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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Continuing Energies Of August...In The Eye Of The Storm

By Karen Bishop
In Whats Up On Planet Earth

With August being a month for much celestial activity, there will be a meteor shower on August 12th. With a bit of a window around its arrival, the evening of the 12th of August and the morning of the 13th of August will bring forth the maximum of the Perseid meteor shower. Up to 80 shooting stars may be visible each hour! And then on August 16th, we will experience a full moon lunar eclipse.

These celestial events will greatly support our arrival into the new and are bringing with them some awesome and very exciting energy. The total solar eclipse cleared the way for a brand new beginning. For several weeks before its arrival on August 1st, we were bottle-necked and sharing space with some very unpleasant energies indeed. The light of the new had not yet arrived, and much seemed to be going awry with seemingly out of control denser energies having their way.

The solar eclipse opened the way for a new beginning. It enabled things to begin a forward movement, for energies to begin connecting again or anew, and even perhaps enabling us to feel good once again. If we had the opportunity to stay in our sacred spaces, we could easily now find immense peace, deep sleep, a new protection from these mischievous energies, and even perhaps a sense that we had completed some challenging, stressful, and deeply troubling phase. A time for rejuvenation was much needed and thus, this opportunity was given, if only for a brief period of time before new manifestations began arriving, along with more energies delivering a very powerful punch, rocking us to the core, in the months to come.

We had decided at soul levels that we needed a jump start to really get things going. And thus, the energies of the June 21st solstice really shook things out of their grooves. Not enough souls were realizing what was truly important to them, not enough change was willingly being made, and thus, much suffering was incurred by many of our loved ones as they experienced great challenges. As these energies pushed and released much, panic, anxiety, and depression became near epidemic. Everything at times seemed haywire and out of control…even the darkness!

When darkness is usurped or pushed out of its groove, it can seem to be everywhere. Thus, at times it felt as though we were in a deep pit of deeply unpleasant energy with nowhere to go to bring even a modicum of relief.

But we were given the chance to begin anew, and to begin with much less of who we thought we were. Having no sense of control or of being in charge, most of July was comprised of an unknowingness about nearly everything in our lives. Where did we now belong? Where were we headed? What were we here to do? Who were we, anyway? And where in the heck will our security now come from? And why were we being beaten up so badly, nearly forced to stay home with barely a desire or an ability to even put a toe out there?

But now enter the energies of August. Although a rocky road remains behind us, there will be much more smooth sailing ahead for us, if only for awhile. And know as well that in the months to come there will be immense shake-ups, much turmoil, and great change. During this time and the times to come, know that the more we remain out of the mainstream, or stay clear of what is falling, the less affected we will be. The key is to stay in our sacred spaces and provide our services from there. I am writing day and night of late, finishing Stepping Into the New Reality, which explains and gives guidelines and supports for this process. I am hoping to have this program ready by September. There will also be many complimentary supports on the new web site when it is ready. The site is going slow, but some changes have already been implemented within the bones or skeletal system of the site, in order for as many as possible of you to view it effortlessly with no glitches or problems.

So then, the meteor shower is bringing in energies of fairy dust, like a sprinkling of light and beauty, magic and love, this cosmic event will only serve to make us feel good. Recharging our batteries and rejuvenating ourselves through these energies will be ever so possible. We will have the opportunity to laugh, feel a lightness and joy, to play with our brothers and sisters, to enjoy having many things fall into place effortlessly, and to feel good once again.

On August 16th, we will experience a lunar eclipse and full moon. During this time, we will have the opportunity to experience and examine our shadow selves, what is inside of us, what our fears are, and we may feel and emptiness and rather spooky energy. It may feel that the light is temporarily gone and that we are only connected to a strange and dark space. We may not want to be alone then, and thus crave the companionship and connections to others.

When we experience these opportunities to really see the aspects of ourselves that we would prefer to hide from others, we can feel vulnerable, inadequate, and almost powerless. But by embracing the energies that these cosmic events are here to support, love them and allow them to be utilized in their purest form, we can then let them go and move forward once again. It is then that we have even more gratitude for the love of another, or perhaps are then more able to see and have love for the seeming inadequacies of our brothers and sisters, as we know that we are not perfect either.

Yes, we are currently in the eye of the storm, being given a period of rest, beauty, introspection, and a preparation for what is to come. The energies of August and into September will allow us to prepare our foundations more securely, to connect more securely to our loved ones, to begin our new endeavors, and to bask in the beauty of much love and light.

By the time the next energy surge arrives in times to come, which will result in a much more intense and rapid manifestation of the fall, we will be ever so much more poised and ready in our brand new spaces. The energies of July were but a precursor for big events to arrive sometime before the end of the year, but we are being stabilized and anchored now so that this next wave will not affect us as it would if it arrived right now.

If we can take advantage of these newly arriving energies of late, feel their sweetness and beauty, allow them to direct us to where we need to be, and know that we are always divinely protected and watched over, we can then be in alignment with what is being offered to us now. Bouncing out of the mainstream, out of the spaces which we may have occupied in recent times, and knowing that we no longer need to suffer, carry the burdens for anyone or anything else, and simply allow ourselves to be free and clear, we can thus take the road and ride the wave of what the universe is now supporting us in doing and in being.

We no longer need to carry the planet or to carry anyone who resides upon her. We are free. We can now leave all of that role and reality behind. It is over. We need not suffer now. We need not feel or experience the pain of others who are in a very different space. We are free and clear, and we can go now…..go to our place in Heaven on Earth where we will hold the space for others to arrive when they are ready and willing to come where we are. And the energies of late and of the near future will support us in creating and arriving in our very new spaces.

