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Monday, June 30, 2008

Religion & The Secular Conscience

By Austin Dacey
In On Faith

We often hear that some new scientific discovery has confirmed ancient religious teaching. It now appears that this hearkening back has gone full circle, and modern religion is coming around to ancient secular wisdom.

At the recent "Seeds of Compassion" event in Seattle, the Dalai Lama spoke of three paths to compassion and moral development in children: the theistic path of the Abrahamic faiths, the non-theistic religious path of Buddhism, and the "secular, scientific" approach. Surrounded by brain researchers and empirical psychologists, he recommended this secular way as the most promising. For some time he has held that if any tenet of Buddhism contradicts contemporary science, science must trump.

Meanwhile, during his first papal visit to the United States, Benedict XVI stressed the coequal roles of reason and faith in the religious life, and urged Catholics to translate their contributions to public life into a "public theology" accessible to all. At the United Nations, he enjoined religious leaders to "propose a vision of faith not in terms of intolerance, discrimination and conflict, but in terms of complete respect for truth, coexistence, rights, and reconciliation." In his first encyclical, Benedict wrote, "A just society must be the achievement of politics, not of the church," where politics is "the sphere of the autonomous use of reason." He may not like the sound of this, but that sounds like secularism to me.

In 1864, Pius IX's "Syllabus of Errors" took aim at modernity and reason itself. Today, the pontiff is taking a page from them. Forget the rhetorical revolt against the "dictatorship of relativism" (the ministry of forcing you to do what you felt like doing anyway?). Increasingly, orthodoxy is accommodating itself to modernity, rather than demanding accommodation.

You may or may not have heard that the Church recently released an upgrade to the Seven Deadly Sins. Appropriate to an age of globalization and biotechnology, the new list includes such supposed social vices as contributing to extreme poverty, accumulating obscene wealth, despoiling the environment, trafficking in or consuming hard drugs, and engaging in "morally debatable experiments" or "genetic manipulation" that violates the dignity of human nature.

The upgrade is welcome insofar as it marks a shift in moral preoccupation past concupiscence. What's more, we all have been angry, proud, envious, greedy, lustful, gluttonous and slothful at least once in the last month, but next to none of us have dealt narcotics or modified a genome. So by doubling the number of sins, the Church may have inadvertently made most of us roughly 50 percent less sinful overnight.

The original Deadlies had a Dante to depict their consequences in lurid detail, inscribing them in the consciousness of every medieval European Christian from peasant to king. This time around, Rome had to put out a press release and hope that Reuters picked it up. USA Today ran the new list along with polling data on Americans' own picks for sinful behaviors (not returning the excess change mistakenly handed out by a cashier turns out to be graver than gay sex). Then, sin had a poet; now, it needs a publicist.

Religious belief has become optional. No longer is it the inevitable, default state. This is the major theme of "A Secular Age," the latest work by Charles Taylor, a renowned philosopher and believing Christian.

Its publication coincided with Taylor's receipt of the 2007 Templeton Prize for Progress Toward Research or Discoveries About Spiritual Realities (worth about 1.5 million in material realities). Modern civilization has reached a point where "many people are happy living for goals which are purely immanent; they live in a way that takes no account of the transcendent."

The realities of free societies in a globalized world make any given creed but one among many in a marketplace of belief. Unable to compel adherence to the One True Way, the many ways are compelled to compete for adherents. As the sociologist of religion Alan Wolfe observed recently, such encounters with modernity can have a profoundly moderating effect: "As religious leaders recognize that they are more likely to swell their ranks through persuasion than through coercion, they find themselves accepting such secular ideas as free will and individual autonomy."

What believers are rediscovering is the central moral priority of individuals' own uncoerced choices about what we have most reason to think and do. The future of religion, then, will depend on the oldest of secular traditions: the freedom of conscience.

When Everything Is Left To Lose

What is it about possessing nothing, giving up everything or having all taken away, considered so pious in spiritual circles? Jesus and the Buddha are often cited as examples of this liberating condition — the former having lived as a homeless teacher and the latter abdicating royalty to live in rags in the forest for six years, seeking and finding enlightenment.

Janis Joplin sang “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose” and it’s become the anthem for the counterculture ever since because it seems like such a wow thing to say. In any case, how’s that so different from a British expat in Australia selling his entire life — including material possessions, job, friendships and money — to the highest bidder for £192,200 because there were simply too many reminders in those things after his divorce?

E Raymond Rock, an ordained Theravada monk and principal teacher at the Southwest Florida Insight Center in the US, goes one step further. He says it’s only when life is taken away for a brief moment, when we escape momentarily from existence and touch that reality that we cannot speak about, only then is true happiness possible.

Obviously, this must mean that true happiness — whatever that embraces — is not possible when life as we know it happens to be around and we are infused with it. Or that if does happen to people who have not escaped even momentarily, they must be deluding themselves and others should never take their word for it.

It’s like saying one must only go to a designated place of worship to pray. Or to some quiet, meditative and relaxed area where the mind can be at peace. But never while sitting on the potty in the toilet. Who makes these rules? And who has the right to pass subsequent judgement? Surely, not someone enlightened because he or she would see the Buddha nature in everybody and everything at all times everywhere.

Besides “reminders” is what our lives are surrounded by. We don’t exist in a vacuum of no time; every object, act and event makes the past continually flow away from our grasp. Now we can either close our eyes and heads and pretend they’re not there or hope to be delivered from them by something else, a happenstance or a providential outside agency. Or we could take the middle way and have the whole world of earthly possessions at our doorstep so long as we can think of happiness as just another word for everything left to lose.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Deepak Chopra: A Book That Peers into Eternity

By Deepak Chopra
In The Washington Post

There's a single book that I reread every year: "I Am That" by Nisargadatta Maharaj (1897-1981). The title is a quotation. In India the goal of enlightenment is to see reality as a whole. When all illusion has fallen away, one looks around and can say, with complete confidence, "I am That, you are That, and all this is That."

What does the word "That" mean? It means the essence of existence. What does the essence of existence mean? There is no adequate definition, and therefore a huge mystification has built up around "That." Nisargadatta Maharaj, whose name is almost totally unknown in the West, comes as close as possible to putting pure essence into words. In my experience, every reader who has discovered his book considers it magical, and those of us who treasure it feel that it opens a window into eternity, in part because of what Nisargatta says, but much more because of its astonishing ability to change the reader.

The Wikipedia article on Nisargadatta (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nisargadatta_Maharaj) informs us that the 1973 publication of "I Am That" made him world famous. That's a stretch, but the book did rise to the top of required reading in modern Indian spirituality. The text is made up entirely of transcripts of informal talks given above the tiny shop that Nisargadatta ran in Mumbai. He himself couldn't write, being an uneducated farm boy who moved to the big city. He reached enlightenment in a remarkable way. As he walked behind his plow in his native village, he reminded himself that he was the essence of Being, not a person with human limitations. Or to be precise, his guru told him "You are That."

It is believed in India that the liberated state, or Moksha, takes hundreds of lifetimes to attain. One supposes, then, that this illiterate farm boy must have prepared a long time for the breakthrough into enlightenment. So far as we know he never practiced spiritual disciplines. As he put it, his guru told him "You are That," and Nisargadatta believed him.

I won't give away what Nisargadatta talks about in this book -- he is never trivial, however. One is immediately transported into his extraordinary presence. Just as reading one scene of Hamlet is enough to convince you that Shakespeare is a great writer, reading five pages of Nisargadatta convinces you (if you can be convinced at all) that this untutored man is in touch with deepest wisdom -- he breathes an air more rarefied than ours. He possesses a quality we struggle to express in English-- absolute knowingness. As simply as Nisargadatta speaks -- simple enough to be understood by a ten-year-old -- the effect upon the reader is powerful enough to cause deep sympathy and trust, and in some readers there is actual transformation. Every time I reread "I Am That," I close the book convinced that the world would change entirely if everyone in it took Nisaargadatta's wisdom to heart.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Buy Your Way To Happiness? Not Likely

By Bill Allin
In Gather

"Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude."
- Denis Waitley, American inspirational speaker and author (b. 1924)

What the hell does that mean?

If that was your reaction to the quote, you might be a bit light on the happiness scale, and may not know it.

Think about things that can be owned, earned, worn or consumed. They all require spending money. Thanks to the rich and powerful West and its persistent propaganda telling us that we can't be happy unless we spend money, an unbelievably large number of people in the world equate happiness and spending.

That requires people to have money to be happy, going along that way of thinking. Everyone who is poor must be unhappy, as a corollary. Or at least lack the ability to be truly happy.

People with lots of money spend, spend, spend. And they are happy. Or they believe they are. They must be, they conclude, because they are living the lifestyle that says they must be happy. They believe they are happy because they have been taught to believe that.

