heart, we really care for. Finally weakness masquerades sometimes as kindness: You say yes when you mean no, you go along because you want to be nice, you acquiesce because you are afraid. A person who is too good and submissive ends up a loser.

My thesis is that true kindness is a strong, genuine, warm way of being. It is the result of the interplay among several qualities, such as warmth, trust, patience, loyalty, gratitude, and many others. Without even one of these qualities, kindness is less convincing and less true. Each of these qualities alone is sufficient, if we evoke and cultivate it, to revolutionize our psyche and change our life radically. Together, their action is even more effective and profound. From this perspective, kindness is synonymous with mental health.

The gifts of kindness and its qualities are various. Why are grateful people more efficient? Why are those who feel a sense of belonging less depressed? Why do altruistic people enjoy better health, and trusting individuals live longer? Why is it that if you smile, you are perceived as more attractive? … Why do those elderly who can talk more with others have less probability of contracting Alzheimer’s disease? … Because all these attitudes and behaviours, which are all aspects of kindness, brings us closer to what we are meant to do and to be . It is so elementary: If we relate better with others, we feel better.

Kindness, as we will see, has many facets. But its essence is as simple as can be. We will find that kindness is a way of making less effort. It is the most economic attitude there is, because it saves us much energy that we might otherwise waste in suspicion, worry, resentment, manipulation, or unnecessary defence. It is an attitude that, by eliminating the inessential, brings us back to the simplicity of being.

…. We are all in the midst of a “global cooling”. Human relations are becoming colder. Communications are becoming more hurried and impersonal. Values such as profit and efficiency are taking on greater importance at the expense of human warmth and genuine presence.

.. we are going through an Ice Age of the heart … and is worrisome… it goes hand in hand with the epidemic of depression and panic attacks, probably the two psychological disturbances most linked to lack of warmth and of a reassuring and protective community, and to a weakened sense of belonging.


Honesty exists in both directions – in our interactions with ourselves and with others.

To know yourself is the sine qua non of mental health. – Sydney Jourard, The Transparent Self.

But we can hardly know ourselves in isolation: We must first let ourselves be known by someone else, without bluffing or hiding. For Jourard, all neurotic symptoms, such as fear of leaving the house or depression, are nothing more than screens we erect in order to hide ourselves from others. As soon as we become more transparent, we start to feel better.

Are honesty and kindness incompatible? Honesty, at times so tough, has a lot in common with kindness, though they might seem to be opposites. If kindness has falseness as its base, it is no longer kindness. It is a laboured courtesy. It does not come from the heart, but from a fear of sticking one’s neck out, of provoking strong reactions, or of facing accusation and argument. What do you prefer – genuine kindness, ready to tell the uncomfortable truth? Or the politeness of someone who avoids confrontation, declares himself to be having fun when he is bored, says yes, when he means no, and smiles when in agony?

TO ACT HONESTLY – EVEN AT THE RISK OF SAYING THE UNPLEASANT TRUTH, or of saying no and causing distress to others – if done with intelligence and tact, is the kindest thing to do, because it respects our own integrity and acknowledges in others the capacity to be competent and mature.

TO BE HONEST ALSO MEANS TO RECOGNIZE A PROBLEM rather than pretend there is none.

If kindness has falseness at its base, it is no longer kindness.
It is laboured courtesy. It does not come from the heart, but from a fear
of sticking one’s neck out, of provoking strong reactions, or of facing
accusation and argument.

Lying has a thousand faces, the truth only one.
We can pretend to have many emotions we don’t really have, to be many people
who we are not. But if we stop pretending, all the artifices and the efforts
to hold life together fall away. What a relief!

.. Once while listening to the story of a client, I was deeply moved. She noticed and told me so. I tried to hide my emotion, but she didn’t believe it for a second. In that moment I realized how weak and awkward we are when we try to hide our feelings. And how important it is, within our limits of tact and good taste, to be honest and freely show what we feel and who we are. So when are we kinder: when we hide our warmth, our dreams, our wonder, our humour, or when we reveal them?

Thus, not only is honesty compatible with genuine kindness, it is the very basis of kindness. False kindness pollutes. As long as you are not living in the truth, you cannot relate. As long as you do not call the hard realities by name, you are living in the land of dreams. There is no room for you and me there, but only for harmful illusions. Inasmuch as we lie, we live a life devoid of reality. And kindness cannot exist in a world of masks and phantoms.