Uniting with your Twin Flame

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

By Celia Fenn
In Starchild Global

image by Jan Custers

At this time of increased Cosmic and Solar Radiance, many are finding their way to the Light and Love within their hearts and souls. They are coming "home". It is here that they will find that deep well of Unconditional Love that is called the "Twin Flame"

Many people write and ask me when they will meet their Twin Flame, or whether their Twin Flame is in incarnation. In this channel that was given by Archangel Michael to a private client, he explains that the Twin Flame is an energy that is found primarily within you, and then can be experienced in the outer or manifest world. It is not a person as such, but an energy that can be shared and experienced by two energetically compatible souls.

The channel began with a discussion of the role of soul group bonding and soul family unions, and then moved to the topic of Twin Flames.

"You ask us first about your soul family and your relationship with them. Well, indeed, we can say that the experience of opening the self to the truth that you are "ONE" is indeed a revelation, and that many Lightworkers are experiencing this specific unity and oneness in groups right now. It is one of the joyous rewards of being able to fully access the consciousness of the Higher Self while in human form. For then you understand that the Higher Self or Soul is a conduit for Spirit or the Divine Creative Intelligence, and that indeed it is the same Intelligence or "mind" that inhabits all things.

But, even greater than this, is the true miracle that is slowly emerging in your consciousness as humans. That you can be part of this Oneness, this Divine Mind, and you can be also be Individuals - at the same time. Yes, eventually you will be able to hold these two levels of consciousness together, and so you will be "you" but you will also be the "One", and there will be no conflict between them.. They will exist as a continuum of light and consciousness.

You see, dearest ones, many people imagine that they must move into the consciousness of the One and stay there permanently. Then, they are disappointed when they cannot achieve that or hold that consciousness. But we say, that the purpose is to be able to hold both states of consciousness. There is nothing wrong with your individual consciousness, for this has been the whole purpose of your evolution here on Earth. That the "One", or Spirit consciousness, should be able to hold the "Many" levels of consciousness, or human individual being, and that the "Many" should also be able to hold the "One". In order to do this, both levels of consciousness must function equally as strongly.

You see, in your present spiritual culture, you have become used to holding the individual "ego"or lower being as of little worth, and seeing spirit as all. But, until you can hold both as equally important, you will struggle to truly enter into the experience of the One, for you will not have the power to hold the experience on the material level. It is only when the lower self is strong and empowered and balanced, that the higher self can unite and become one with the lower self. It is, in many ways, the model of the Twin Flame relationship. And, in fact, we can say that until you have achieved the ability to be "one" with yourself, you will never be able to be "one" with another in a Twin Flame relationship.

This is indeed the reason why so many are being drawn into relationships with their soul families, so that they may begin to understand the energy and power that is needed to enter into a Twin Flame relationship in true power and love.

This awareness will indeed become more common as people begin to understand the flow of energies, and eventually, when the Ascension process is fully complete, all humans will have an understanding of this process.

Now, when you speak of this inner Male presence, we would say that he represents the wisdom and guidance of your inner Divine Masculine or Twin Flame energy. This inner relationship is preparing the way for the manifestation of an outer relationship that will be able to carry your Twin Flame energy. The more you interact with the inner male presence, the more you will understand the deep love and support of the Divine Masculine energy, and how it could be expressed within a relationship.

So, we would say, yes this is your Twin Flame, but that does not negate the possibility that your Twin Flame energy may manifest in a physical relationship with a material partner who will carry this energy and express this energy. For, if you truly understand the "lesson" of the "inner merging" with the Divine Mind or Intelligence, then you will understand that this energy can exist within you and can be expressed through the channel of another human being as well.

How is this possible? Well, that person is both a channel for the Divine mind or energy, and an individual, as we mentioned before. So, you can relate to the individual as an individual, but also as a channel for the Divine Mind or Intelligence.

Now, it is not entirely true that there is no gender in the world of Spirit. You see, the basis of all energy flows is Masculine and Feminine, and these are complementary energies. Most of the ancient creation stories, including that of the Ancient Egyptians, tell of a 'Beginning" where the Source energy divided into Masculine and Feminine forms, and then , from that beginning, all other forms emerged and were created. The ancient Egyptian pantheon included Divine Beings, or Gods and Goddesses, who were always partnered - for every male deity there was a female counterpart.

So, within the world of Spirit or energy, there is always a male and a female "charge", or what you might call "electrical" and "magnetic". The masculine is electrical, or active, and the feminine is magnetic or attractive.

Now, these are the energies that are at work in the Twin Flame relationship. The one who carries the Divine Feminine energy will magnetize or attract one who carries the Divine Masculine energy, and they will unite to create the "One" energy of Source.

But, just as we explained earlier in our words about the Union between the Higher Self and the Physical self, both partners must be strong and balanced and powerful within themselves. Each partner must have achieved a personal inner balance of masculine and feminine energy in order to create a strong foundation so that they might also release that into the "One" and allow themselves to become a channel for the single "charge" of the Divine Masculine or Feminine energy within a union that can be both spiritual and physical.

And, in such a Union, there is once again that miraculous paradox - both partners exist as distinct individuals and yet they also exist as "One". They are aware of themselves as individuals, but also aware of themselves as "one" as a "unit" or "dyad" that is a being that is larger and more powerful than they are as individuals.

This "sacred marriage" is, in turn, a reflection of the sacred union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine within Source. One of the purposes of your spiritual evolution and ascension right now is to enable you to enter into such unions that mirror the "Divine Marriage", and yet enable you to remain an individual with your own life and purpose.