Yet look at the divorce rate among these people. Look at the percentage of their kids who take drugs and alcohol and simply can't manage in school. Look at the number who grow up with a video game as a surrogate mother instead of a real one. By the time they are in their teens, they don't want their natural mother anyway, many of them, because their mothers don't know what to do with them. And they have no idea what to do with their mothers.

So they all spend as much as they can to be happier.

But they don't get happier. What they do get is embroiled in addictions and obsessions, causes to which they devote much of their lives--such as their religion of choice or a political party--in a vain effort to teach the rest of the world how to be happy.

Some cults in other parts of the world understand. They have no source of the money needed to spend the way the addicts do in the West. So, jealous of the West and their own inability to get money to spend on the luxuries they believe they need to be happy, they become suicide bombers or terrorists of other stripes. Some kill their own people out of spite.

Most people in poorer countries don't behave that way, of course. But they have gotten the message. They believe that only fate has prevented them from being happy by not giving them the ability to earn money they can spend to make them happy. "Poor me, fate has dealt me such a cruel blow."

However, others in poorer countries do not succumb to the consumerism propaganda. They believe that happiness is what you make for yourself. And what you make for others around you in the process. They become musicians and dancers, for example, and find happiness in their music. They cherish the "spiritual experience of living every minute" with their music. Others get involved with other forms of artistic endeavour.

They lose themselves in whatever they do. Musicians become one with their music. Painters one with their paintings. Actors one with their particular craft, and so on.

Are the arts, then, the secret to happiness? No, it's the giving of themselves to something beneficial or to someone else that is enjoyed and appreciated by others that brings the happiness.

I can't say whether they live each moment with "love, grace and gratitude." Those are Denis Waitley's words. What words would I use? I stumble over them myself now that I have found happiness I could never have understood until recently.

While I was growing up, I was taught repeatedly, at home, at school, at church, playing sports and doing just about every activity involving others my own age that I must come first in my life. I must be in charge. I must be in control. I must succeed at everything. "Pay yourself first" and buy what you can with it. Borrow to buy what you can't afford so that you can show it off to others so they can see your success. Only when I outgrew that infantile, selfish and consumerish way of thinking and began to share my life freely with others did I find happiness.

With happiness, the more you give to others, the more you get back in return. Business doesn't work that way, which is why business wants us to be selfish. And consumers. Business lives for money. A life built around a business model is pretty shallow.

Business, however, cannot be happy. It's emotionless, even sociopathic if you believe some studies. Shaping our lives on a business model not only doesn't bring much happiness in return, it tends to lose for us many of the opportunities for happiness that we could have enjoyed.

Make someone happy today. You'll be glad you did. Really.

How Buddha Got It Wrong

Andrew, anyone, comments please?

By Richard Handler
In CBCNews

The writers of happiness books — the serious writers, that is — are churning out works based on some pretty solid research. There is even a name for this group: "Positive psychologists."

They are an upbeat bunch and I love them. They turn my brooding soul away from the pangs of intellectual melancholy and maintain a place in my heart as well as on my bookshelf.

What's more, in the great sport of the media interview, they deliver. They tend to be great performers: Martin Seligman, Dan Gilbert, Sonja Lyubomirsky, to name a few. So, too, in his own way, is the wise and giggly Dalai Lama, whose The Art of Happiness was a best seller. When he is on tour, His Holiness can fill stadiums.

But in this group there is no one more chipper than Jonathan Haidt, author of The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom. I heard him on the CBC's Tapestry not long ago. He set my feet dancing, which was a good way to start the summer.

Haidt teaches at the University of Virginia where he researches happiness and instructs his undergraduates how to live a good life (according to the evidence). He also maintains a very friendly website.

But you know when a happiness guy is really good at what he does when he can criticize the Buddha in the nicest possible way and get away with it.

Pacifying the chaotic mind
That's what he did with host Mary Hynes on Tapestry: He corrected the Buddha. But like all good positive psychologists (and management consultants and PR specialists) he started with the good news, the most effective strategy.

At one time, Haidt believed Buddha was the best psychologist of the last 3,000 years. In that sense, he was not only the founder of Buddhism but of the entire field of positive psychology because the Buddha understood that people walk around with their heads "full of garbage."

These worries have plagued human beings probably forever. Haidt quotes Mark Twain who wistfully said: "My life has been filled with miseries and failures, most of which have never happened."

Now, you can argue that this state of mind is the psychological version of original sin. Thus, for Haidt, Buddhism is a brilliant system for clearing out the mind and achieving a certain peace.

Elephants within
To use the image Buddha liked, the mind is like an unruly elephant. It must be tamed. Hence the need for meditative practices and discipline.

But here's the bad news. Haidt believes Buddhism goes further than trying to pacify the chaotic mind. As a philosophy of life, it is based on "an overreaction, even an error," he says. To understand why, you have to understand the life of the Buddha.

The Buddha was born a prince in India around 624 B.C.E (dates vary). His father supposedly heard a prophecy that his son would abandon his regal ways and venture into the forest to become a sage or holy man. His father was not pleased.

So, like so many dads, he tried to protect his son by hiding the ugly realities of the world from him.

The Buddha's father did this by locking his son away in his sumptuous palace. There, the young prince lived a life full of ease and pleasure. The shadows of pain and suffering were barred from entry.

But the Buddha was curious. One day he convinced his father to let him take a tour outside the palace and observe the life of ordinary human beings. Ever protective, his father tried to sweep the old and the sick off the streets. But he was not completely successful. When his son caught sight of an old man, he saw the stark reality of the human condition.

A very human mistake
The Buddha was horrified. And he set out on a quest. "Why must people be attached to such a life?" he wondered. The Buddha was looking for an answer to this transitory and unsatisfactory existence we refer to as life.

His solution is what we now call Buddhism. In its view, attachment is the problem. Non-attachment is the answer, the state to be prized. And, according Jonathan Haidt, this is where the Buddha made his very human mistake.

Had the Buddha actually spoken to any of the suffering people he observed, says Haidt, he would have discovered they weren't nearly as unhappy as he thought they were.

The poor Buddha, it seems, was starting his ancient quest without the benefit of 21st century research.

Now, Haidt is speaking as an empiricist, a scientifically positive psychologist. He observes that when bad things happen to people they often adapt amazingly well. Not always. And not everybody. But according to the evidence, even people crippled by terrible accidents can return to their usual selves sooner than you would imagine.

As a psychologist, Haidt is always asking himself: What is our fundamental nature? What kind of creatures are we?

Just as a shark needs to swim so that water flows over its gills, we humans need goals, he says. When you ask people to renounce passion, renounce attachment, as the Buddha does, they can't do it.

Well, maybe a few can. But they are the exception and Haidt is interested in what the ordinary human being can accomplish.

That means a passionate engagement with life, not its deadpan opposite.

Building sandcastles
There is probably little argument that clinging to meaningless, harmless attachments can be dangerous to your psychological well-being. But the Buddhist would say that even clinging to important attachments is the wrong thing to do.

Let them go, a follower would say. Life is like those intricate sandcastles Tibetan monks love to build. Life is impermanent (a favorite Buddhist word). Build all the gorgeous sandcastles you want. They will all crumble in the end.

Perhaps Haidt makes Buddhist renunciation sound harsher than it is. The chipper Haidt never uses the word the Dalai Lama insists on using all the time: Compassion.

Renouncing the passions of life can sound cold-hearted and punitive unless it is done in the spirit of compassion. Without it, renunciation can become the stuff of hateful puritans and self-loathers.

Still, Haidt makes a good deal of sense to me. Passionate engagement is his magic phrase. His royal road is not just for the occasional saint who can perform spiritual gymnastics.

A path or religion that works for the few isn't a real path at all, it is a recipe for failure. As a Westerner, Haidt is a pragmatist. He is someone who is attached to what works.

Now, of course, being happy in life may depend on what you are attached to. Here is where the new psychological research supports much ancient wisdom. (This is also, Haidt says, why Westerners have trouble creating balanced lives.)

Haidt says humans seek "vital engagements" in three areas of our lives: In our person, in our work and in something larger than ourselves. The Buddhist asks you to disengage from the passions that fuel your work or your personal interests. But Haidt says, go on, take a flyer, engage more completely. That is the key to a vital life.

It is such good, simple advice that, if he could have heard it, the Buddha himself would have had a hard time not cracking a smile.

Sri Gurudev Rudrabhayandanda’s First Visit to Malaysia

Gurudev's Visit & Workshop From 13th to 23rd June, 2008

Written by Andrew Khor on 24th June, 2008

Having prepared for Guruji’s first visit to Malaysia, we were all eagerly looking forward to meeting the man.

I can confidently say, after meeting him, that he bears no resemblance to the official write-up on his Soul Searcher website.