Bust of Gotama Buddha displayed in Calcutta Museum
Face of kindness, deep peace

“People often ask me what is the most effective technique for transforming their life. It is a little embarrassing that after years and years of research and experimentation, I have to say that the best answer is – just be a little kinder.” - Aldous Huxley

I believe that if we stop to think, it is clear that our very survival, even today, depends upon the acts and kindness of so many people. Right from the moment of our birth, we are under the care and kindness of our parents; later in life, when facing the sufferings of disease and old age, we are again dependent on the kindness of others. If at the beginning and end of our lives we depend upon others’ kindness, why then in the middle, when we have the opportunity, should we not act kindly toward others? - Dalai Lama

10 Secrets For Success And Inner Peace by Dr.Wayne Dyer

By Andrew Khor

Last Friday, a group met at Khoracle to listen to Dr. Wayne Dyer, one of the pioneers of the human potential movement.

This man has a voice that can move mountains. He said many interesting and humourous things. But I remember a few that stayed in my mind after the talk was over.

1) Be independent of other people's opinions - that means don't cave in to what other people think. This is your life, your journey. Remember that old picture about all the lemmings marching over the cliff and into the ocean. Negative group think may be one of the most destructive things that exist on this planet. If negative group think were to have its way, the Wright brothers may never have flown, many innovations and inventions would not have existed. Have the courage to have your own independent thought - just don't be a pain in the ass about it.

2) Resentment for another person. Wayne Dyer defined resentment as "the poison you consume when you hate another person." Meaning that when you resent another person, all you are doing is hurting yourself. You get angry, you get pissed of - the only person you're hurting is yourself. Your blood pressure goes up and you become hypertensive. While the person you're angry with .... does he or she care?

3) Dance to your own music. You can't spend the rest of your life living out other people's dreams for you. Many parents want their sons and daughters to be a doctor, a lawyer etc. Wayne Dyer's daughter dropped out of university to be a singer. Another daughter after seeing the Robert Redford movie, Horse Whisperer, told her father that she wanted to be a horse whisperer. She has started a class for teaching youngsters how to ride horses.

4) You can't get new results thinking and behaving the same old way. Put it this way, thinking and behaving the same old way gets you the same old results. In other words, you can't get new results by doing the same old thing. By injecting newness or freshness in your thoughts and actions, you will inevitably get new results. And looking at the state of the economy now, there are many opportunities for people to be successful - we just have to change our points of view.

Are you filling a need or satisfying a desire? People will pay for filling a need, they will pay more for satisfying a desire.

Remembering The Moment

By Douglas Dorsey Payton
In The Library Of Knowledge

Enjoying Life

Life, in all of its fullness, is happening right now. While our thoughts are sometimes elsewhere, beautiful opportunities and moments are being passed over and lost to the flow of time. And though we cannot possibly fully experience each leaf that falls to the ground, sometimes we get so attached to reaching our goals that we don't pay attention to the wonder all around us. When we do that, we live in a world that exists only in our heads, while we miss life itself. There is so much to be enjoyed and appreciated that we need to remember to pay attention to the present moment, because it is the only space in which we can experience being alive.

We learn from our past, but dwelling on it keeps us from being fully present to life in the moment. We create our lives with our thoughts, but focusing so firmly on our imagined future keeps us from co-creating with the universe, so we might never allow ourselves to live our dreams as they manifest. It's possible to be so happy and comfortable in our inner worlds that we lose touch with the business of life. We may enjoy spending large portions of time in meditation, or focused on our thoughts.

Life must be attended to, and if we are wise, we can enjoy it at the same time. We can awaken ourselves to the moment we are living right now by taking a deep breath and simply looking around. In doing so, we refocus our attention to our location in the real world. Then we can learn to appreciate the process of working toward our goals as much as their attainment. Balancing ourselves between the present moment and eternity, we can experience and enjoy the full range of reality available to us as spiritual beings living on earth.

Stretch Your Body In Ways Its Never Experienced Before

By Andrew Khor
Ancient Thai Body Work

How many of you have been to Thailand and experienced Ancient Thai Body Work. Well some years ago when I was at a meditation workshop conducted by Katharina Bless in Chiangmai. I decided to experience Thai Bodywork Massage.

And what an experience, this big sized lady used her feet, her arms and her elbows to give me a workout that i will never forget. Luckily for me. she didn't use her teeth!

When I walked out, my feet was not touching the ground. I was that lightheaded. My blood was swimming faster. And I don't know whether I made it back to my room!

Since then I have heard many claims and benefits for this type of bodywork, all complementary. It appears that no one's complaining about their body being all knotted up.

