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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Channeling, So We’re Not Alone, Now What? [Part 3]

As Featured On Ezine Articles An Original Article By Andrew Khor

A lot of people are channeling this days. A lot. And there are a combination of factors. As more and more people practice meditation and at the same time clear their emotional crap, they begin to become lighter. And as we vibrationally change frequencies, we begin to access higher octave frequencies. In this higher octave places, we begin to encounter other beings.

Just a few weeks ago, the Vatican acknowledged the existence of other forms of intelligences in the universe. This is the equivalent of the Church admitting that Copernicus who claimed that the earth revolved around the sun and not the other way round was right, well, two hundred years after his death. Well, better late than never. And it is a step in the right direction.

When we begin to channel, we will begin to encounter earth bound beings before we eventually connect with beings that represent universal consciousness. It is a step by step phase as we go from the seventh chakra upwards to the twelfth and beyond. And as we go up the staircase of higher consciousness, we begin to encounter different beings at each level. That explains why there are reports of people channeling different forms of consciousness.

This means that we have to accept the reality that we exist in a multidimensional universe where all forms of consciousness are alive and can indeed communicate with mankind. So what we learned in school that humankind is the only species alive in this entire universe teeming with billions of planets is pure humbug. The evidence of other life-forms besides humanity can no longer be covered up.

Beings higher up the totem pole, so to speak, practice unconditional love and compassion for every being. They practice the Law of Oneness and not the Law of Separation. They believe in the Golden Rule, that whatever they do to another is done unto them.

A lot of us are about to graduate from this earth 3D school of separation to another level where the practice of oneness means we share everything. It’s almost back to the good old days of ancient Lemuria, the previous Golden Age of Man.

Are you aware that for the very first time in Malaysia, there is an Angel Centre that is encouraging people to accept that fairies, elves and angels are real and tangible beings that exist and are not a figment of our imagination?

We were born without any blinkers on but the moment as children we began to see and have conversations with invisible beings, our parents shut us down and said that these beings don’t exist.

Well, we are entering a time when the blinkers are being irretrievably removed and interaction between mythological beings and the human race is going to once again be a reality.

Barbara Marx Hubbard, world renowned futurist remarked that with the advent of the Spiritual Age, mankind will leave democracy behind and embrace what she describes as synocracy. Humans and other forms of consciousness will live in synergistic harmony and share the abundance of the universal bounty where scarcity no longer exists.

And she describes the crises that the world economy is encountering now as the birth pain of a new way of living for the entire human race. The contacts and channelings that are taking place are the birth of a new coexistence with other forms of consciousness.

Okay now that we have some understanding of why channeling is becoming more apparent, we also need to understand the process itself.

When you first begin to channel you will encounter two types of messages – positive and negative.

In an earlier article I wrote about the importance of the Law of Attraction. Love attracts love, fear attracts fear.

Fearful messages will come from negative thoughtforms, lost souls, mischevious nature spirits or from your own ego.

Negative thoughtforms are thoughtforms that emanate from human beings. At any given moment, there are all types of negative thoughtforms floating in the air. These consist of negative emotions that collect together and form giant balls of negative thoughts which eventually begin to have a consciousness of its own. Yes. And you can even connect to it and talk to it.

Then there are wandering lost souls who have no concept of life after death. They have no idea of the immortality of the soul and they wander around in the etheric plane but still on earth. These lost souls are visible to clairvoyants.

Lower dimensional elementals. These are some mischevious nature spirits. Since man has simply chopped down trees and forests, these nature spirits have to retreat deeper and deeper into the jungle. Because of man’s uncaring activities, some of these nature spirits have become unfriendly to humanity.

Then, there’s the ego. Many people who accidentally or intentionally awaken their channeling abilities sometimes receive messages from their ego. These messages are often full of doubt and negativity about any situation. Unknowingly these people are hearing the inner voice of their fearful ego and are not aware of it. So when they hear messages to commit suicide or whatever, they become schizophrenic.

Psychiatric wards are full of people who have unwittingly begun to tune into the inner voices of a fearful ego. The source of a fearful ego is low self esteem and a lack of confidence. This comes from a traumatic upbringing.

Then there are times, when people who can channel project their fearful thoughts onto deities. For example, let’s say a person has fearful thoughts about relationships, power or sex. if the person can channel, he or she projects those thoughts onto the deity. When that person channels that deity, that deity will feedback the person’s own fearful thoughts. But that person will think that the deity has given them a message about someone. That’s when the drama and games begin.

Let’s face it. There are more and more people channeling deities out there and I want to provide some deeper background to this. My first wake up call about this was when someone said that their Kali in their temple was more powerful than the Kali in another temple. I go like, uhm, excuse me , isn’t there only one Kali.

So this is how it works, okay. We all know about the power of thoughts. Let’s use football fans as an example. Put 100,000 football fans in a stadium and get them to shout or clap. You create a lot of vibrational energy. Compare that to only 100 fans in a stadium. There’s less vibrational energy, right? Hold on to that thought.

Now let’s take the same example and transfer it to the worship of a deity like Kali.

Let’s say for two thousand years, thousands of people worship a statue of Kali. Today, when you visit that very same statue if it’s still around, you will be able to sense a lot of energy around that statue. Why? That’s because it has absorbed the devotional energy of thousands of people for at least two thousand years.

When a person prays to that particular Kali, his prayers are then connected to a giant thought-form that has been around for over two thousand years which now resides in that statue. The bigger the thought-form, the more energy it contains. The more energy it has, the faster the manifestation.

Now compare that with a Kali temple which is 50 years old. Less people have prayed and worshipped at this temple. The analogy of the football fan applies. There is simply less energy and therefore a slower manifestation and therefore lesser power.

At the end of the day, it is our prayers, our thoughts that are transmitted to the statue of the deity and create that energy that resides in the statue. We are the ones who give that statue “life” giving energy. And in turn, we pray to that statue and expect it to answer our prayers. The irony of it.

I am not denying the existence of life giving forces beyond my knowledge. And I would be very respectful of any deity because it contains a thoughtform that now has a consciousness of its own. But we are the ones who supplied that life force by continuously praying to the statue of that diety for two thousand years or for 50 years.

Our prayers and worship are the life force behind every statue or deity. And that’s the truth.

So the thing about channeling is that we have to learn to discern the messages that we receive. I will gladly send on a positive and loving message to anyone. And I do not have to channel to do that!

But I will not be a postman for any negative message to anyone from any channeled source. No loving being will send a negative message under any circumstances. Loving beings will only send encouraging messages at all times.

In our next article, we will write about how to respond to messages. There is such a thing as channeling etiquette.

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