Let me explain. The man has four doctorates, was a critically acclaimed prodigy at the age of ten and the extent of his knowledge and wisdom is longer than my right arm.

Now that can be very intimidating.

So I was expecting a mystic who was remotely attached to the world and who probably levitated to wherever he wanted to go. And was accompanied by an entourage who probably wanted everything to be perfect.

Instead, Gurudev turned out to be a very jovial and unassuming young man who likes to laugh and have a good joke and uses the same toilet like everyone else.

What a relief.

With the blood pressure restored to normal, we could breathe easily and participate in his workshops.

In the workshop, most of us were familiar with the concept of meditation but not with Ananth Yoga. So, even though I had read about pranayama, bandhans and mudras, neither my intellect nor my body was prepared for the actual practice of Ananth Yoga which required all of us to coordinate mental and physical muscles hitherto unused.

A participant after the end of the first day said, this is like rocket science! Brains were overloaded with new ideas and fingers were twisted into unaccustomed positions.

For experienced yoga students, this may have been a cakewalk but for all of us who were new to the practice of yoga, the synergistic module of breathing, locks and mudras were a revelation. There was a lot of internal discussion and questions were rattled off at Guruji who took it quite calmly and explained everything.

The only thing is Guruji speaks softly and he has a strong accent which made it difficult for some of the Chinese speakers to understand, so there were some translations on the side.

One key tenet of Ananth Yoga is the firing of the navel chakra. In the traditional Taoist tradition, this is described as the tan tien, the centre of power in every human being.

According to Guruji, when the navel chakra is fired up, then we begin to be able to achieve deeper states of meditation and wellness. And we can progress better on the spiritual path as we will be able to receive the blessings of the navel or manipura – the city of jewels where many abilities are waiting to be activated.

One of the participants, two days after the first Ananth Yoga session wrote to us about his experience. He said that as he was about to sleep after the second day of Ananth Yoga, he saw a green like color in his inner vision and he could feel the presence of a being. He asked me who it was and I explained that different people have different experiences after undergoing a diksha.

I had learned earlier that Guruji without telling anyone had subtly initiated diksha amongst the participants. Most of the participants did not know about it but people were reacting to it in unfamiliar ways.

But the major surprise was the activation of elixir or amrita after the first Ananth Yoga session.

Amrita, after the first session! This was quite unusual. Normally it takes some time – weeks or months of practice in other kinds of yoga before one can taste the elixir. So certainly, this was quite a surprise. And it created quite a buzz among the participants.

Some of us experienced this after the first session of Ananth. It was a very metallic like taste and subsequently for me, the metallic taste became slightly sourish after a few days and a week after, the taste is beginning to be a bit sweetish.

There are numerous tales and myths about amrita in yoga philosophy and it was like through the grace of the guru, a giant hand had brought this distant myth into our everyday reality. Amrita is described as the elixir of life because of its anti-aging and health properties. No wonder so many yogis even though they are aged, look rather youthful. For me the surprise has worn off but I am enjoying the taste everyday.

We are most grateful for the presence of Guruji in Malaysia. He has brought to light the ancient traditions of Patanjali and reinterpreted them in way which is suitable for this mad and chaotic age.

Meeting Spiritual Needs Naturally

By Paul Harrison
In The New Statesman

Pantheist Paul Harrison explains how we are all capable of fulfilling our own need for deeper meaning without the help of the supernatural.

Atheists are best known for slamming traditional religions – especially Western monotheisms. In a similar vein, Pantheists may be just as critical about the consequences of dogmatism, acceptance of scriptural authority, intolerance, or the focus on imaginary worlds and beings.

We, however, tend to be more open-minded about the human need for “spirituality” of some kind. By “spirituality” I don’t mean anything supernatural – I mean our deepest feelings about values and meanings. It’s not just accident, folly or conspiracy that over 80 per cent of humans follow one kind of religion or another. Religions meet profound human needs - especially the needs for community, mutual support, a sense of place in the broad scheme of things, and therapeutic ways of dealing with pain, grief, anxiety and death. In today’s globalized, uncertain and increasingly threatening world those needs are stronger than ever - and that’s why traditional religions and new supernatural religions are resurgent.

Unfortunately, most religions sell their benefits at the cost of abandoning reason, denying evidence and often limiting legitimate human freedoms. Pantheists believe that you can get (almost) all the benefits, with none of the costs. Community support, with its attendant health benefits, is the easiest – any close social organization will give you that, regardless of what it believes.

Pantheism can’t relieve stress and anxiety by offering help from magic or from gods – but a running stream, the rustling of leaves in a forest, or a clear view of the Milky Way can place all our personal problems in perspective and give us inner peace, even euphoria. Meditation is a wonderful stress reliever for any faith or none – and can be experienced more deeply if you feel that your body is one with your mind, rather than some inconvenient distraction. The mystical feeling of oneness with everything is easiest to sense when you know that your body is, as physical fact, a part of everything.

Grief and death are hardest to confront. Most humans dislike the idea of personal extinction and oblivion. Naturalistic Pantheism doesn’t offer the promise of eternal life or reincarnation - nor the fear of hell or lowly rebirth. But for ourselves and our loved ones Pantheists can look forward to a more realistic “afterlife” – we know that we will persist in the genes of our families, in the memories of those who are touched by us, in the effects of our actions and creations, and in the recycling of our elements in Nature.

Blogger's note: Pantheism is the view that everything is of an all-encompassing immanent abstract God; or that the Universe, or nature, and God are equivalent. More detailed definitions tend to emphasize the idea that natural law, existence, and the Universe (the sum total of all that is, was, and shall be) is represented in the theological principle of an abstract 'god' rather than a personal, creative deity or deities of any kind. This is the key feature which distinguishes them from panentheists and pandeists. As such, although many religions may claim to hold pantheistic elements, they are more commonly panentheistic or pandeistic in nature - souce: wikipedia.

Searching Mystic Insights

By BL Bhola
In Times Of India

It is commonly thought that the areas of science and spirituality are not coterminous. The ambit of science terminates at a point but that of spirituality goes much beyond where it intuits and churns out concepts which science might not be able to verify in order to accept or reject them.

Werner Heisenberg aptly said, “It is quite true that in the history of human thinking the most fruitful developments frequently take place at those points where two different lines of thought meet.”

Today, however, increasingly, the philosophical implications of modern science are being figured out. Deep insights offered by mystics — that were accepted solely on faith — are now being verified through science.

Science and spirituality are different areas in the sense that knowledge of science may be learnt from books, its understanding may come steadily, if not speedily but discernment of mysticism may not occur. It is an experience, an insight and an intuition, which takes its own time to come.

The mechanist, fragmented world view is being reviewed and augmented by the organic world view of mysticism, which is gaining global popularity. One may venture to gauge essential harmony between science and spirituality for modern science reaches beyond the limits of technology. Like Plato’s geometry (God is geometer) it can lead to spiritual knowledge and self-realisation.

Knowledge that science imparts is, as Buddhists call it, ‘relative’. It measures, quantifies, classifies and analyses. But as Heisenberg says, it “has only limited range of applicability”. On the other hand, mystics aim at direct experience of reality, which is not only beyond intellectual thinking but also beyond sensory perception. This knowledge comes through meditation or mystical consciousness, which is a “potential form of consciousness entirely different”. “It is a heightened state of concentrated awareness where one is neither tense nor hurried and certainly never slack.”

And exploration of the parallels between scientific postulates and mystic insights and intuitions can be drawn in many cases, out of which some of them are being hinted at below.

Sand, rocks, water and air are composed of vibrating molecules and atoms. When cosmic rays fall upon them, they react and destroy each other’s particles. It is a sort of ‘cosmic dance of energy’. Ancient Hindu wisdom depicts it as the ‘Dance of Shiva’ as Adi Dev .

In connection with the description of hadrons in particle physics, D T Suzuki remarks: “Buddhists have conceived an object as an event not as a thing or substance.” What mystics realised through their meditative insight has now been established through experiments.

The ‘bootstrap’ hypothesis implying that subatomic particles reflect the impossibility of separating scientific observation from observed phenomena, when pushed to the extreme, convey to us that structures we observe in nature are only creations of our own mind. Asvaghosha expressed the same idea in the Awakening of Faith: “All phenomena in the world are nothing but the illusory manifestation of the mind and have no reality of their own.” Eastern sages call this maya ; Buddhists call it avidya .

