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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Channelling: The Dos and Don’ts of Channeling [Part Two]

As Featured On Ezine Articles An Original Article By Andrew Khor

First of all, what actually is channeling? Well it is the ability to receive any kind of sensory or audio information from mind to mind. In some instances, this is known as the art of telepathy. In telepathy, when there are two people who have been well trained, they can communicate to each other mentally, that is mind to mind without any telephone or artificial means of communication.

In the old days in many secret societies or isolated communities of monasteries or nunneries, the elders could communicate this way through mental telepathy. And that’s how news appeared to spread to fast.

How does telepathy work? First the person thinks of whom he wants to communicate to and after quieting his mind, begins to transmit mental messages to the recipient. He visualizes the person in front of him and begins to talk using his mind. Since both parties have been well trained, telepathy or mental talk is easy. Through this technique, trained telepaths can talk to each other even though they are hundreds or thousands of miles apart.

Okay now that we have some background on this matter let us now refer to channeling.

Channeling is a process where a recipient uses his entire consciousness to receive information from another source.

In this instance, a recipient may use all four inner senses to receive incoming information. Clairvoyance – where he can see a vision of the source of his information. Clairaudience – where he can hear in his mind, the mental message from his source. Claircognizance – where through a very powerful intution of pure knowing receives information which rings true to him. And the last which is clairsentience – where he feels emotionally the information coming to him.

Most channellers will use almost all of these inner senses. Though there are many who are not clairvoyant. That means they can hear and feel but not necessarily see the source of their information.

Now we come to a trickier and more controversial part of channeling. What is the source of the information that is being channeled?

The main basis of channeling from human history can be found in texts on ancient Greece – the famous Oracles of Delphi. These were known to be virgin women selected from a young age and trained by elder priestesses to be channels or conduits for higher beings or ancient Goddesses of Greece. An entire civilization believed in the existence of their Gods and Goddesses and their culture and traditions accepted that certain chosen ones who had been ritually prepared could speak to the Gods as it were and provide messages for individual or national interests. In a recent movie called the 300, King Leonidas climbed a mountain to see a council of elders, wise men who controlled the oracles to get her advice on how to protect Sparta from the Persians.

In Asia, it is quite common for mediums to communicate with deities. In India mediums would communicate for instance with the Monkey God or Hanuman or Goddess Kali, h. First they would smoke or take drugs that altered them vibrationally so that they could go into a trance. Since it was assumed that these beings were of a higher vibration, it was natural for the medium to go into an altered state or trance whereby he or she could then communicate easily. And smoking the drugs or taking intoxicants supposedly lifted them to that vibration.

In the modern era we have specially trained people who can communicate with various beings. The very nature of these beings will have most of us reevaluating our belief systems.

For example, in the Christian tradition, there are already a number of people who claim to channel or speak to Jesus. One modern day channeller of the risen Christ is Paul Ferrini. Paul has channeled at least four books by the risen Christ. One of the most well known is entitled “The Miracle of Love.”

Paul Ferrini

So who are being channeled at this moment. Well channellers are now claiming to speak to angels, crystals, nature spirits, dolphins, saints of the different religions who have died, ascended masters, highly evolved non-physical beings, extra terrestrials and even mother earth herself.

The fact of the matter is that if you go to the Internet today and just type channeling you will be able to visit thousands of websites that claim to channel all these beings.

If we are to accept that this is true then we will have to reevaluate our world view and grow beyond our limitations of who we are, beyond our concepts of life and death and even consider the immortality of our being and the very nature of our evolution.

In many books written by Jane Roberts, a common thread that ran through all her books was the concept of being multidimensional. This concept postulates that we exist on many different levels of existence in various forms of intelligence. Consider this statement in the Buddhist context of the lokas or dimensions. The Buddhists claim that at least 32 dimensions exist.

Bearing this in mind, we now go on to the practice of channeling. The idea is that when you practice or internalize concepts of unconditional love by returning to the heart center, you then begin to encounter higher states of dimensional existence inhabited by very loving beings.

In this instance, the law of attraction is important. Love attracts love. Fear attracts fear. So when we channel it is important to be in a state of calmness and clarity.

Practitioners of meditation and often embrace principles of love, forgiveness and compassion. This takes the practitioner to a higher state of consciousness where he or she then encounters loving beings who begin to talk to them mind to mind.

What we encounter is just a reflection of our belief systems and our emotional state of mind at that moment. If we encounter very loving beings who begin to educate us in the most loving way, that is because we ourselves are loving

If we practice meditation and still continue to get stuck in the dramas of the world through anger, frustration, suppression or sadness then what happens is that when we manage to open our channeling abilities, we begin to attract disincarnate entities or thoughtforms and belief systems which are often sad, manipulative or negative in the extreme. If we are still attracting manipulative or deceptive beings, then it is because we still have remnants of those attributes within us.

So it is important to understand the Law of Attraction once we begin to channel and open up to other forms of consciousness both positive and negative.

This is my practice in channeling.

I quieten my mind through some deep breathing practice.

I then make sure that I am in a loving and calm state. If I am still experiencing any emotional discomfort, I make sure that I attend to it before I channel.
If someone is still bugging me, I forgive that person.

Once I am emotionally clear and calm, I give intent that I attract only the highest love, the highest wisdom and the highest truth.

At this stage, some people will visualize themselves sitting in a golden bubble of light within a golden pyramid. Sealing yourself in this golden light is very comforting.

If I have an issue that I need to address, I state the issue and then I invite my highest self or the most appropriate loving beings to help me address and resolve my issue.

I then go into silence. And I stop thinking. And sooner or later, a thought or thoughts will break the silence and I will receive information connected to my issue.

If you get negative or disturbing thought then begin to discern. No loving being will give you give you negative thoughts no matter how bad your situation is at the moment. Loving beings will show you the way and then ask you to act and surrender the outcome.

Many occasions even experienced channellers will receive distorted or biased messages. This is because whatever information we receive is filtered by our own upbringing and value systems. So in the process of learning to channel, we begin to unlearn many limiting belief systems that we have. The sooner we begin to release or let go limiting belief systems, the less biased or distorted will be the messages that we receive during channeling.

Let the power of unconditional love always be the guide to any message that you receive. For love is always the answer.

See Part 1 of Andrew Khor's original article "Channeling, A New Age Fad Or An Ancient Practice?".

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