So, we hope that you understand, that you are not meant, a this stage, to hold the energy of bliss forever at this stage. It is too high a vibration for you right now. You are gradually learning to "tune in" to that frequency so that you may hold it as one of the many frequencies that you are now capable of holding as a multi-dimensional being. Be patient with yourself, and do not hold any expectations of how much and how far….know that all happens according to Divine Timing and that all is well. You are not "failing" and you have nothing to clear. You are slowly becoming accustomed to another way of being, and it will take your body and energy system a while to truly integrate all this new information and evolve and adapt to a new way of expressing the truth of who you are.

For...while you are indeed individuals, you are also , each and every one of you, expressing the passions and love of the Divine Mind. You are the Divine Mind in action, and as such you can experience the Joy, Creativity and Love of the Divine Mind. Entering into a Sacred Union with a Twin Flame is the most wonderful and joyous way of experiencing this Love and Joy. It is indeed a wonderful gift to all Earth's children at this time!

May you be blessed with Unconditional Love and Grace. Always!"

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mind Set: Ultimate meditation

By Owen Waters

Peace can sometimes be so far away and inner bliss, even farther away. To attain peace, spend some real quality time by going within and you will find the sense of peace that lies within. Visit the place where inner bliss dwells and waits patiently for your return.

Let yourself unwind and compose yourself for a few precious moments of peace. Remember that your mind is much more far-reaching than your physical brain. Your mind, as consciousness, is non-physical, while your brain is just the physical translator of your consciousness. Your mind, therefore, always has the ability to tell your brain: “Shsh! It’s meditation time!”

Focus your mind away from the clutter of day-to-day living and turn your attention inwards to the peaceful core of your inner being. Then think of the deepest possible state of consciousness. And what could that state be? It is the state of consciousness known as infinite being. The word infinite reflects the idea of ultimate, while the word being refers to a state of awareness, rather than a doing activity. Infinite being is infinite consciousness without a focus upon any specific activity. Infinite being doesn’t have to do anything, it already is everything.

It is important to appreciate that the state of infinite being is not ‘out there’ somewhere external to us. Infinite being encompasses all consciousness, including all manifestation. We are that consciousness, as is everything else in existence. In meditation practices, affirmations are often used to focus the mind. By simply repeating the words “I am”, you affirm your true nature as consciousness. In the case of infinite being meditation, we affirm our innermost identity as the ultimate, infinite consciousness.

The affirmation ‘I am infinite being’ is the most powerful affirmation possible within the English language. The phrase ‘I am infinite being’ is an affirmation of your oneness with the ultimate potential, the source of all life, the consciousness from which all life sprang. You are one with that universal consciousness. Everything in manifestation is one with that universal consciousness. Now is the time to consciously affirm your ultimate potential. It may take courage to begin with, but the results are more than worth the effort.

If you find issues arising, such as a feeling of unworthiness in your alignment with the all that is, with infinite being, just let those thoughts go, then gently bring your mind back into focus upon the affirmation. You do not have to justify the words, or settle any internal argument about them, just because of some prior conditioning as to how someone said you ‘should’ think in this life. Think independently, think infinitely, and you will connect with the consciousness of your ultimate potential.

Have the inner discipline to stay with the affirmation and let any issues fade away unchallenged. Your inner self knows the meaning of the words and resonates in joy with their exact and literal truth. Every time you make this affirmation, you become more connected with infinite being. Any lesser thoughts are then healed within the light of greater truth. Find a quiet space to sit down for a few minutes, close your eyes, and start looking for the quiet space within. To keep your brain occupied with the task at hand, focus your attention on the even flow of your breath as it passes in and out of your nostrils.

As you breathe each in-breath, mentally repeat the affirmation ‘I am infinite being’. On the out-breath, simply allow your attention to follow the flow of air from your nostrils. To induce an immediate calming effect, allow each out-breath to take longer than each in-breath .

Life energy, also known as etheric energy, is conditioned primarily within the human spinal column. From there, it is distributed to the rest of the body via the subtle nervous system. Most key functions in the human body owe their operation primarily to the supply of etheric life energy, rather than to the supply of electrical energy. Etheric energy, like consciousness, is nonphysical and yet it is behind all life.

To help enhance the natural flow of life energy within your spine while performing this meditation, it is preferable to sit upright in an erect chair. As you progress with this meditation, the natural flow of life energy within your spine will become enhanced, bringing an enlivened awareness to your consciousness.

When distracting thoughts arise — which they will — treat them with patience and understanding. Put each distracting thought aside so that you can continue with the infinite being meditation. If a thought seems important or urgent, then it will be sure to return later, after your meditation session has finished.

There are a number of ways to enhance your meditation experience. One is to reserve a small space, such as the corner of a quiet room, where only meditation is conducted. That space then becomes more conducive to a meditation environment. A small table or surface can be covered with items that you connect with spiritual practice. Candles and incense are especially useful as they provide some initial focus for the senses.

It also helps to always use the same chair, one that is constructed of a nonmetallic material. Metal chairs attract etheric life energy away from you, which is great for the chair, but not so good for the meditation session. A small clock completes your setting, and clean, light clothing, reserved especially for meditation, further enhances the atmosphere. A shower or bath before meditation is very valuable, as water is a powerful cleanser. If, for example, you have just come home from a hectic day at work, then your energy body will be filled with the distractions of the day, stored in etheric energy form.

The water not only cleanses you of physical impurities, but also the etheric energy impurities that do not belong in your energy body. The reason that water is such an effective energy cleanser lies in its chemical composition. Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen. The greater role of oxygen is to carry lifegiving, etheric energy.