So we do find echoes of mysticism in the depths of basic tenets of science. Mystic insights are borne out by modern scientific theories indicating essential harmony between science and spirituality. Science can be like spirituality — “a path with a heart, a way to knowledge and self-realisation”.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Divinity Manifest - A Very Special Solstice Sharing

From Andrew Khor:

I attach below a very long article forwarded by a dear friend, Mylene Chiron. Mylene and I first met in chiangmai, thailand at a meditation retreat conducted by Katharina Bless. Mylene is this beautiful French girl whose spoken English is quite delightful. For the past eight years, we have been in touch and she has delved quite deeply into her spiritual journey and broken so many taboos along the way. She is no longer a collection of other people's opinions but has tuned into her own authentic wisdom and knowledge. It has been quite a painful journey for her as she disengaged from belief systems that our society deem necessary for our survival. She is a trail blazer in our return to our spiritual heritage. This article is forwarded by her to me. It is rather long and there are passages that we may not understand.

Some parts are rather new agey. I urge you to discern this message from a perspective of global history. If this message is true, its impact on us has begun. Be patient, read to the end. Be the change you want to see.


Solarys through Jeshua ben Ekara
Gaia will never be the same

Greetings my beloved Divine Child, I am Solarys of Akeneic Service. What a surprise it is to the one whose voice I share right now; what a surprise to the one who was meditating just a moment ago that I would speak again. Yet, how could I not let my love be felt on this most amazing of days?

First of all, let me bid you welcome to a New planet Earth. The energy of Gaia has changed and will never be the same - and it has everything to do with YOU. Others have told you in the recent past that Gaia would be leaving the planet, but of course this is not to be taken literally. Gaia has left the planet much in the same way as you have, by stepping from a linear into an infinite space. She has waited for so long for you to step into a Cosmic existence with her, and this transformation has now occurred. I will explain more about that in the course of this message but this is not the actual reason why today, the first of June 2008, is so special. More precisely, it is the result of it.

As you sit in these chairs, my beloved Child, your eyes hold the energy of love, your smiles hold the energy of joy and an outpouring of free energy is available and occurring every moment within the totality that is your body. You connect with one another and you look towards each other for answers as you raise your eyebrows to ask: why is Solarys saying that this day, the first of June 2008, is special? What has happened? No, don't look towards the calendar; your linear society will not recognize the beauty of this stretch of sunshine and this day will not be marked as one to remember just yet. You, the Divine Human Angel that is co-creating these words however, will always cherish the memory of this amazing day once you will feel the truth of what I am about to share with you.

Even if you connect to this moment days, weeks or months down the road, you will soon feel the change that this linear mark of June the first will bring for 2008, the year of Unity, and all linear years to follow. Those of you who are gathered here in Celebration right now were very correct in doing so because you are celebrating a precious gift. Let me tell you why.

Today on planet Earth, in Asia, the very first child was born that you would call a Child of the Sun. For the very first time since the Lemurian times, an angelic being returned to earth that has not experienced the things that you have experienced in your society and the many civilizations that came before. For the very first time, a child came into the planet that is not in any way attached to the way you are living your lives today. For the very first time, a child was born on planet Earth with a brain that is working completely different than yours. Today, for the very first time since Lemuria, a child carrying the wisdom of the ancients walks amongst you once again. You would call it advanced, but I call it authentic.

Her name is Leysola. She was born in a very small community in Asia and nobody knows how special she is except for her mother. She has felt the wonder that she carried for eight months (not nine) and she looks at her child knowing it is not hers. Although she is not what you would consider a 'spiritual person', she understands this is a child of humanity and she loves Leysola more than words can say. Deep in her heart, she knows this child holds a promise, an answer to a future question that is very close to being asked.

The Gaian Race: The Result of YOUR Actions

Leysola's brain is different in such a way that it works in neutrality rather than duality. Leysola cannot and will never be able to create thought patterns and belief systems the way you have been doing for thousands of years. As she will grow up without a mind in the driver seat, it will be difficult for Leysola to learn and understand language in the way you do, for her language is the essence of what you call geometry. It will also be difficult for her to connect to the environment around her because to Leysola, her body and her surroundings are one. Within her DNA she holds a truth that has not been present on this planet for a very long time. This, dear Consciousness Pioneer, is the result of your actions.

This is what I wanted to share with you and why this moment is truly one of bliss and celebration: the arrival of Leysola is the result of your actions. Your continued belief and the creation that is the result of it have made the Path crystal clear once again; as clear as it was in Lemurian times and before. The Path is bright and lit up in such a way that all of the hardship, all of the "old stuff" that was present in your lives will no longer be showing up. And as it no longer shows up on your path, so it will start to fade away from the path of Humanity and all things.

This, beloved Ones, is the true shift from Human existence to Gaian existence: it is your daily experience now once again intermingled and experienced as one with the rest of all things around you, human and animal, plant-life and mineral, seen and unseen alike. The Gaian race, the authentic race that carries in its core the Heart of All Things is back - and it begins with Leysola in you and you in Leysola.

Why your Problems are no longer Problems

The channel says that he thinks this is hard to believe. The channel says: 'Solarys, why are you saying these things? I just ran into problems today!' Oh yes, indeed you did, and so did some of you here and some who will listen to these words later on. Yet I tell you that the arrival of this child, holding Unity Consciousness and Infinite Awareness within her very core, within her very self, is changing life itself. She is the results of your actions that you have been undertaking for more than 20 years and longer in some cases and now it is all becoming manifest. This will change so many things in your lives in the coming months and years alone, until at one point you will not recognize the race you called Humanity or the planet you called Earth. I would like to talk to you about these things, so let us begin.

First of all, the relationship that you have with the world around you is breaking down at this very moment because the relationship itself is no longer necessary. A relationship entails the existence of two or more objects relating to each other. This is a law of separation and not of divinity. The law of separation can no longer exist within a neutral brain, by which I mean a brain that no longer makes the same types of association and structures them in repetitive thought patterns. With the law of separation gone, relationships become partnerships and on a neurosynaptic level this will result in holographic neurology.

Each firing of a synapse can only be original and not repetitive and as such it is a partnering in the Now rather than a relating of past with future events. A partnership, as such, exists only in the moment and will not have the tendency or even the preference to show up time and again. It is difficult to comprehend these things right because here you sit, wearing your clothes, sitting on your chairs, displaying behavior that befits your mental personality - like you so often do. This is changing now. Do you understand what this means? The time of trouble and problems, both on a personal and planetary scale, can be over if you only accept that this partnership between you and All Things is available for you today. The Choice for an Akeneic Moment

How else can I show you this change than by doing something that I have not done before? I am going to guide you - literally - in a change of experience and perspective. As I am bringing in these words, I am creating an akeneic field underneath you and all things. It is a field of energy that focuses on the Now and from there stretches back and forth through the linear timeline. Take a breath of balance and choose to experience this; it will discontinue your external relationship with all things since there is no past or future and it allows you to step into an understanding of All Things within the moment.

Do you feel it building up in this room or, if you are reading this at a later time, in the space you are currently in co-creation with? It changes the perception of what it means to be YOU. This is what Leysola feels whenever her infinite senses connect to everything around her. Breathe and feel it through her, with her. If you open up to this akeneic field while listening to or reading this words, I guarantee you will have a timeless moment of non-relation (meaning there is no such thing as you and another person or object) where you'll experience yourself in every object and person and thing in the sensatory field around you. Also, it will show you the difference between the concrete five-sense experience and the abstract of that which you call 'out there'. So often, your 'relationships' connect to things that are not in your immediate field of experience and this creates a field of tension (i.e. a linear field) that will try to pull you out of the Now.

Feel your field of creation now and allow it to be expansive. In this expanded version of YOU, understand that you are not just in partnership with a momentary Now, but with all things, people and events that have occurred from the very first moment this space you are in was created until the last moment it would exist. At first, this may feel overpowering, but that is only because you are trained to experience a field of tension. Let that tension go and you become Gaian once more, like Leysola. Put this text down, if you must, and claim your moment until the Lemurian inside of you wakes up! The very existence of Leysola in the abstract field of time and space that surrounds you now, allows her DNA to talk to yours. From there, your DNA will begin talking to all these other forms that you are. Allow Leysola, this very first Child of the Sun, to talk to you.

Expand your heart further than you have ever dared to go and allow her to talk to you. This is the shift from communication to communion - and you, Gaian, are in it.

This very experience is the reason why a being like Leysola has chosen to return to the Central Sun portal and, from there, to All Things beyond experience. She has not lived the linear life you have so many times, and she is here for you to help you remember what that is like, Lemurian.

Another Example of Akeneic Space

Blessed Gaian, let me give you another illustration of what it means to be the Akene, the heart of All Things that also rests behind your thymus as it rests in the center of every particle of matter and energy. Those of you, who are with me in this room where this message first came in, will have noticed that the energy of this voice sounds and feels different than many other occasions in which I was allowed to speak.

The reason for this is simple: I am sharing an akeneic experience with the channel as well. While he sits in the center of his passion and translates these words to you, I am flowing with him throughout the timeline and together we are touching everyone who has been here, who is here and who will be here in this co-created room. This includes YOU, reader. That is the creative aspect of the Divine and it belongs to everyone on Earth. It woke up in your DNA and will continue to grow.

