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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Channeling, A New Age Fad or An Ancient Practice? Part 1

As Featured On Ezine ArticlesAn original article by Andrew Khor.

If you surf the net today, you will undoubted comes across many sites which have messages from angels, ascended masters, saints who supposedly died a long time ago and even extra terrestrials.

The channeler Ronna Herman is closely associated with the messages from Archangel Michael. Doreen Virtue, another well known light worker has spoken of talking to angels.

Paul Ferrini in his famous series of books on the Miracle of Love channels the teachings of Jesus. Two psychologists claim to have also channeled the teachings of Jesus in their world famous book, A Course in Miracles.

Personally, I have friends who claim that the living saint Satya Sai Baba visit them in their dreams and visions and communicate to them mind to mind, that is, the message sounds like its coming from inside the mind.

And another friend, an Englishman named Brian has been visited by Ezekial, a prophet from the Old testament.

And you wonder, is all this humbug or is it true. Talk to some of these channellers and they appear to be normal. Okay, even if we discount half of the cases that we read about and then half that again, we still end up with some genuine cases of channeling which cannot be humbug.

Alice Bailey

In the 20th century, three clear cases of authentic channeling stand out for the sheer volume of work that has been churned out. The first is channeler Alice Bailey whose prodigious work resulted in various volumes of esoteric information which has transformed the lives of thousands of spiritual aspirants who fled from the rigid orthodoxy of mainstream religion.

The second case of authentic channeling was the work of Jane Roberts. Jane a poet, writer and ESP teacher from the seventies onwards channeled an aspect of her higher self who called itself Seth. Seth was a humorous teacher who is his channeled material covered all aspects of creational history and practice. He said, “You create your own reality according to your beliefs. But many of your beliefs are to be found in your subconscious.”

The volumes of work contributed by Seth have revolutionized how we look at ourselves and our world. His concept that we are multi-dimensional beings has helped explain that we are not alone in this universe. Seth claimed that our consciousness straddle both time and space in linear and non-linear terms. That is, we do have a past, a present and a future but all three concepts of time can also take place simultaneously. Seth channeled novels about Oversoul Seven, an individual soul who was learning how to become a higher self is a microscopic story of the spiritual evolution of the 3D human. Oversoul Seven is eventually who we will become in a higher plane of existence.

The third clear case of channeling is that of American Lee Carrol. Lee an engineer by profession was not an airy fairy new ager but a very grounded skeptic who was astounded by reams of information from Kyron, a higher form of consciousness who channeled material on how the individual could prepare himself or herself for the coming shift of the ages through spiritual rediscovery.

The recent works of Lia Shapiro, Barbara Marcinak, Barbara Hand Clow and Amorah Quan Yin reveal ancient connections to the Pleiades or the Seven Sisters. Stories about the Seven Sisters are surprisingly found in ancient natives text throughout the world.

Soluntra King and Patricia Cori, amongst others reveal mankind’s connections to the Sirian constellation. Their messages from Sirius claim that the Earth will soon become part of the Sirian constellation and the Sirians are now making themselves known to us. For believers of extra terrestrials, the messages from the Sirians ring true.

I have encountered many other sites where channelers receive messages from fairies, dolphins and whales. In a book about his escape from Japan during the end of World War Two, Lobsang Rampa, controversial Tibetan monk wrote about communicating with guard dogs who protected him. Padma Menon a friend communicates with animals particularly house pets who tell her how to heal them.

For those who do not practice meditation in any form or are not born with the ability known as clairaudience, channeling or mental telepathy is rather new. But this ability has been around for as long as man has existed.

Through meditation practices, the spiritual aspirant has quietened his mind to the point where he can telepathically connect mind to mind with other forms of consciousness who exist side by side with us but remain invisible to our physical eyes.

Until we raise our vibrations though, we cannot tune into their frequencies. It is like a radio station. Humans communicate on one frequency. To communicate with other beings, we just have to switch to a different frequency. To be able to do that, we have to sincerely love everything around us, that is, we have to begin the journey of unconditional love.

In Part 2, we shall explain the dos and don’ts of channeling.

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