The best investment of your time each day is to spend 20 minutes in meditation. Make the time for this to happen. Make it the day’s first priority. The easiest habit to adopt is one which makes up the first activity of the day. Making it a routine will also reinforce the effects of the meditation.

Belief Systems: Programmed, One's Own, Or ET UFO Transmitted

By Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
In American Chronicle

Belief systems are important and hot topics now. This is the time of revelation and revealing the truth to all beings and members of the human sentient intelligent being species. Some believe that they are being religious and living right based on what they are taught in their churches, in society, and based on their religions.

There is a new way of thinking opening up in the information age of the twenty first century. Some of our future belief systems will have to do with technology and the God particle being searched for in the Big Bang Machine.

There are new television channels offering more real time information on science, history, technology and the future of humankind on earth. New inventions and discoveries are happening so fast that it is hard to have time to research and discover all the new information out there for us to know and to learn about in our own time.

By the time the children's academic books are approved and accepted for school they are already outdated and new information is coming out for the year. This is a time when education means more than it ever has to our children and our future.

What to believe is becoming a mass energy undertaking by many of the six or six and a half billion beings on earth. We refer to this century as the communication age.

Many in the past on earth never thought about their own belief systems and usually not the future. Many may remember their parents saying when their ship comes in, or when they can get ahead, or when they get back on their feet. It all meant about the same thing because they were trying to survive and pay the bills. Many families in the past did not have time to discuss their belief systems with their children. They were too busy trying to go to work and make a living. Then there were those in the 1950's who wanted better for their children and then the Hippie love children came into being.

Not all of us were doing drugs and discovering free love among the many.

Regarding education, some of us were being responsible adults desiring to go to college and held down jobs while raising our children. Some went to church and some did not. Some drank and smoked and some did not. The moral social society has changed views on addictions and even on what is good for us to eat. Now, one has to really research on the Internet for what one chooses to believe. The other way is to go to college and universities. Many will not be able to pay for their own higher education and their children will have to obtain scholarships or work their way through college if they want a degree. As a caring greener cultural community on earth, we know about pollution and global warming for the most part. We are just learning about hydro nuclear fusion.

Many still do not discuss their belief systems and simply accept what they are told. This is so primitive as a behavior. Maybe it is time to assist others in behavior modifications. Meaning, bring attention to those who are under privileged and poor in certain countries. There are so many countries that need to improve their treatment of human beings. Many cannot read and write and they are told who to vote for when it comes to voting on the leaders of their community and countries.

Many followed their cultural upbringings regarding religion and society. Now we are seeing ET UFOS overhead in the sky and this is awakening our inner processes and making us question our prior programming and belief systems. This is a good thing to those who are of the poor and middle classes. This may not be so great for those who have been in charge in governments and religions and considered the elite classes and ruling class of the past.

In the United States of America, we are allowed freedom of speech and freedom of religion. We are also allowed to protect ourselves and to own a gun. There are some who have not been allowed to have guns in their home and the older people have been shot and killed in some countries because they did not have a weapon and it was known to the community. In Australia they may not allow weapons in the homes but has vandalism increased? There are many problems that were seen and handled in our past that the forefathers of America tried to address. This may be a good time to understand why the Constitution of America was written. We the people in order to form a more perfect union established the constitution. This is in writing and there are reasons we use words. There are reasons we are taught to read and write and I personally know of adults who cannot read and write in America. This is a shame to the way we are taught to believe and live in America. I love America but there are poor and illiterate in America in the twenty first century. Many people are not aware of this fact.

There are people who are adults in the penal system in the United States today who cannot read and write. There are children and adults I personally know in Kentucky, USA who cannot read and write. I was absolutely amazed when I moved here from larger cities such as Houston and Honolulu.

There is no proof that there are real prophets on earth. If we recognize certain beings on earth as enlightened we may refer to them as prophets but then we may not. There are churches today that have prophets such as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Then there is the Pope of the Catholic Church. There are others who are chosen or accepted by many followers as religious leaders.

There are some who are in movements that may in some ways be considered cults and others may be simply founded on certain beings belief systems and discoveries while on earth pertaining to spiritual being or acceptance. For instance, real time experiences or ether real time while sleeping as did Edgar Cayce known as a sleeping prophet. Then there is Scientology that is defined as the study and handling of the spirit in relationship to itself, universes and other life. Regardless of the path of disciplines and principles we choose for ourselves, there is usually a seeking of spiritual information having to do with our own evolutionary enlightenment and ascension.

There are many human beings that are awakening to the fact that there are other sentient intelligent beings in the universe besides the species that presently dwells on earth.

Will we as human beings be the only type or only species in the future dwelling on earth? There is no real proof that we are now. It may be our own ignorance that has brought us thus far in our cultural ways and beliefs. There is no proof that one religion or one way of thinking theosophically, psychologically, or scientifically that can prove otherwise. Theosophy is any philosophical or religious system based on a claim of special insight into the divine nature; specifically Brahmanism or metempsychosis.

Albert Einstein was one of our most enlightened men in the last century in ways that we in general cannot understand. Now there is Stephen Hawking and Ervin Laszlo. Maybe others would say the Dalai Lama or a Guru teacher that is known. We are known by our names and how we are perceived. Each being that reads this will have their own ideas of what enlightenment means to them. That is their perception. I was asked to share mine.

There are people who want to know what I believe in as an individual based on my writing. I have deep spiritual beliefs in all beings as part of the same whole universe. I believe in compassion and sharing intelligence to advance our species.