Let's look at what you can do with this and we will do this from the perspective of the channel but you can do it also. There is a moment about two weeks ago, in the akeneic space that is this room, where a couple was here during a wedding party and this couple was having a linear fight. Of course, like with most linear fights, they did not want their friends to see it but it was there. Right now, as the channel is witnessing this without stepping into their field of tension, his non-linear perception translates back to them all the moments of LOVE they have ever shared together and it is already beginning to change the conflict into the beginning embers of communion.

Communication is dual and still allows for conflict; so often one hears what one's mind wants the other to say. In communion however, there is no linear moment, only a timeless field of LOVE. Go with me into this moment now and see - there! The fight is gone, erased, washed away as their spirit is washing each other's feet. Do you see how life-changing this is?

Do you see how, if this hadn't occurred, it would have been the last mile for this couple on their way to a permanent separation that would have remained in their DNA and would have copied itself into future events. Now, because of what we did together, the fight didn't even happen. It got replaced by something more permanent: a partnership of LOVE where the couple no longer focuses simply on themselves and the other but on All Things.

More Sun Children are on their Way!

Do you understand what beauty is upon you today? Do you see the ability that you have to change your outlook and your lives and the lives of others completely? You have reached the end of an era in which you walked a path filled with obstacles, all of which were breadcrumbs to find your way back home. As I said at the beginning of this message, the path is now crystal clear. You are home on a New Energy planet Earth called Gaia. You are the crystal consciousness of this planet and this is another reason to call you Gaian.

Much in the same way Leysola has a heart that is pure crystal energy, you do too. Everything that happens in her life, everything she touches turns crystal clear. So can you, because, dear beloved Gaian, you have done the clearing and now, if you so choose, you are in clarity. Being in a permanent state of clarity is a new concept all together. Clearing used to be very big for you. Clearing used to be something that you did almost every day in some cases and you kept doing it and doing it as you were giving in to your linear existence here on planet Earth. The reason why you needed to do this is that, because of your belief systems, you kept copying past energies the moment they became the past and this is how you created the same future many times over. Now there is only clarity. Now, all that remains is to make the choice permanently.

In about three hours from now the second Child of the Sun will be born and another one two hours from then. In about a day and a half the first Child of the Sun will be born right here, in America. Look for it and see the impact that it has in this country. Those are just the first scouts, the first pioneers as they come and test the waters.

Years ago, some of them already tried it and could only remain in the body for about a second. With this one, Leysola, the process worked. This child did not forget about who she is, where she came from and why she is here. The veil is not working with her and this strongly relates back to your Lemurian experience, all the way back, to a time when the veil was nothing compared to the Masters that you are.

Unity Consciousness works in such a way that, with Leysola's presence and the other ones that are coming in, you have the ability to be exactly like her, to do the exact same thing. It is so magnificent that the channel has difficulty focusing on being a vessel for my words as he experiences what I'm showing him. In what I am showing him akeneically, so many beautiful things are happening on the planet right now. There are voices asking me, your voices in some cases: 'Share this experience with us as well Solarys; please speak more about these things'.

I cannot speak about it however; a true akeneic experience, which is infinite and divine, cannot be communicated through words. Words are a thing of the mind and this would bring it into a linear field of experience. We can only feel it together and I have already given you two examples on how to expand into this.

Some Questions of the Mind

The akeneic field that we co-created mere moments ago as you learned how to experience the timelessness of the space you're in and what you can do there, is still available and per your request it is opening up even further. Do you feel that inside of you, in the akeneic center of each cell in your being?

To some, it might feel like aspects of mental personality that are created by the mind are now finally dissipating. It might feel as though the name and the memories that you have carried in this life don't mean much anymore and you don't quite know what to do with them. This is because that name and that personality were bound to time and space, and the being that is waking up inside of you - ever so gently - is not.

I feel how many of you, and not just here in this room but listening to this and reading as well, are resisting this. The mind which has always been in the driver's seat is holding on to your linear experience because it is all it has ever known since it attached itself to you at birth. It can even be scary for the soul inside, on some level, because it too has never known anything else. These are some of the questions that exist within your conscious or subconscious mind: what will be next? What will be the focus of my life and experience? How can one function in a third-dimensional society when my consciousness is no longer body-bound it is expanding into all of reality? How can I survive if I am no longer linear but all time and space combined?

In the mind's eye, it is 'logical' to ask these things, because it is attached to ego which has a beginning and a middle to it and strives to create an end. This is what all mental energy does.

Having an end is not to be mistaken with the way the nature that is a reflection of Gaia moves in cycles and seasons. Once the personality dies when the body dies, it can never come back and that is the difference. The answer to all of these questions (and many more) is very simple: the Gaian inside of your DNA will have to assure the mind and will have to train it so that it too can be guided to a limitless existence. This very sentence explains the difference between Atlantis and Lemuria. It also explains why the Old Earth society, which is mental, reflects the ways of Atlantis and why you are feeling the beckoning of Lemuria.

If these things are difficult for you to understand, fear not: very shortly you will see that these things will shift permanently and you will regain your ability to focus wherever you want to focus. Most of you - as you are still working with and for the people of this planet - will continue to choose for the biggest part of their day to focus their consciousness in one specific body, because it will allow you to connect to the old paradigm world where you choose to reside as a consciousness worker. It is in this choice that the mind will have time to catch up.

The 'Old Paradigm World' is your Workspace

Are you beginning to feel, Beloved, how perfect this time of the Great Shift really is? The Old Paradigm world has now become the workspace and a new level of experience has opened up for you to live and rest in. This living space will be much grander and more expansive than you have ever experienced before in this lifetime. Some of you, in deep meditation, have felt glimpses of it in the past but now it is permanently available for you to walk in. It will allow you to see others the way Leysola sees YOU and because of that your effectiveness in assisting and guiding others will increase exponentially. This akeneic and expansive living space is not something that you can force your way into or that you even have to look for. All it takes is balance and for you to allow it to happen and it will. Maybe for some of you it will come when you are in bed at night, far away from all the objects and relationships in your world and you start to drift away. This is, simply put, when you usually let go. It is also why little babies - and especially those like Leysola - spend so much time 'asleep'.

It is not to be compared with what you call sleep, however. To them this is the moment when they are left alone and can expand. It is when the abstract, extra-sensory world comes back into focus. One of the main reasons, next to the mission you signed up for as an angelic being, that you like to come to Earth is that you look forward to those moments when you can literally feel and be inside of All Things on the planet and in the universe.

This is something that went away with age and that is returning to you now. It is the result of what we before have called the 'neutral neurons' (a normal facet of new, free energy entering into the physical body) that are present within Leysola's brain and that scientists are noticing is showing up in your brains as well. They have no name for it but it is the activation on multidimensional levels of the 142 energetic strands of DNA as they begin to interact with the 2 biological ones. This is not about you becoming multidimensional but dimensionless as you once again encompass All That Is as a result of your expansion.

About New Energy Senses These neutral neurons present within the brain are having a major effect on the senses as the five-sense reality that you sit in is making way for your akeneic living space. Let me tell you about New Energy or 'akeneic' senses: Your 3D senses have always been programmed (by the mind) to look at the vibrational fields in front of you and to see what appeared to be separate objects co-existing in your space. When you left that space and moved, let's say, some miles down the road, the mind had to rely on memory engrams to make sure your bubble of reality remained complete and locked. A memory engram is an impression made physically in the neural tissue of the brain by any mental stimulus and this explains the persistence of memory and why Old Energy humans always reached for the past to create their future. The neutral neurons are not deleting the memory engrams but they do free you from the associations that they create. In this way, you start to make use of what I would like to call 'the memory of the Now'.

Simply put: you only need the concept of a bed when it appears in your physical reality. If the concept of a bed would be invoked or associated, let's say, while you are taking a long walk in nature, even if the invoking is done on a subconscious level, you would start to feel tired and long for your bed. This might ruin your moment and create a field of tension the result of which would be that 'all of a sudden' you would want to go home.

In your 'living space', which is driven by New Energy senses, it would be impossible for you to be hit by a wave of tiredness unless you chose it and wanted to have that experience. Many, like the beloved Kryon, have called these days you sit in the 'end times' because it is the end of a paradigm experience that isn't really there in the Now but that merely was the result of your associations forming belief systems. It is the end of mental slavery and the beginning of conscious freedom.

When Leysola grows up (and she will do this faster than people expect) this is exactly what she will start teaching the world. She will take the next step in Quantum physics and marry science and spirit within the Gaian heart.

From the Head to the Heart This explanation might have been a little too scientific for some, so let's focus on the clarity of the heart-space with regards to all of this; let's bring that in.