So anyway, K. Kenny, a Malaysian teacher would like to introduce Thai Yoga Bodywork to Malaysians or to anyone interested in learning about it. There is an email attached with all the details and costs of this 5 day workshop.

It's planned for Aug 30th to Sept 3rd. Pls call +603 80606970 or +6012 9105812.

Being all knotted up can be physically rewarding. And besides, learning this is fun.


Thai Yoga

Bodywork (Nuad Borarn)
Class level 1 – The Foundation

What is it?

Thai Yoga Bodywork therapy has evolved for thousands of years to its present form incorporating the wisdom and practices of the ancients. Nuad Boran , the Northern style ancient Thai massage, as it is known in Thailand has been practiced by monks and is used as a household therapy mainly revolved around family and friends. The ten Sen or energy lines are the main focus in Thai Yoga Bodywork. The massage helps clear the blockages in the energy lines and thus assists the body’s own natural healing process to restore balance.


A typical Thai Yoga Bodywork sequence would consist of acupressure, massage and yoga stretches. The practitioner puts the receiver’s body into yoga postures, which normally they may not be able to experience by themselves, together with light manipulation of muscles and tendons to bring about relaxation and ‘opening up’ with stretching.

Who Learns Nuad Borarn?

Students come from a variety of backgrounds, from beginners to practitioners who wish to further their existing skills and even those who practice yoga and martial arts. Now this art is available in Malaysia to those who are interested to learn the traditional Thai bodywork therapy. Additional skills will surely be helpful to supplement one’s income!

Facilitator / Instructor

A former banker and management lecturer/trainer, K.Kenny, a Master/Teacher has more than 20 years accumulated experience in training and practicing therapies of Japanese Shiatsu, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Usui Reiki, Physical Fitness Instruction and Zhineng Qi Gong. Kenny has conducted classes and retreats both in Malaysia and overseas.

Class: Thai Yoga Bodywork, Level 1- The Foundation.

Participants will learn the Northern Style Massage techniques, consisting of 30 hours instruction/home study and practice. The participants will be able to perform a set of massage sequences in the front part of the body and upper-back and be able to give a 1 – 11/2 hour massage.

Venue: Khoracle, Bandar Puteri Puchong, Selangor.

Instruction is in English and a Workbook is included.

Prerequisites: none.
Energy Exchange: Rm 850.00

Class: Maximum 10 students.

Time: 10.00am sharp – 4.30pm/ 30th August – 3rd September 2008

To avoid disappointment please book place early

How To Make Eternity Descend Within?

By CJ: Desert Prince

The inconceivable power of vastness. It annihilates whatsoever it touches - unlike that of the Midas’ touch but no less magical. It annihilates completely your concepts, your belief systems, your sense of the self. It disrobes you utterly..

ONE VERY interesting description I have come across of the concept of infinity is that even a monster number with, say, a zillion zeroes after it, is exactly as far away from infinity as the puny number ’1’. Another way to comprehend this is to consider the conceptual opposite of infinity – the zero. Now, the most basic definition of zero is ’nothing as opposed to something’. To have something – no matter how much of it – is always the same distance away from nothing. Thus a grain of rice or a trillion tonnes of it are both examples of something, as opposed to nothing. Opposites don’t have varying distances between them; they are always equally apart.

The infinite, in fact, is like the transcendent, beyond the understanding of the mind. "Infinity, that damnedest thing, is beautiful!" as Jed McKenna, the author of Spiritual Enlightenment, puts it. ‘Image’, from where imagination comes, when put against infinity, dissolves into nothingness; thingness simply evaporates into thin air. That is why I so love the inconceivable power of vastness because whatsoever it touches - unlike that of the Midas’ touch but no less magical - it annihilates. It annihilates completely – all your concepts, all your belief systems, all your sense of the self – it disrobes you utterly. And that’s why it’s so frightening.

No teacher, teaching, book or volumes of philosophical learning could ever be as effective as simply allowing the thought of infinity to slowly and slowly devour you. Like infinity, transcendence also devours. It devours not only beliefs about size as in what is very big or very small, but also erodes away ideas of very good and very bad, what’s true and what’s not, happiness or sorrow, heaven or hell, higher consciousness or heathen, light or dark, life and death, being and nothingness.

All our thinking is linear, in terms of the finite; to go beyond circle of thought is to transcend time. Stilling the mind to a point where no thoughts arise is to come to timelessness. You contain eternity within you.

Erosion is always an enlightening process.