I am not one that believes one must use a Hubbard Electrometer or E-meter as a religious artifact in the church. I do not believe in cult followings or that there is an ET UFO coming to save us all or in part. I do believe in the GOD particle and science. I also believe in a higher power and that the universe was created based on a prior universal intelligence.

I believe that I am a mid-level being and not an Angel or Guide but a being that has come and gone before as in reincarnation. I also grew up as a Christian but also now know that there are many ways that Jesus taught to believe besides that which is written in the New Testament of the Bible. I believe that the Old Testament was written for a reason and that it was based on some fact and some impressions of the writers. Then there are the basic translation problems from the many languages that are now considered ancient. I know that I cannot speak them and so I depend on others to translate the languages for me.

I was asked this question by two people in the media from the Netherlands or Nederland´s. This surprised me because one journalist was going to interview Ervin Laszlo and her name is Tessa Koop. She asked me if I knew of Ervin Laszlo and fortunately I did. There is a common energy among those who believe in the Akashic Field. Ervin wrote the book on Science and the Akashic Field. I am writing the Akashic Field in the Unified Field Origin. The UFO is simply a way to state the obvious of what holds this universe together which is also called the God particle in relationship to the Big Bang Machine that was built in Cern, Switzerland.

I believe that NASA should be funded and that there will need to be more funding for bigger telescopes in our future that will replace the Hubble telescope. I believe in Quantum Physics as a science and discipline to be studied and used as a new language in relationship to quarks, matter, anti-matter, and the study of all matter based on its tiniest forms known by the human species while on earth. I believe that Mars was once a home to beings likes us and that we were possible seeded by a former Martian Intelligent life form that looks like we do now.

There are reasons I believe this way and one might say that I have been heavily influenced by extra terrestrials or what some beings at one time referred to as the beings from another place or heaven. The Egyptians were influenced by a higher intelligence and they learned how to build the pyramids based on a being from the sky that some referred to as the Sun God based on the fiery chariot.

There are many reasons that I tie the past with the Mayans beliefs and the Egyptian Beliefs. Someday, there will be proof that Lemuria and Atlantis both existed. Does this make me enlightened? No it does not.

It may make me crackers to some beings on earth. It may make me open minded or a liberal Democrat to some. It may mean that I am a liberal Republican to others simply because I am born as a white Christian in America.

Too some people it will make me stupid because I put myself out to the public to be ridiculed and made fun of based on the fact that I believe in ET UFOS. I cannot deny my truth or my God because this would mean that I am nullified in my existence. Therefore I believe if you do not stand for something you will fall for anything. So, regardless of your cultural belief system, begin creating your spirituality based on a spiritual path and what resonates with your inside energy as the truth for you now. What certain beings can accept at one time is sometimes limited based on their upbringing and their programming by their society.

As a paranormal writer and researcher of the supernatural, I use my telepathic energy or communicate with intelligent beings from another world so I was interviewed the same time that Ervin Laszlo was by Tessa Koop in the Netherlands. One of the questions was what is it that makes me different, and what is enlightenment. Those were some heavy questions and then she proceeded with the usual twenty question interview for video sound bites.

There is a whole new language for media to recognize as sound bites or simple 30 second clips that can be used as commercials for the whole video taping. This is a whole new way of being on the Internet. You Tube for example is now mentioned in the political arena in conferences on television and in news. This is now accepted like Google and Yahoo. There are blogs and instant messaging used on the Internet. There is a way to become enlightened in similar terms regarding the Internet and how to use the information that is available at your fingertips if one is enlightened enough to use a computer and be connected to the Internet. Being enlightened can mean many different things these days and some do not take the word literally. That is why the dictionary and Wikepedia have become so popular on the Internet system and on the World Wide Web.

I am sure that my divine creator, the omnipresent, wants me to know everything there is to know in this universe. I keep searching for all the answers to my questions in many lifetimes. I submit and suggest that what I know of enlightenment is nothing compared to the reality of what "it" is but I described something similar to what I share below.

Enlightenment may be said is what is at the end of the path. Enlightenment at the end of the path is a goal for being while on earth. Being compassionate should also be a goal for a spiritual enlightened being. Desiring to be enlightened is a goal for most all souls on earth as we experience life. When someone becomes enlightened it means traditionally that their development has come to an end. This is not true in what is taught now as evolutionary enlightenment of the reincarnates.

I believe in all beings of earth as one species and that we are all connected in many ways. I believe we all have a physical body, a mental body, a spiritual body, and a soul. I believe that our electrical system including the crystals in our inner ears is importance to our balance and well being. I believe we should all strive to assist each other in our ascension process in order to become better beings in the future worlds to come. I believe in Extra Terrestrials as ETs and UFOS.

There are so many new discoveries happening that it is hard to keep up with the latest news such as those discoveries on Big Foot, Crop Circles, Atlantis, New Grange, Stonehenge, Niburu, Prophecies of 2012 and many more new exciting happenings. There are the XXI Olympics and what this may mean in our future on earth. There is hope that the Tibetans will be allowed freedom and democracy that they so deserve as sentient intelligent beings of our earth species.

I personally know that Tibet holds the key to the balance of nature of good versus evil or positive versus negative influences on earth. The extra terrestrials I know at one time left a ET UFO in a mountain in Tibet. There were astronauts who were covered in gold based on the Egyptian mummification techniques taught to them by extra terrestrials.