Simply feel what happens when your eyes look out into the world and do not separate but experience everything as one. Don't go to the rest of the body yet, just stay with the eyes and let the eyes melt with all things around them. What the eyes are and what they see is one, and it is YOU. Now take this to the rest of your senses and do the same. After that, take it into the wholeness of your body. Simply put the text down until you're done doing that.

Do you feel it? This is what you have been waiting for! For so very long and so very often, people have approached the channel and they'll say: it is so easy to see beauty in, for instance, nature; yet how can I see the same beauty in a city built by concrete and metal, or to see beauty in a place where people are suffering and where people are dying?

Now you know, or rather: now you feel what it is like when you look through akeneic eyes. What you see when you are standing in nature what you see when you are standing in one of the big cities that you have here, is the same because it literally is made up of the same vibrations. That is why you do what you do and why you believe LOVE can run through all things. Even if it doesn't look like the same vibration (a rose as compared to a gun, for instance) behind it you will see the truth which the matrix that you have lived in never reflected.

The Choice to be YOU again The matrix that used to run and dominate your reality is nothing more than a conscious program that tells you that this vibration in this moment of time and space right here, will look like that, will have such and such color, will smell like that, will taste like that, etc. It is all coded and programmed. If that is turned around, it means that everything that you smell literally can smell like everything and depending on the moment of the akeneic experience, you will choose what it smells like, for instance, or what it looks like. Returning to the example of the walk and the bed, you will choose to feel tired or not.

A while ago I spoke about the 'inner portal'. Some of you believed that this would be a portal that would give you the ability to go from place to place. Yet, now that what we shared will start to live inside of you, you may feel that the inner portal is quite different. It is simply a field bringing all space and into the Infinite NOW moment of which you are in the center, or the 'Heart of All Things', always. This is how the Lemurian lived and this is the life that the Gaian inside of you now claims once more.

How to Integrate this Permanently

As you switch from 'normal' 3D linear experience to infinite akeneic experience - which is your divinity - you must learn to relinquish control. You must learn that the way you have been defining vibration has always been under your control and that you can let go. In doing so you will see that the 'Heart of All Things' lives in everything around you and this is what I have said ever since I first blended with the channel to bring you the truth of the Great Central Sun. Yes, Beloved, a gun can turn into a flower through the LOVE of a conscious creator. Imagine the look on the face of someone 'threatening' you and all you say is isn't it time for you to stop and smell the flowers and indeed the gun would turn into a flower! You can feel how to do this when you feel that the essence, the heart of the gun and the heart of the flower is the same as yours and the one 'threatening' you.

Feeling your way through it will lead to understanding it and that is the key to total freedom: that this New Earth called Gaia is a paradise of your own co-creation.
My beloved child, nothing can ever really touch you. Nothing can stand in your way if you don't let it. The only remaining hick-up that you might experience in the coming weeks is the constant shift from the way you were told to program and experience reality to the freedom of actually experiencing totality within all things. To the brain this will be incomprehensible. How, to the compartmentalized brain, can looking at a tree in front of you be the experience of all trees throughout time and space?

Yet, I am telling you that this is exactly what will happen: as you will connect to and blend with that tree, you will feel its heart and in the connection of its heart to yours you will feel the beating heart of all trees everywhere. That is the beauty of totality as it is experienced in this field you call life. That is why this place, this earth was created in the first place!

The Pleiadians have been trying to tell you this for decades. They have told you that this Earth is the cosmic library and they have shared this with you time and again. Again, the brain would say: 'how can all things that exist within a near-infinite cosmos fit on a small planet? The planet might be too small in this reality, yes, but connect to that tree and see what happens as the essence of the concept of what a tree really is will appear inside of you. That is divinity.

The solution to every 'problem' on Earth

All that I shared with you know is the way the little Leysola sees with her very young eyes that in 'normal children' would not have generated eyesight yet. Still, when Leysola looks up at her mother standing in front of her crib, she sees all of humanity. She sees all life forms everywhere tucked away in one little person. When she drinks from her mother's breast she doesn't just take for herself but she feeds all of humanity; she feeds all of life. This is not a unique thing to Leysola; this is the choice that you can also make today.

Imagine what would happen if the plate of food that is put in front of you is the essence of all food everywhere and with every bite that you take you do not just feel your own stomach filling up but you feel the stomach of humanity filling up. Do you understand what I'm talking about? Do you understand how this akeneic experience is a possible and elegant answer for hunger on the planet? Do you understand how this concept is the solution to nearly every 'problem' on Earth? If you are in an akeneic experience, enjoying and sharing what it is like to be alive, you will transmit that life, the energy of that feeling, to all.

Tell me, honestly: can there still be death then?

I know that for some of you reading this I must sound crazy. No death? Get real!
Oh yes, it is getting real. It is finally getting real again. This is the promise that was buried deep within all of you long ago. This is the result of your action.

Patience is the Final Key Ingredient

And now there must be patience because of course you could say when you would be in your mind and in your thought patterns: the result of my actions? Nice words you're using Solarys, but I'm not seeing it. I'm not feeling it. Do you understand beautiful Gaian, that in an akeneic experience, saying 'I do not feel it' means that you created the non-feeling of it? That is how you control all things. Every morning you wake up and you recreate the same space that you left as you went to bed because you don't feel how different life can be. You do this because this is how the mind works. It is very much like a linear computer. You could almost say that the brain is saving all the information that was present when you were running the reality that you are sitting in before you went to bed. It stores it in your brain. So, when you boot up in the morning and you go into the body, the mind, the spirit and Ishness of life, the brain is given a signal that it must reload the same space. Indeed the reality around you is nothing like you thought it was.

Some more Gifts Leysola wants to Share Let us focus once more on Leysola. This Child of the Sun hardly 'sleeps' except in the way I have previously described. Her mother has noticed that. She gets worried sometimes, especially when she has nothing else to do, and when she does Leysola joins with her in LOVE.

Leysola does not cry either. All that she does, simply, is experience and share. She breathes, but only because she knows that if she didn't, mother would definitely have an attack! Although she doesn't need to, she breathes out of LOVE for her mother and all of humanity and she is planning to keep that up until she is big enough to speak and tell her mother that it is alright.

Beloved Gaian, do you understand why this wonderful Divine One chose to be born in Asia and, more specifically, in China? I will tell you and this is not to create any type of fear, rather it is to show you the beauty and perfection of the Divine Plan (that all of you are) as it continues to unfold: she chose it because China and the stern government within the Chinese regime could have been a blueprint for the way your world might have turned out if mental entrapment would have continued.

Leysola's presence right there will create freedom in that country: freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom to love, to pray, to exercise and to work with the ancient meridian systems which hasn't been 'allowed' in China for a very long time. Tell me; if only one child will do that over there what do you think will happen to your United States once these children will start to come in over here? I will tell you what'll happen: your States will truly become United. That is what is right ahead for you and it is a joyous time of celebration indeed!

Celebrate that the way your (and most) governments work is becoming very, very different! The voice of a Gaian Humanity will speak once again, never to be silenced. The truth will emerge and the heart will guide - and this will also happen to your leaders who then will no longer call themselves leaders but sovereign servants, just like you.

Knowing and feeling all of this, you should know that it is safe to let your LOVE flow like never before. Find it in your 'living space' and let it pour over into your 'workspace'. Many will look for it and you will be at the brink of Gaian Humanity when they do.

Let's see what happens as you start to experience how this love gets amplified and sent to everyone in the spaces around you. Let's go into that now for a minute. Start by sending LOVE towards yourself. Do you feel that? Do you feel what is happening? You are beginning to feel the truth behind the words I so often speak: I love you. Experience that LOVE in yourself and it will be transported into everyone. This, my Beloved, is how you can choose to connect Leysola. This is her calling card: LOVE.

Do it now, because I know she has something to say to YOU and to all of humanity. She wants to start singing to your DNA. It is a Lemurian chant that even the Lemurians considered ancient. It is the song of the very first angel ever to lower its vibration and to arrive on the planet. Feel this now; allow it to happen.

Let her song wash away the programming of a path that was once filled with difficulty and allow your own path to become crystal clear now, no matter what you think might have happened in your past. I 'challenge' you to see things crystal clear again and to look at things, people, places and events as though no prior experience with them existed. That is crystal clear, that is a see-through experience and this is the way Leysola and you can connect to all of humanity.

What is the Heart of your Message?

A path or being that is crystal clear no longer offers or uses linearity. Similarly, the messages I bring are not offered linearly, although you can't but experience them this way. For those of you who have been journeying with me, Solarys, for a while I can tell you this: the message that you are now reading is the 'initiator' of total energy package delivery that you would call the whole of my messages. Linearly speaking, you could call it my 'first' message but as you know this is not the first message that was delivered at the end of 2007. So, akeneically speaking then, you could call this the Heart of my message, the crystal core of it.

