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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Alchemical Wedding

As Featured On Ezine ArticlesAn original article by Andrew Khor.

The reason why some people stay single

There are good reasons why some men or women stay single and prefer not to get married and it’s not for the reasons that most of us think of.

Sure, there are some randy men and women out there who do not want to limit their physical encounters and experiences with members of the opposite sex. And if you’re loaded with testosterone like some people I know, that’s your choice.

As an interesting aside, there is a gentleman out there who has mastered the art of physical touch. And by just touching a woman’s hand in a certain way, he can send that woman into ecstasy.

This man really does exist. I don’t know how he does it, but he tells me that a large part of his secret is that he loves women. He simply loves women. And that overwhelming love that he has vibrates in such a way that when he touches some woman, they begin to experiences ecstasy. I am sworn to secrecy over his identity and so sorry; I can’t give you his hand-phone number.

Another good reason not to get married is very obvious - the increase in dysfunctional relationships. You read about the rising rates of separations and divorces and it looks like relationship 101 should be a subject taught in college but unfortunately we’re left to the legal sharks to give us a cynical crash course on how to separate instead.

Though it is true that some relationships break down because the man employs the only way he knows in solving a problem, he uses the caveman technique - just knock em’ over on the head and drag them by the hair.

Noted author John Gray wrote one of the most authoritative books about relationships between men and women.

And I quote from Wikipedia.

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus (published in May 1992). In this book, John Gray offered many suggestions for improving husband-wife relationships by understanding the communication style and emotional needs of the opposite gender.

The book, as suggested by the title, asserts the notion that men and women are as different as beings from other planets. Gray adopts this metaphor as the central theme of all his books and seminars, likening men and women to the classical Roman god Mars and goddess Venus as ideal types.

In contrast to some psychologists (and feminists) who emphasize similarities between the sexes, Gray writes almost exclusively about differences. Gray says that his "Martians" and "Venusians" are only stereotypes and cannot be applied blindly to individuals.

An example of the theories it offers is that women complain about problems because they want their problems to be acknowledged and heard, while men complain about problems because they are asking for solutions.

But not many people are aware that some men or women even though they have companions, really do not want to get married and prefer to stay single. And that really infuriates the partner.

That is the cue for our subject. The Alchemical Wedding. The Alchemical Wedding refers to an internal marriage between the male and female attributes within the same person. Read that again, within the same person NOT between a male and another female.

Clearly this is confusing. But this is known to many secret societies where the Alchemical Wedding is a spiritual practice consciously undertaken by the spiritual aspirant.

If you understand the oriental concept of Yin and Yang, you will understand the concept. In the famous Yin Yang symbol, you see a white dot in the black area of the symbol. And you will see a black dot in the area of the white area. This is known as the marriage of Yin and Yang.

To many people it is just some oriental symbol that represents the male and female. But within spiritual circles, it is the inner marriage of the male and female within the individual.

So what’s the big deal? Well, it is a BIG deal. For an inner marriage of Yin and Yang to take place, the individual has to undergo a lot of spiritual tests to balance the male and female energies. As an example, the individual who has balanced his male and female energies is both firm and caring. Firm being the male aspect and caring being the female aspect.

When Yin and Yang is balanced with the individual, then a secret passage is activated. This passage is the middle path spoken of in many spiritual traditions. The Buddha spoke about it. Many Buddhists think of it as an exterior middle path that is to be practiced.

In truth, this middle path is within the energy body of the human being and in Sanskrit is known as the Sushumna Nadi – the Middle Channel where the spiritual life force known as the Kundalini Shakti resides.

The kundalini is the female aspect of our divinity. Even in the Quran, Allah is said to have two aspects - male and female. And that is why the Kundalini is the primal source of our myths about the female Goddess in many native traditions in the ancient world.

Through spiritual practices, when the kundalini awakens in the Sushumna channel through balancing the internal yin and yang, or female and male energies, then the spiritual aspirant begins to enjoy the spiritual abundance spoken of in all religious scriptures.

He begins to enjoy the fruits of life – peace, joy, wisdom, material abundance, life without disease. He begins to attract auspiciousness in his life - the vibrations of the awakened kundalini attracting blessings like a magnet.

Kundalini is the creative juice that helps writers dream of their novels; scientists imagine their creations. She is the source of inspiration, the fountain of life which allows poets to dip into its watery source to dramatize their beautiful prose.

Artists draw from this well of inspiration to paint their most creative works of art. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo are two such giants of art who were inspired by a kundalini awakening.

In certain individuals, the awakened kundalini spontaneously initiates bliss and contentment.

And that is the reason why most spiritual aspirants who have kundalini awakened to a deep degree feel no need to be attached to a life partner.

If the kundalini awakened individual has a life partner who has had no spiritual training, there is an inborn compassionate love for that person. And love goes beyond the physical though its physical expression can still be continued.

The bliss of kundalini awakening fills them with an inner contentment. The drama of romantic relationships no longer has any sway over the awakened person. This is the alchemical wedding. A good reason to stay single, don’t you think?

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