I have past life reincarnation memories as one of these extra terrestrials and cannot explain where I obtained these memories but they have been with me since the crash in the mountain near Tibet. I also believe that there are other ET UFO crashed on mountains and under the oceans and seas on this world. Call me eccentric or crazy but I know the truth for some is fiction to others.

I am curious to hear from others that feel they may be hearing or being contacted by ET UFOS or extra terrestrial beings. I do not share all my knowledge or understandings of how life and living should be because it is for each being to enjoy their own life experiences in their own ways while here on earth. I share what I can when I can.

There is a "UFO Phenomena" happening in a big way that is not being addressed by our governments, our cultures, our churches, and those who are considered our world leaders. This may be something we can ask the History or Discovery Channels on television to address. Maybe the SCI FI or WE OR BIO channels would take this hot topic on for all of us in this human being species.

Cultivating Happiness In Everyday Life

By Carol Weiss, MA

For 60 years the model used for psychology and psychotherapy was a disease model. It asked: What’s wrong with me? Some positive outcomes came from the disease model: a science of classifiable mental illnesses was developed; previously non-treatable illnesses became treatable or sometimes curable; drug and psychological treatments were designed and tested; miserable people became less miserable. There are also costs to this model. Sufferers of mental illness can feel they are victims of their pathology. The disease model forgot the improvement of quality of life for normal and high talent people.

In 2005 Martin Seligman opened the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania. He asks: Can psychology make us happier? Positive psychologists believe that psychology and psychotherapy should be as concerned with strength as with weakness and as interested in building the best things in life as repairing the worst. Seligman believes that the skills of happiness are different than the skills that relieve misery and that normal and high talent people deserve help in achieving and nurturing happiness. The science of positive psychology has created ways of measuring happiness (see tests at authentichappiness.org), has classified different types of happiness, and has discovered causality through both brain research and the observation of happy people. This is what they have found:

Three kinds of happy lives

The “Pleasant Life” seeks as much positive emotion as possible and looks for as many pleasurable experiences as possible. Such positive feelings and experiences can be amplified, for example, by savoring them. There are some drawbacks to this kind of happiness. First, it is heritable. About 50 percent of this kind of capacity for happiness is part of one’s genetic make-up. Also, it habituates, which means that it rapidly deteriorates so more and more pleasurable experiences are needed or the pleasure goes flat. Finally, research shows that this type of happiness can only increase by about 15 percent with learnable skills such as seeking and savoring.

The “Good Life” is a life of positive engagement. This form of happiness depends on enjoying one’s work, having a loving partner, family or friends, engaging in leisure and hobbies one enjoys, and feeling a sense of achievement and success in these endeavors. The concept of “flow” is identified with this kind of happiness. When one is engaging in music, a sport, or other endeavor one enjoys, time seems to stand still. This type of happiness can be created by assessing one’s highest strengths and re-crafting one’s life to use these strengths as much as possible. One can re-craft work, relationships, play, or activities to allow full use and enjoyment of one’s strengths.

The “Meaningful Life” involves knowing one’s highest strengths and using them in the service of something larger than oneself. Research shows this to be the deepest and most durable form of happiness. Sometimes it is found in combination with the second type of happiness based in positive engagement, but rarely with the first, which seeks personal pleasure as the highest goal. Meditation and mindfulness practice within one’s own spiritual belief system can aid and enhance our search for this type of happiness. These are teachable, learnable skills.

One can experiment with activities to try out the three kinds of happiness. For the first type, design a beautiful day for yourself. Plan and experience a “perfect” day. Enjoy the good feelings that come and notice how long they last. Positive engagement can be experienced by thinking of someone to whom you are grateful. Write them a letter expressing your gratitude and phone them, or better yet, visit them and read them your letter. Both you and the recipient will find pleasure in this sharing. Finally, become active in a philanthropic endeavor. Donate time, expertise, and love to a person or activity that holds meaning for you. Experience the joy of a life of meaning.

Martin Seligman’s website (www.authentichappiness.org) is an interesting site to browse for self tests and more ideas about positive psychology.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Life's Realities Are Human And Spiritual

By Jim Keller
In The Phoenixville

There are two basic realities in life, one is spiritual and the other is human. The foundation of our spiritual reality is built on the sincere belief, trust and faith in our loving Creator. We see His commitment of love for us through the ministry of Jesus. When we open our hearts and minds to the love, goodness and self-sacrifice of Jesus, we can truly find meaning and purpose for our being. Our Creator's infinite power is found in all of creation and the goodness of life becomes a reality through His gracious love for us.

Creation has given us human characteristics, but our soul is the true essence of our being. Our Creator has given us a free mind and will, the knowledge of good and evil, and the opportunity to choose our destiny. Do we seek the security of His infinite love or the insecurity of our human weakness which separates us from His love? When we sincerely believe in the saving grace of Jesus our goal is to seek his presence and guidance in all we do.

The spiritual experience of finding your soul becomes a reality with your respect for the sanctity of life, showing your love and goodness to all and sharing your blessings with those in need. In the joy and sadness of life's experiences you realize this spiritual truth, the only precious treasure in life is the assurance of knowing your soul will find eternal peace and joy in your Creator's love.

Since the dawn of humanity the history of human reality is found in the insecurity of human weakness. Lacking belief in spiritual truth, humans have created their own realities, the strong oppress the weak and life is truly expendable. The senseless cycle of killing goes on unabated in every generation regardless of our intelligence level. In the passing of time many messengers have come with the message of hope from our loving Creator. Over two thousand years ago, Jesus in all of His humanness brought His ministry of love to all who were suffering and lost. The power of His love was revealed as He healed, taught and shared His ministry with all who would believe.