The same can be said for a Gaian such as you who also carries a core and when you discover it, you become 'crystal clear' as you step on the path and never look back. This way, you start spreading yourself throughout time and space and you become your own 'messenger'. I have already shared with you the heart core of Leysola's mission here on Earth when I spoke of the New Energy senses but this message has as many layers to it as it will have readers.

The gift that I want to share with you now is that, throughout the fabric of this text is woven the heart of your own message, your own reason for returning to planet Earth as a messenger at this time and you have been immersed in it ever since you started reading. Blessed Gaian, do you understand what this means? You and I have honored the agreement that I would bring this back into your life at the appropriate time and now I have; the time of stepping into the Action of Love in now finally at hand. Use this core, even though you cannot put it into words, in everything that you choose to create and things will never be the same.

Although I could go on for a long time about this topic, I will not.

Those who needed to get it did - or didn't you? (Solarys smile)

Let Leysola be your Guide for a while This type of akeneic experience is happening to many people on the planet, some of which have never considered themselves spiritual. Let's take the example, for instance, of the police officer in London whose name we will not share. Yesterday, he woke up 50 years into his own future. He will be frightened, yes, and he will think it is a dream so he'll go back to sleep very quickly - only to wake up again now 30 years into his past.

Although he dreamt and fantasized of such things when he was a child, now it scares him. When this happens several times however, the 'scare' will wear off and he will actually start enjoying the process. Suffice it to say he will never again return to the police force! And this, Beloved Child, is but one of many examples of what is happening on the planet since Leysola's arrival. This ex-police officer's experience of time, like yours, is becoming a very private and lucid experience once again, like it should, and this will only increase as you move closer to the Great Shift that many have called 2012. Time is shifting into something without boundaries. Forget about seconds, minutes and hours. Forget about 'being on time' because once again you will be 'in time' and it is the natural way. If you choose to experience this as well, breathe deeply and allow Leysola to reach out her tiny hand and be your guide as you step forward with your New Energy senses activated. She, and many other Children of the Sun, will continue to sing to your DNA about hopes and dreams that you considered impossible or even lost.

For some on Earth right now, these experiences will start later down the road, but you opted to be a consciousness pioneer and that wish is becoming real as you read and integrate these words. For others, the linear timeline may appear to continue until they once again accept who they truly are. This might cause some confusion and things may appear fragmented for a while but we ask you to trust the process. Trust it like you've never trusted it before and know that all will be well. When the process of the Great Shift has run its course, there will be no more difference.
The Theory is almost Over Can you imagine stepping beyond vibration and can you imagine that this is the teaching that all the Masters have always wanted you to have? For as long as they've shared this information with you they were forced to keep most of it on a theoretical level because the DNA couldn't handle anything else.

Now, with the theoretical classes almost complete and with all that we have shared together while weaving this message, you will begin to understand that with the arrival of Leysola and all the other Children of the Sun you can finally start connecting the dots and step into practice.

I want you to know how happy I AM to be YOU. Please recognize what a wonderful place my home is, as it is the Akene that lives inside of your chest. Dare to go deep within and feel that you are magical. Indeed, you made it! Breathe and become aware that you are not going to miss out if that is what your mind still tries to tell you.

Stop fearing you might not be good enough; know that you are perfect and that you are God. You are perfect beauty, perfect wisdom, you are perfect in every way. As you shed your skin of linearity ever so gradually in the coming times, as you find your heart core, you will see what I mean and you will be baffled.

Beloved, please allow me to wash your feet and to bath you in LOVE. Please allow me to call you the teachers and the stewards of this New Earth. Please allow me to let you know that your work has delivered what it needed to deliver and that from now on things are going to be quite different. Moving from theory to practice will show you that lovemaking and warfare are actually the same vibration to begin with, only perceived through different filters.

If it is all just perception wherein lays the difference? Not in the field of vibration that is 'out there' but within your very own vibration and your very own essence. You are the vision. You choose to be this linear being or to be this akeneic being. Isn't it time that you start erasing history? Isn't it time that you stop waiting for a future? Isn't time that you discover the Now in all of its totality, what Children like Leysola would call the All? Let that be her gift to you, one of many for you to enjoy.

The channel keeps asking for more words! He wants to stay in this moment and we will, but not with words. Instead, I will let myself dissolve into Leysola's song as she sings it for all of humanity. I have said what I needed to say, several times over in some cases but that was necessary.

See the Magic Unfold

One last thing I will ask you and I have explained it in the course of this message: please start breathing for all of humanity, start eating for All Things, start loving in such a way that it makes the stars a little brighter throughout time. As your body lives within the body of everyone around you, one bite for you can mean 8 billion bites for Gaia. One person looking at the sun, enjoying the moment, can be 8 billion people experiencing this.

Do this for a month and witness the effect it'll have on the entire planet. Just do it, don't think about it and see the magic unfold. It will even go to those who still believe in a linear existence; they might not know what is happening to them but maybe they will no longer care about the traffic jam or the boss or the money.
Start seeing yourselves from this angle and notice what it brings to your life. The time of lovemaking is once again at hand and it is beautiful. As I go, I will leave you these 3 simple truths that make up our partnership and that are the essence of who we are together:

I am in LOVE with you. I am in JOY with you. I am in freedom with you. I LOVE you more than words could ever say.

And so it ISH

Who is Solarys?

Jeshua brings through the beautiful feminine energy of Solarys (a voice for) the Great Central Sun. She started coming in end 2007 and has been delivering powerful messages to humanity ever since. She calls herself of "Akeneic" Service because her energy is not linear but "akeneic". The Akene is the "Heart of All Things" and it lives in all things as well (including the center of your chest, behind the thymus). We are all connected throughout time and space because of the Akene. If you look at many images of the Christ you will notice that He also points to this place in his chest. Akeneic service is Solarys' way of saying that it is her mission to UNITE all things throughout time and space.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Conversation With Dr. Wayne Dyer

By Ana Hays, Maui Vision Magazine
Found In Wayne Dyer's Official Site

Life brings many opportunities and I’m grateful for the time I spent on Maui and the occasions I had to produce Wayne Dyers’ events for Unity Church of Maui while I lived there. An admirer of his for years, one might call me a groupie. Alas, what can I say! I’m a sucker for kindness of heart and generosity of spirit; two qualities Wayne has always bestowed on me; whether it was planning his events or taking time out from his day to speak with me about his latest book Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao.

An internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development, Dr. Wayne Dyer has penned over 30 books and on October 26-28, 2007, he will host an intensive on Maui where he will speak about living the Tao and how to apply the wisdom of the Tao in your everyday life.

Ana – Seeing you as someone who walks their talk, I found it interesting in the preface of Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life where you stated that you find yourself still needing to change your own thoughts to transform your life? How is this? Will this always be true for you?

Wayne – Absolutely! You can’t get away from the cyclical universe. What the Tao has taught me is that no storm lasts forever no matter what it is. Nature builds calmness within its storms. That’s true in our own lives as well. When you reach the zenith of where you are going in your life, or in a relationship; the only place you can go is down or up. That’s the nature of this universe; a cyclical thing. The seasons, the moon; everything has a cycle to it.

Ana – So you think that even when you’ve come to a place of peace in your life you still have to go up or down?

Wayne – Yes! Hidden in all good fortune is misfortune. And in all misfortune is good fortune. It’s never going to stay the same as long you are in the world or unless you die while you are alive and become an enlightened Zen Master. But those people don’t exist. When you study their lives, you find that they had the same struggles as the rest of us. It’s not so much about being able to always have calm. Calmness isn’t just the absence of noise or troubles. It’s being able to find calm within yourself when other stuff is going on.

For example, at Bikram Yoga Lahaina where I do yoga, we have these people that come outside with leaf blowers. They’re so noisy. It’s the ability to find calmness in yourself even when externally there is confusion and chaos going on.

I used to think that you could find peace and it would always be there. And there is a sense of that. But even in the worst moments, catch yourself and remember that within the storm of misfortune there is good fortune. Just get in practice with what they call in Taoism the Wu-wei; the non-action and becoming the observer of it. Just notice and stay at peace with it. I must have admit, that I still have those really disrupting moments.

Ana – In Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao it sounds like you experienced a major shift while reading and studying the Tao. What changed in your life? Can you compare a before and after?

Wayne – Just before I started on this book project, the most amazing thing happened. I’d thought about it before, but the day after I turned 65, I locked the door of my condo in Florida and walked away. I gave the key to my secretary and told her to get rid of everything. I just let it go.

Ana – You didn’t even look back?

Wayne – No, I didn’t. And within weeks I began to really become involved in the Tao. Reading a Million Little Pieces and how the Tao helped James Frye overcome his addictions intrigued me. If just reading this ancient and wise book can take someone off of crack cocaine and alcohol it must have something very, very powerful to it. I began to go through it and then I called my publisher and told them I was going to take a year and read the 81 verses and write a short essay on each one of them and live it everyday. It was that leading into it, that something; that motivated me to just turn the key and close the door on a whole life time of accumulations.