A Course In Miracles (ACIM) in Malaysia

Imagine a life based on forgiveness of self and others ... a life based on shedding fear and accepting love ... resulting in a life of true inner peace.

That’s precisely what thousands of people are attaining through the study of this internationally recognized day-by-day self-study program. A unique blend of psychology, Christianity and Eastern philosophy, A Course In Miracles® focuses on the practical application of the power of forgiveness and guides you to the peace of mind we all seek.

In this enlightening program, you’ll discover why forgiveness is the key to universal happiness ... why love depends on your willingness to give, rather than your desire to receive ... why changing the way you see the world works better than trying to change the world itself ... and why service is necessary for personal fulfillment.

A Course In Miracles® was first published in 1975 by the Foundation of Inner Peace. Today, there are many autonomous centers where people gather to study its philosophy. Each year, new students begin using this powerful and timeless philosophy to help them bring strength and forgiveness into their lives and into the world — proof positive that these methods and concepts work.

With consistent application of its concepts and committed use of its thought system, one can begin to see that miracles are natural and can happen to anyone. You’ll discover another way to look at the world, and you will realize that judgment, fear, guilt, and anger can be released from your life. In their place, you can substitute unconditional love.

Discover the mystery behind what is considered by many to be the most divinely inspired work since the Bible ...

A Course in Miracles
• 1,500,000 copies in circulation
• In 16 languages
• For millions of believers

"Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong."

Find your own miracles ...

A Course in Miracles is, without a doubt, one of the most extraordinary and important documents of the 20th century. It's been read, studied, and accepted by millions of people.

It is considered by many to be the most divinely inspired work since the Bible. The wisdom contained within the Course transcends anything you've heard before. The greatest philosophers, religious writers, saints, and prophets throughout history have struggled with the same questions the Course answers:

• What is our purpose on Earth? Answered.
• How do we find meaning in our lives? Answered.
• What is our true nature — spiritual or physical? Answered.
• Why must we experience pain, illness, and suffering? Answered.
• What are joy and sadness? Answered.
• What is the meaning of our relationships with each other? Answered.
• What is our relationship with God? Answered.

Never has such a profound spiritual document been so clear, easy to access, easy to learn from, and most importantly — easy to personally benefit from. It can help you grow spiritually and emotionally and can increase your personal joy and effectiveness in every area of your life. It's a step-by-step program, a true self-help course for spiritual development. You'll find that the power of your love can literally change your view of the world around you.

A Course in Miracles is really three documents in one:

• a 31-chapter narration of spiritual answers, known simply as the Text,
• the Workbook for Students, which consists of 365 lessons — one for each day of the year, and
• the Manual for Teachers, a document that explains the roles of teaching and learning and how to manage your own awareness through A Course in Miracles.

There is truly nothing else like it. And may never be again.


Course details:-

Course starts : Sunday 10th August 2007.
Time : 10.00am to 5.00pm.
Subsequent sessions : 7/9/2008 (1st sunday), 12/10/2008, 9/11/2008, 14/12/2008. Tentatively the 2nd sunday of the month for 2009.
Venue : Singgahsana Hotel, PJ.

Cost per session per participant: RM60.
Meals provided : Light breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea break.
Food contributions are welcome.
All excess funds will be donated to orphanage homes.

Text book required : A Course In Miracle.
Price of text book : RM129.00 (Soft cover), RM150.50 (Hard Cover)
To order book: Contact Allyssa 012-2181500
The book is also available in major bookstores.

Further information are available from any of the following:

Allyssa Yap +6012-2181500
CM Tan +6016-3398006
JC +6012-3362636
Soo Jeen +6013-3530632
Tony Pinto +6012-3000188
Wan Sin +6016-2311478
Jeremy +6012-6546029
Chooi Keng +6019-3131181
YB +6012-2063636
Winston Chew +6012-3709369
Mui Seng +6012-3343213
Katherine +6013-3621369
Kwong +6019-3388928

Rainbow Goddesses

An original article written by Padma Menon.

The Goddesses met for the second time.

Our first task was to choose a name. There were a few names and it was unanimously decided as Rainbow Goddesses.


Yes, that is what we are and that is what we will always be. We intend to radiate and spread all the magnificent hues of the rainbow without fear of favour. So there we are, the Rainbow Goddesses have evolved just waiting to spread love, kindness and peace wherever we breathe.

We had prepared a daily Journal to help all of us in the evolution. The Journal was distributed. All the ten aspects/portions were explained and discussed. This Journal is for a 40 day period. A few copies are available still from Khoracle.