Humans in all of their insecurity are unwilling to believe in the security of our Creator's love. Blind to their own human weakness they seek security in power, dominance and wealth, with little regard for the sanctity of life. Human reality will only change when we move away from the repetition of the past. The hope of the future lies in our willingness to get past ourselves. In seeking a better world we must strive to become better people through the virtues of respect, love and self sacrifice that we must show to all of our brothers and sisters through Christ. Let our light of hope overcome human darkness and guide us always to the blessings of peace and joy for all.

It Makes Good Business Sense To Use Emotions Intelligently

By Kathy Marshack Ph.D., P.S.
In American Chronicle

"She has a sixth sense with her business." "He can always close a deal." "They always make the right investment decisions." Do you envy them? What's the key to their success?

Daniel Goleman, a psychologist, suggests that these differences among people may be due to your EQ, or Emotional Quotient. Research demonstrates that not all success in life is determined by IQ, but may rest more on how perceptive one is with regard to your emotions. Those of us who feel our feelings, interpret them correctly, and then act upon that information, have an advantage over those of us who rely solely on intellect to make decisions.

Among those of you in family firms, a high EQ is vital. Emotions run high in these businesses because of the multiple relationships. For example, it is foolish to ignore that the father-founder may have mixed feelings about a son-employee who is not getting the job done. If the father is unaware of his feelings, (and the son is also unaware), he may have a difficult time transitioning the son to a more suitable position.

Another style seen often in family firms is for the wives and daughters to be the managers of feelings, leaving the men to handle the intellectual facts. Employees know that the wife-/co-owner is the one to seek out when they are having a personal problem. The wife intuitively knows the EQ of the entire company and the husband usually relies on her for counsel. The only problem with this is that two heads are better than one. The husband is sacrificing valuable information if he is not tapping into his own emotional perceptions.

If it's true, as Goleman suggests, that those of us with a high EQ are more successful, how do we develop this side of ourselves? Then, how do we integrate this information with our reason? It appears to be a matter of mastering these three steps: (1) feeling your feelings; (2) interpreting your feelings correctly; (3) acting upon the feeling information.

Because you are a living, breathing human being, you are capable of feelings, both physical and emotional. It doesn't take long to acknowledge those feelings and begin to name them.

Feelings are things like joy, irritation, hunger, fatigue, boredom, confusion, pain, anticipation, pride, embarrassment, tension, and so on. The list is endless and I often advise my clients to get a thesaurus or dictionary and copy down as many "feeling" words as they can find. It is important to refine your repertoire of feelings and feeling words so that you can expand your consciousness about your EQ.

It is also important to remember that you always feel your feelings first. Because of how you are "wired" thoughts or interpretations come after feelings. So it is useful to notice those feelings consciously before your conscious mind decides to ignore them or misinterpret them.

The second step is interpreting those feelings that you have just noticed which is no easy feat. The key element here is to realize that feelings are basically neutral. That is, they are neither good nor bad; they are just feedback. For example, if you haven't eaten for several hours, you will feel hungry. At first the feeling isn't unpleasant, but if you don't eat for days, hunger can be painful. The feeling of hunger is a message that you need to attend to your body by feeding it. But the hunger pangs should not be interpreted as punishment, just because they are unpleasant.

Anger is another example. Anger may feel unpleasant to you and therefore, something to suppress. However, the feeling of anger is neither good nor bad; it is just feedback about something that is important for you to know. Try to view all of your feelings that way. They are feedback in feeling-form about your environment. One person may be triggered to feel angry about something, while another may be triggered to laugh. Feelings are your characteristic way of sensing your environment.

This brings us to step three, acting upon the information you have interpreted from your feelings. In the case of hunger or fatigue, a decision is relatively simple to satisfy those basic needs. But decision-making is more complex when the feelings are part of a financial plan for your business, or whether to fire an employee. This is where EQ really helps. Those individuals who have trusted their EQ throughout childhood and have refined and developed those skills into adult life, are in a much better position to make successful decisions.

While there is nothing like practice and life experience, here are a few basic tips to improve your decision making by including relevant feeling information:

1. Always checkout your feelings before making any decision.

2. Inquire after another's feelings before proceeding to decision making.

3. Check your feelings again after arriving at the decision.

4. Remember that "feeling good" about something doesn't always mean that the decision is correct.

5. Be willing to acknowledge that you are afraid or angry or confused. Hiding these feelings from yourself may deny you powerful and necessary information.

Many of you know those successful people who seem always to be in the right place at the right time. They aren't really any smarter than you are, but probably they trust an "inner knowing" based upon using all of the resources available to them, emotional, mental, physical and even spiritual.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why Is Man Separate from Nature?

By Martin LeFevre
In Scoop, International News

As I see it, human consciousness is an unexplained contradiction in the infinitely dynamic order of the universe. Consciousness is not ‘evolving,’ and things are going from bad to worse. Is there an understanding of the relationship between humankind and the universe that offers genuine hope?

The attempt by many to blur the distinction between human consciousness and the natural order is just making the human mind more confused. Given that consciousness is not evolving, but rather growing more and more disordered, does that mean one must just give up, as so many have done?

Religious beliefs previously served to give meaning to the many, while enabling the few to have control. But belief systems in recent decades have become increasingly reactionary, whether in the Judeo-Christian or Islamic worlds.

On the other hand, most scientists believe the universe is a completely random interaction of energy and matter. But can one find out whether there an inseparable cosmic intelligence and sacredness beyond thought (without implying any kind of personal God)?