Ana – Have you become a perpetual purger now?

Wayne – I don’t know. I’m less attached to stuff, I know that. You asked me about specifics, and I just find that I see that nature offers us a solution to everything that we call a problem. If you can just find your own nature and live it as naturally as you possibly can and be in a state of awe over everything, it doesn’t matter where you are. It almost speaks to you and says, “There’s no reason to be upset about anything. It will pass.” If it’s really going to pass, why stay confused by it and depressed by it. Just watch it go. It’s on its way out. That’s what I began to do. There is a line in the Tao that says that the Tao does nothing but it leaves nothing undone. That is a very hard one to get a hold of.

Ana – I know there are 81 verses but is there any one of them that stuck out more than the other for you?

Wayne – The 76th Verse really intrigues me the most. A man is born gentle and weak; at his death he is hard and stiff…I interpret this to mean, not just physical stiffness like rigor mortis, but stiffness in the way that we think rigidly. Flexibility, openness and softness are consorting with life. When you are rigid and you know the answer and don’t listen to other people’s point of view, you are consorting with death. Everything that is old and close to death is brittle and breaks apart including our thinking. So always stay flexible and soft and listen to others with caring. And truthfully, all of the verses hit me – especially when you think about them for days, and then write on them. This book [to me] is like a sacred channeling that has come to me. I’m so in love with this book. It’s thrilling to have the purpose of bringing this information to people.

About Dr.Wayne Dyer

Wayne W. Dyer, Ph.D., is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development. He’s the author of 30 books, has created many audio programs and videos, and has appeared on thousands of television and radio shows.

His books Manifest Your Destiny, Wisdom of the Ages, There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, and the New York Times bestsellers 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace, The Power of Intention, and Inspiration and now Change Your Thoughts—Change Your Life have all been featured as National Public Television specials.

Dyer holds a doctorate in educational counseling from Wayne State University and was an associate professor at St. John’s University in New York.

Dr. Wayne Dyer is affectionately called the “father of motivation” by his fans. Despite his childhood spent in orphanages and foster homes, Dr. Dyer has overcome many obstacles to make his dreams come true. Today he spends much of his time showing others how to do the same.

When he’s not traveling the globe delivering his uplifting message, Wayne is writing from his home in Maui.

Source: http://www.drwaynedyer.com/about/

Five Things to Know About Islam

By Rochelle Feil

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Adnan Abou-Ammo grew up Muslim.

Lebanon, he notes, is very diverse. The same family will often have both Christian and Muslim members. Abou-Ammo says his family raised him as Muslim, a practicer of Islam, and as with any family, it's his family that helped him build his religious foundation.

"As an adult you explore it more and go through doubts and other ideas and go back to that foundation if you're convinced of it," Abou-Ammo says.

"Islam is a way of life," he adds. "When a person is a Muslim it's from the moment you get up in the morning to when you sleep."

1 Unity of God

Muslims believe that there is only one God, the God of Abraham and all other prophets. "It is essential. If you don't believe in that, you're not Muslim." The concept of monotheism is one of the many commonalities between Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Christianity, Judaism and Islam share much of the same history, including Biblical names, language, culture, geographical area and stories. They all share the same Holy Land.

2 Worship includes physical and spiritual elements

"Islam has five pillars: belief in one God, praying five times a day, fasting during the month of Ramadan, helping the poor and pilgrimage to Mecca." The five pillars not only require spiritual belief but often physical practice. For example, you pray bending the forehead to the ground. "It's a combined physical and spiritual exercise." Fasting is similar. "Not eating is more of a physical hardship and teaches you a strong will, but at the same time it requires faith because you're fasting for a reason, because God asked you to even though you can't see him."

3 Peaceful coexistence and nonjudgment

"If you take the time to study and read the true Islam, you'd see there are a lot of verses telling and showing people about peace and nonjudgment of others. There are tons of verses (in the Muslim Holy book, the Quran) about 'People of the Book,' Christians and Jews, who go to Heaven, and it's up to God to judge humans. A Muslim can't believe that non-Muslims are not good and are not going to be good in God's eyes. ... There is no place in the Muslim faith for 'we're right and you're wrong.' You're not a God. You only have the tools and intelligence of a human being." Jews, Christians and Muslims are all equal and subject to God's mercy, justice and judgment. "But, if you listen to the distortion of the fundamentalists and radicals here (in the U.S.), and listen and watch the violence of some groups in the Middle East, which are both distorting the true message of Islam, you might believe that this is Islam."

4 Concerning women

"It's important not to mix the teaching of Islam with the current political and cultural climate of certain countries. ... When women aren't treated as equals or aren't given the same rights as men, it's not because Islam promotes it. It's because of political or cultural reasons and conditions." When Islam was introduced 1,400 years ago, women had the right to vote. They had the right to own property and have a say concerning marriages. "It was equal and fair and balanced. There was more equality between men and women according to the customs of those days."

5 Justice and forgiveness are balanced

"Islam is one of the purest forms of monotheistic religions to come to the Middle East." Islam has been influenced by Judaism and Christianity. Islam balances the love, justice, spirituality and forgiveness of Christianity and the laws, justice and traditions of Judaism. Equally important are justice, liberty and forgiveness. "Some people use the justice aspect to justify violence and create all the problems in the world. Conveniently, they forget the forgiveness, love and the peaceful side of it. It should be justice based on being fair and equal, but at the same time you have to use compassion, not violence. ... People tend to abuse that. ... It is so important to separate Islam from actions of some Muslims. It's the same as when it is important to separate Christianity from the actions of some Christians."

Patients Who Have Been Pulled Back From the Brink of Death Help Nurse to Study a Controversial Phenomenon

By Steffan Rhys
In RedOrbit

LIGHTS at the end of a tunnel, spirits floating above their bodies on the hospital operating table, and lives flashing before your eyes.

They have all been the most commonly described near-death experiences for as long as the often-doubted phenomenon has existed.

But a five-year research project by a Welsh nurse suggests these stories are so common because they actually happen.

Intensive therapy nurse Penny Sartori worked closely with critically-ill patients at Morriston and Singleton Hospitals in Swansea. The setting, experts say, provided well-documented information on near-death experiences (NDEs) which does not fit easily within the parameters of the normal systems of explanation.

One patient reported encountering a dead relative who gave a message to pass on to another member of the family who was still alive, information which stunned the receiver because it had been a secret and was impossible the patient had prior knowledge of it.

In another, a patient who suffered from cerebral palsy awoke from an NDE able to use his right arm normally, even though it had been bent and contracted since birth.

Others reported floating back into their bodies after nearly dying, and others said they had met a figure who had told them their time had not yet come.

In one experiment, Dr Sartori placed playing cards on the top of emergency room cabinets, then asked patients reporting "floating" experiences if they had seen the cards. None had.

Dr Sartori, who has been awarded a PhD for what is the largest study of its kind in the UK, researched 300 intensive care patients and gathered 15 full accounts of NDEs over five years, mainly from heart attack patients.

She spent three years writing up her study and a further two preparing it for publication in her book, Near-Death Experiences of Hospitalized Intensive Care Patients: A Five Year Clinical Study, which has just been published.

"All the current sceptical arguments against near-death experiences were not supported by the research," she said, referring to NDEs often being explained away as the effect of endorphins, abnormal blood gases or low oxygen levels, all of which were measured and taken into account during her research.

"I don't think it's quite as simple as life after death. It's what consciousness is and how we define it. We are entering an exciting time researching consciousness.

"Current science says it is a by-product of the brain. But it may be that consciousness is around us and the brain might be a mediator, an antenna, instead of controlling consciousness.

"It is a fascinating subject and I'm looking forward to continuing my research."

Professor Paul Badham, director of the Alister Hardy Religious Experience Research Centre at Lampeter University, said the phenomenon was relatively rare but the experiences tended to contain similar elements.

"It is very common for people to report going out of their body and looking down on their body," he said.

"Going through a tunnel is also a common experience, as is being surrounded by light. The meeting of deceased relatives or friends is also commonly reported.

"People will also say that they feel they are in the presence of a spiritual reality. A Christian may interpret this as Jesus. One atheist who had an out-of-body experience said that he later realized that this presence was responsible for the governance of the universe."

Professor Badham said the numbers of people experiencing the phenomena are rising, as medicine improves and pulls more people back from the brink.

And he confirmed that people who report a near-death experience sometimes "see" things that it would have been impossible for them to see if they had been unconscious on an operating table.

The Near-Death Experiences of Hospitalized Intensive Care Patients: A Five Year Clinical Study by Penny Sartori is published by Mellen Press, priced pounds 85.

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