Why we chose 40 days? As it was explained to the ladies, 40 seem to have a mystical air. Prophet Muhammad fasted for 40 days in the desert, so did Jesus and Mosses. All of them seemed to have had a discourse with the Divine for 40 days. Many fasts, observance, abstinence in many religious practices are for the duration of 40 days.

It is our sincere hope that all of us will be better individuals i.e. more forgiving, understanding, loving, thoughtful, competent and happier with our lives, living it to the brim with a perfect health and mindset with the completion of the Journal.

There were 5 new members and all of them were welcomed to the group. On retrospect, I am just wondering if we should have an initiation ceremony. Perhaps by forming an arch to represent the rainbow and all new members to walk through it. Who knows with the many talented Goddesses, someone could come up with a song? This is food for thought.

Once everyone was sure how to handle the Journal and were familiar with the contents we watched a slide show entitled “Who I am makes a difference.” The show was on how to honour a person by presenting him/her with a blue ribbon and saying “Who you are makes a difference.” Very often we fail to tell our loved ones this phrase. In this story, the son feels very dejected, useless and not loved; so he decides to take his life. That night the father comes home with the blue ribbon and presents it to the son. He tells his son that he is a great kid and that he is sorry that he had not paid much attention to him except for finding faults and telling him he was messy etc. He also tells him he loved him dearly and he was the most important person in his life besides his mother. The boy breaks down and is sorry. So is the father.

The slide show turned many eyes misty. What we had to learn was each individual is important and who we are does make a difference. So start practicing of taking every opportunity to deliver this strong message.

We had a short break with plenty of goodies brought by the ladies. I must say when it comes to bonding there is no greater bond than amongst the fairer sex and especially with the Rainbow Goddesses.

We moved on to expressing ourselves on how we had faired since the first rendezvous. Generally all of us felt we have to identify the need within us and move away from the blaming game and the habit. We should pause to think how often if anything goes wrong we quickly blame it on the others. If our child has a bad habit it his/her friends are not good, they are a bad influence”. Same reasoning goes for husbands it is always “they” who are causing the problem, they who are cultivating the bad habits they who are the bad influence; if there is a problem between the husband and wife, we will always blame the husband. We should stop this and look at things as a third person, try not to justify ourselves. This is definitely difficult but this habit can be cultivated with a concerted effort.

We should pay attention to the band of vocabulary we use when it comes to expressing our feelings. Most of the time, it is “sad/happy/lousy/terrible/so lost.” Can’t we bring in other feelings like excitement, expectations, clarifications, concern, apprehension, consolidation? We definitely need to look at this feeling at such times and not just focus on the emotional aspect. We must become aware and teach ourselves this technique of self enhancement.

One of the participants confessed that these days. i.e. after coming for the first Goddesses meet, she is able to control her anger better She works in her own company and very often she was irritated and agitated as her staff seldom completed their task on time. Since coming for the first meet, she made a concerted effort to put love first. She now realizes there are more to life than just work, money and achievement. She is less authoritative, speaks more kindly and lovingly to the staff and seeks their cooperation for anything she does. They are all friends now; no one is treated as a subordinate. She is more open, has more compassion and finds herself better mannered. She had never done this before; there is now a complete 360o change. Isn’t this a feather in the cap for the Rainbow Goddesses? Thank you, thank you, thank you Divine Universe.

I feel the Divine Energy is definitely with us and wants us to reach out to all Goddesses so as to awaken the feminine energy in each one of us. Many women have forgotten to connect to this feminine energy.

Coming back to our Goddesses. Look at the complete change in her dear ones. She had realized all of us were equal, there was no boss/subordinate demarcation, and it was no use being authoritative as nothing gets done then. She had become polite and worked with love. The simple four letter word had changed her world.

What would you expect in such a scenario? I think love, peace and joy would be oozing out of every pore. We are overjoyed to hear this mammoth achievement. Wait, wait she had not finished she has gone into meditation and she now has this phrase running in her mind all the time “put love first.” She finds more things are done easily and smoothly, business is better so is the environment at home and in the office.

At the end of the day, all everyone needs is a little love, kindness and the need to be wanted or acknowledged. Such simple and easy ingredients to make the cake of your life.

Another Goddess said she had never attended anything like this before. She was very positive the daily Journal is going to help her look at herself more openly and was sure people were going to change after seeing the change in her. Most Goddesses were very enthusiastic of the Journal; they felt they had something concrete to do daily. They felt they had the tools to recognize themselves and to move forward. We all agreed that we had to first heal ourselves and love ourselves before commenting on or blaming others.

