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Friday, August 1, 2008

Life's Realities Are Human And Spiritual

By Jim Keller
In The Phoenixville

There are two basic realities in life, one is spiritual and the other is human. The foundation of our spiritual reality is built on the sincere belief, trust and faith in our loving Creator. We see His commitment of love for us through the ministry of Jesus. When we open our hearts and minds to the love, goodness and self-sacrifice of Jesus, we can truly find meaning and purpose for our being. Our Creator's infinite power is found in all of creation and the goodness of life becomes a reality through His gracious love for us.

Creation has given us human characteristics, but our soul is the true essence of our being. Our Creator has given us a free mind and will, the knowledge of good and evil, and the opportunity to choose our destiny. Do we seek the security of His infinite love or the insecurity of our human weakness which separates us from His love? When we sincerely believe in the saving grace of Jesus our goal is to seek his presence and guidance in all we do.

The spiritual experience of finding your soul becomes a reality with your respect for the sanctity of life, showing your love and goodness to all and sharing your blessings with those in need. In the joy and sadness of life's experiences you realize this spiritual truth, the only precious treasure in life is the assurance of knowing your soul will find eternal peace and joy in your Creator's love.

Since the dawn of humanity the history of human reality is found in the insecurity of human weakness. Lacking belief in spiritual truth, humans have created their own realities, the strong oppress the weak and life is truly expendable. The senseless cycle of killing goes on unabated in every generation regardless of our intelligence level. In the passing of time many messengers have come with the message of hope from our loving Creator. Over two thousand years ago, Jesus in all of His humanness brought His ministry of love to all who were suffering and lost. The power of His love was revealed as He healed, taught and shared His ministry with all who would believe.

Humans in all of their insecurity are unwilling to believe in the security of our Creator's love. Blind to their own human weakness they seek security in power, dominance and wealth, with little regard for the sanctity of life. Human reality will only change when we move away from the repetition of the past. The hope of the future lies in our willingness to get past ourselves. In seeking a better world we must strive to become better people through the virtues of respect, love and self sacrifice that we must show to all of our brothers and sisters through Christ. Let our light of hope overcome human darkness and guide us always to the blessings of peace and joy for all.

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