With the negation and quieting of thought, there is an experiencing of the living order, mystery, and sacredness that permeates the cosmos. In other words, there is something ineffable, having nothing to do with beliefs, which are merely constructions of thought.

But as it is, human consciousness is a great contradiction and conundrum. It used to be called ‘the riddle of man.’ This mystery cannot be resolved by science, or by mushy appeals to the ‘oneness of our deeper selves.’

The central question to my then mind is: How did our extraordinarily powerful human brain, defined and dominated by ’higher thought,’ evolve from the infinitely dynamic order and wholeness of the universe?

Given the right conditions and enough time, evolution, in its random way, apparently produces brains capable of symbolic thought. That doesn’t imply a hierarchy of dominion, much less ‘man being created in the image of God,’ but rather an enigma, and growing crisis for the species in which conscious thought evolves.

Though it’s an incredibly powerful adaptation, symbolic thought rests on a principle that is the antithesis of the wholeness and order of the universe. Simply put, whereas the universe operates in seamless unity, ‘higher thought’ separates ‘things.’ That is its essential nature and function. Not understanding the mechanism of thought, man has fragmented the earth to the breaking point.

So on one hand, the ability to mentally and physically remove ‘things’ from the environment has given the human species immense powers of manipulation and control over our environment, even down to the molecular level. On the other hand, using thought without insight into its nature and limitations is fragmenting the earth, cultures, and people all to hell.

That means consciousness, as we usually know it, is a growing momentum of useful knowledge and useless accretion. The net result is increasing division, conflict, and fragmentation. Therefore, the accumulation in consciousness of useless content (for example, hurts and hate, grudges and garbage) is the source of darkness and evil in the world.

Thought-based consciousness has reached a point where the fragmentation it is generating threatens the viability of the Earth’s ecosystems. But self-made fragmentation is also putting tremendous pressure on human beings to radically change.

The great paradox is that symbolic thought is both a necessary precondition for conscious, silent awareness of the intelligence that permeates and transcends the universe, and the greatest impediment to that awareness. Therefore self-knowing is not just a path for Buddhists and Socratic aficionados; it has become the indispensable foundation for the survival of our species.

So is there a cosmic intelligence that cares about the fate of humankind? Yes, but not about ’man’ as a special creation, much less about us in any separate or personal sense.

There is an intrinsic intent in the universe to evolve, through a largely random process, brains capable of awareness of the intelligence that permeates and transcends the universe. That same intent ’wants’ (to use an unavoidably anthropomorphic term) humankind, the only species on this planet with the capacity for conscious awareness of cosmic intelligence, to radically change.

When human beings passionately share that intent, we participate in ongoing creation and the unfolding mystery of life. Enlightenment means stepping out of the stream of the past, of conditioning, of consciousness as we’ve known it for tens of thousands of years.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Language of Silence

By Gwen Randall-Young
In Common Ground

Universe Within

More than ever before, people seem to be searching for the way to “be” in this world. The power of the internet allows for large shifts in human consciousness, as millions of people are exposed to the same ideas and perspectives at the same time.

While the internet has certainly sped things up, groups of people subscribing to the same philosophy is not new. Have you noticed, though, that every couple of years a new path seems to enchant the masses? It seems a true shift in consciousness will occur. Within a couple of years or even months, however, that awareness seems to fade and something new comes along, with the hope that maybe this will be the answer.

Humans have been seeking for a long time and if there was an answer out there, we would have found it by now. It is the thinking mind that tries to figure it all out. The answers, however, are not “out there” and it is not the thinking mind that would lead us to them. The thinking mind rearranges ideas, which are the products of our own minds or the minds of others. It is basically our word processing program and it has limitations – the major one being language itself.

Think of the vastness of the universe and picture a tiny blue planet somewhere in the midst of it all. Humans have developed a way to communicate with each other and even speculate about things beyond our little world. Yet we no more possess the language to talk meaningfully about things “beyond the beyond” any more than ants can talk about the country they live in, much less the cosmos. Answers will not come from words, no matter how we rearrange them.

There is, however, another way of knowing. Because everything in our universe is connected, a part of us can tune in to all that is. It is a little like the oceans of the world. They are all connected. If we had the ability to “read” the energy in the water, we could dip our feet into the Pacific Ocean and “pick up” information from the Atlantic or the Indian Ocean.

The language of the universe is silence. An ocean of energy underlies everything. When we enter the silence, as in meditation, we can “tune in” to the larger frequencies. Energetically, we can “go” anywhere in the universe.

We are like drops of water that have separated out of the oneness to experience individuality. We developed our own separate ego selves to differentiate from the other drops. The problem arose when we identified with that ego self, thinking it was the real “us.” We forgot about the true essence. Ego is on a continuous quest to feel better, understand more, reduce suffering, be evolved, or to “get it.”

The truth is that what we yearn for is not answers or even understanding. It is connection. When we shed ego like a suit of clothing and go naked into the silent ocean, we merge back into the home from which we came. We experience our own soul – that drop of cosmic consciousness – that belongs to the whole. That is where we experience peace, contentment and even joy. When we re-enter the world, having tasted the sweetness of home, we realize nothing here need bother us. We see all the machinations of ego; how it creates dramas, polarities, unhappiness and stress and we can choose to no longer identify with that aspect of our being. When we cease to identify with it, it loses all power.

There is nothing to seek, nothing to find, no answers. It is all about where we choose to put our consciousness. Shall we let it energize ego and take us on a wild ride, or do we use it to maintain an open connection with the oneness and live our lives as our true soul selves?

[VIDEO] The Divine Matrix (Part Five of Five) by Gregg Braden

Article Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgiekKH40qA

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