Another Goddess felt the first article was very enlightening and made her realize the tremendous power of being “myself.” She is now working on bringing out the female energy and cutting down on the male energy in her. Before this, she was reluctant to dress up, felt there was no time as she was so bogged down with her work. After becoming a Rainbow Goddess and reading the article, it dawned on her that this was not what life was all about; she had to look hard and deep into herself. She started dressing more femininely, colored her hair and told herself she was in power. She felt and realized everything was within her. She kept telling herself “This is what I am. This is what I am learning and I am changing.” There is a complete switch in her and she is so grateful for this. Doesn’t it feel good to hear all these heart warming remarks? We are paving accomplishments into our lives. Good for you, Rainbow Goddesses!

Another felt her life had been a bumpy ride until the forum. The forum awakened her from a lot of things imprinted in her. She realized the true essence of intangible violence, the value of self respect and integrity in depth. She stood firmly in her believes and left her job. The wrestle between her and the soul came to an end. She faced reality - that was she was not true to herself and had no freedom. Whilst at work she has to follow company rules. She asked herself where the freedom was. This is what her soul wanted – free to do what she wants. She looked hard at herself and felt she had no power, she had sold her soul and in return what did she achieved was fear, insecurity, and confusion. She took stock of herself and the situation. The end result was, she needed to move on and she stood in a space of total surrender. What did she experience? A deep sense of purpose in life. She then moved on to reclaim her presence and power. She transformed from a caterpillar wrapped in a cocoon of fear, insecurity and confusion into a colourful, vibrant, free butterfly. Just, (re)born free. She said she is blessed to be in this space with the Rainbow Goddesses and is so grateful.

There are four points we must be aware of:

a) Blaming others
b) Blaming ourselves
c) We have to sense the feeling at that time of the issue, was it fear, guilt etc. Once we are able to pin point the feeling we must address it. Then we look at the need. Why did e do this?? What was the need? Was it for assurance for us or for clarification of the situation?
d) Similarly we have to do the same thing for the other person involved by sensing his/her feeling and need. If the feeling was anger, why was he angry? Was it because his privacy was encroached upon? What was his/her need- attention, assurance of privacy? Thus if at all times we stop and get a clarification of the feeling of yourself and the other person and then you care to find the need in that situation and stop blaming anyone inclusive of yourself; there will be no drama or havoc to take place.

Another major problem with many of us is we do not know how to relax. How many of us have really watched nature? Can you identify the difference in the chirping of birds or their different calls? Can you identify the sound of a squirrel? Ever heard the rain? Doing any of this is a sure way to relax. Not only that you will find joy and a calmness enveloping you. When we are happy, we vibrate at a higher level. Most of the time we operate from our lower chakras, we need to move to the higher chakra levels to be at peace with ourselves.

We were taught an easy way to achieve this by using the violet flame. All you have to do is imagine a violet flame, then immerse yourself in it; see yourself burning and allow the flame to go through all the seven chakras (a chakra chart is attached with the journals). Then you imagine a Golden Light coming from the sun; allow this golden light to flood your heart and then rest there. Next imagine yourself going through the physical, ethereal and spiritual levels. This little exercise will bring you peace and love. You become a constant supplier of peace and love.

When you are in peace and love, you definitely vibrate at a higher level. In this way you are also doing well for Mother Earth. If things do not work out just surrender and heal. Remember when we are whole and perfect, no issue or situation is impossible to be solved or settled. Move from one issue to another; work on all issues until there is none. Remember issues only help us to grow and gain experience. Only when there are no issues you become whole and perfect.

All of us have the Goddess within us. All we have to do is take steps to awaken her and listen to her and ask her to guide us in our daily lives. Start each day with a short prayer to her asking her to guide and lead us and to allow us to do her work daily.

Thus ended our second meet, for the next meet we will dwell deeply on affirmations, goal setting in and for our lives.

We ended with a short meditation. Many of us felt Mother Earth was with us, she blessed us with a symbol.

Till we meet again
Peace love and light


Padma Menon does Angel-Card Reading at Khoracle, Malaysia on every Tuesday and Wednesday. During the reading, you will be clearly shown the light at the end of the tunnel. And you will be provided with clear steps on the action that you need to take. Anticipation is better than ignorance. Call the Khorcale at +603 80606970 or +6012 910 5812 for a booking.

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